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Dec 31

Breakfast Rolls

Happy New Year’s Eve!!! I’ve been waiting to post this… I misplaced my new camera and didn’t get pic of the finished product. Good news: Found camera. Bad news: It was washed.  In a ski jacket.  By my mom. At least we got to play in the whole 1/4 inch of snow… Soooo… I’m posting …

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Nov 08

Healthiest Crackers Ever Made

Baby Sis and I went for a rockstar run.  We braved the cold (and the dark) and conquered 7 MILES!   The best part: when we got home, we both said we could have gone longer.  I  never thought I’d be saying this… but I didn’t mean to start running more than 2-3 miles at a …

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Nov 07

The final day in San Fran

We didn’t want to leave, but if you have to end a trip this was the way to do it. Laura arranged for us to have massages at her spa.  I got the hot stone massage and Mallory got wrapped in eucalyptus leaves.  The ladies lounge had a misting room, hot tub, sauna, and steam …

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Nov 05

My Future Hometown

Our first full day in California was spent in Napa.  I could write pages on this place.  I could move to this place. Here’s the impressive part – I woke up and did 30 mins on the hotel elliptical and Whittled My Middle.  (Can’t remember the exact numbers to post!) Before hitting the road, we …

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Oct 28

She’s gone country… wine country, that is

Life has been even more busy than usual lately.   First off, Happy Birthday to my awesome mom!!! (It was yesterday, but who’s counting?)   My baby sis drove in from college to surprise her (Mamma cried) and we took her to dinner at Miller Union.  Of course, I forgot to bring my camera to …

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