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Mar 17

7 Tofu Meatless Monday Recipes

I’m a big meat eater.   That’s an understatement.  It’s also what she said. Oddly enough, I went vegetarian for a while and even vegan for a hot minute.  I realized my body does better with meat in my diet, but I learned a LOT about ingredients and creativity from those meatless months. This Meatless …

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Feb 05

Coca Cola’s Super Bowl + WIAW

Sometimes I am oblivious.   Ok, a lot of the time… I’m not one to get too riled up over political issues.  At least not in the “the world is going to hell in a hand basket!” way.  I DO get fired up over discrimination and stupid political moves.  When Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl ad aired, …

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Nov 08

Strange But Good: Tofu Jalapeño Poppers

You could stuff jalapeños with the typical mixture of cheeses.   But you know I need my protein. In a strange twist, I found the solution in the form of a vegan protein source.  Tofu.   Tofu is the chicken of the vegetarian world.  It is a neutral protein that can take on any flavor.  I’ve use …

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Sep 27

Strange But Good: Tofu Tabbouleh Salad

Sometimes the strange is right in front of you.   If you live in a city, it’s right in front of you more often than not. For this week’s meal prep, I had all the ingredients to make my Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad again.  Except the quinoa.  I swear, between the plumbing, burning food, and general …

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Aug 28

Peanut Flour Love + WIAW

What’s more exciting than packages?   Chocolate cake. I came home last night to a delivery from iHerb.  After a massage and a trip to Whole Foods, it was the icing on the chocolate cake. Use discount code USO924 for $5-10 off your order! Many of these are new to me – toffee stevia, Walden Farms caramel, and …

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