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Feb 10

5 Things I Love

Last week was a long one.   Understatement of the year. This past weekend I made sure to savour every blissful moment.  I took an extra moment to appreciate new product finds, watch my sister’s music video on repeat, and enjoy dinner at a special restaurant for no particular occasion. In this month of love, …

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Nov 25

A Relaxing Weekend

This weekend was relaxing.   My version of relaxing… which is active relaxed. This was the first weekend in a long time where I didn’t HAVE to do anything productive.  I still did lots of things, but it was nice to not have a set agenda. Friday night I had an impromptu dinner with my …

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Aug 07

Bake Sale for Kids + WIAW

Bake sales are the best.   Homemade baked goods are the most “worth it” treat. Amanda @ Run to the Finish has teamed up with Women’s Health and will be running and fundraising for the FEED Project, which seeks to feed hungry US kids.  Their RUN 10 FEED 10 program is really cool – you run a 10K and 10 …

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Jul 24

Back to Reality + WIAW

A smart blogger would have posted a “What I Ate on Vacation” today.   I got too excited and posted my favorites on Monday. There are a few things I didn’t yet share from Napa (besides the wine – that post is coming!). The thing that earned me the strangest look from Lisa was probably …

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Jul 17

What I Ate On My 30th Birthday

Birthdays should be drawn out.   I’m celebrating mine for a solid week. Today I leave for a fabulous birthday trip with two of my best wine-os friend: Lisa and Heather.  At 21 we celebrated with cheap shots and beer, at 30 we spend too much money on fine wine and taking mud baths.  I …

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