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Apr 04

Creamy (Raw) Red Pepper Soup

Rules can inspire creativity.   Translation: no body puts baby in a corner! One of my favorite things about this particular cleanse is that, while there are parameters, the rules are easy to work within. For instance, one of the guidelines is to eat more raw veggies than cooked.  I love raw vegetables, but sometimes …

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Jan 19

Mexican Chicken Soup

The only thing I like better than Indian food is Mexican food.   Depending on the day. On this MLK Day, I am celebrating equality Mexican-style with soup.  After seeing Jenn’s Crock-pot Chicken Tortilla Soup, I was craving a batch.  Alas, I have no crock-pot and I can’t follow a recipe.  This is what resulted: …

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Feb 14

Happy Singles Awareness Day

I like being married to the gym single. I couldn’t even handle having a cat in my life. What I can handle is eating red food.  I’ve been traveling too much to make anything special, but if I make it to the grocery store today I may eat something red. In the meantime, I did manage …

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Feb 11

Smokey Chicken Wing Chili

I have never eaten a chicken wing.   Gnawing on a bone does NOT appeal to me. The sauce makes it tempting though.  Yummy, smokey hot sauce.  Why should I have to chew on a bone to get it? A thick bowl of Tabasco-laced chili sounds much more appealing!     The smoked paprika and …

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Jan 18

Strange But Good Mornings

Strange doesn’t wait for 5 o’clock!   Neither does my mother… she’s in Mexico! ;)  Remember Kat’s “Amazing Kitchen Mistakes” post?  We’ve been on the same wave-length eating similarly, so I apparently am also making happy accidents. Have you ever under estimated how much is left in a bottle?  I thought there was just a …

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