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Jun 13

Spirulina Cherry TVP Oats

Green is so easily considered strange.   So this recipe feels like a cop-out. These green oats are legit strange though!  It’s not the green you’re expecting, and it’s not really even oats.  If you’ve been reading for a while, you know I have a thing for TVP oatmeal.  TVP (Texturized Vegetable Protein) is like …

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May 07

Pre-Vacation Food + WIAW

Wasting food is one of the 7 deadly sins in my house.   There are starving children in Africa! Before leaving to go out of town I make it my personal mission to eat everything perishable in my house.  If it’s not eaten before I leave, it’s eaten on the road.  I’ve done a couple …

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Oct 23

Red Velvet Protein Mugcake + WIAW

Here comes the rooster.   Bonus points if you can name that song..   Many of us have fallen in love with the spicy sauce, but did you know it has an interesting back story?  Yesterday I came across this article explaining  the history of “the world’s coolest hot sauce.” It’s inventor and CEO, David …

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Jul 25

Zucchini TVP Lasagna

Taking risks is one of life’s great joys.   It can also be a fail require patience. My favorite risks involve something food-related.  Hence all the #strangebutgood. A couple of years ago I decided to adopt a vegan diet.  That risk didn’t pan out, but it did result in a TON of recipe risks that …

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Jul 12

Strange But Good: Orange Cardamom TVP Overnight Oats

The strange breakfasts have continued.   This week was necessity. Without air conditioning, I became and overnight oat junkie.  Hot food made me nauseous.  “Regular” overnight oats seem too boring… and I was getting sick of oatmeal… so I brought back an old favorite.  TVP! I also got to try a strange new nut milk …

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