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Feb 07

Strange But Cheesey

What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?   Nach-yo cheese! Today’s post isn’t about nacho cheese.  It’s about cream cheese.  However, if you know me you know that I love that joke.  Any excuse to share. We do have cheese today!  Greek yogurt cream cheese.  I buy mine from a local company called Atlanta …

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Dec 20

Strange But Good: Mexican Chocolate Cake

Dessert is my favorite part of a fiesta.   Christmas counts as a fiesta, no? I made this for Thanksgiving, but it would be fantastic for a Christmas dinner, too.  Or New Years.  Or just for breakfast. When you read the ingredients in this cake, you’ll see that it actually wouldn’t be so bad to …

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Oct 21

Pumpkin Almond Protein Batter

The closer I get to my competition, the more fun I have.   Ask me again in 2 weeks and I may tell you different. Right now life revolves around the gym, food, and work.  I love all three of these, so why wouldn’t I be ecstatic?  Here’s how my typical Saturday goes down: 1. …

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Sep 30

Cherry-Sweet Potato Greek Yogurt + NuNaturals Giveaway

Happy Birthday to meeeeeee!   Shameless over celebration of birthdays is a family tradition. Today marks the 3rd anniversary of Sprint 2 the Table.  Rather than wax poetic, I figured I’d just give you guys presents.  Everyone ok with that? This week there will be a giveaway EVERY DAY!  These are NOT sponsored – I …

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Sep 18

Pumpkin Pie Protein Bowl + WIAW

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.   Not until I started competing did I realize how true this saying is. My food prep is saving me this week, once again.  Starting a new job where I’m in the office every day (I used to work from home a lot) has forced me to …

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