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Apr 09

Protein Lessons + WIAW

Learning lessons is a theme in my life lately.   Some I’d rather not learn, but that’s another story. Despite having done this cleanse 3 times before, I’m learning a whole new lesson with this one.  It’s about protein.  I had NO idea how much energy and strength I was getting from all the protein …

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Feb 21

Strange But Good: Hemp Protein

Lately it seems all of my friends are moving to Colorado.   For reasons that are not hemp-related. I want to move to Colorado too – not for the recent legalization, but for the healthy vibe people have and the amazing skiing.  In the meantime, I’ll gladly enjoy my hemp down here in Georgia thanks …

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Oct 30

Sexy Food + WIAW

Food is sexy.   Food porn is a real thing. But what about food costumes?  Forget the “traditional” sexy cat.  This article brought to light a new concept: sexy food Halloween costumes. With costumes like this, sriracha has no need to invest in advertising! Then we have bacon.  Whats sexier than a salty piece of …

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Oct 16

Here’s to Kids Who Are Different

Why are we so judge-y?   Seems to be a theme lately. Anytime you go against what people view as “normal” you’re going to get remarks.  I have no problem with that.  I actually welcome them because it opens the door for a conversation.  And I’ve always been a little different.  #strangebutgood   Story number …

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Sep 25

Satisfying Creamy Asian Kale Salad + WIAW

There are no short cuts.   That doesn’t seems to stop people from trying . Satisfries?  Really Burger King?  According to this article, the fast food chain has developed a lower fat french fry.*  One serving is 190 calories, 8 grams of fat, and 210 milligrams of sodium. *Yes, they are really called Satisfries   Apparently …

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