Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Surveys spread faster than STDs in blog-land.


Sometimes I’m all…

keep calm time for that

BUT I’m in wine country for my birthday, so I’m going to use that as a reason to join in… and I secretly love doing these.  Who doens’t want to spend 500 words talking about themself?!

Note: I always think these things will be an “easy” blog post… yet this took me a good 2 hours more time than I care to admit.


A. Attached or Single?


single hey girl


B. Best Friend?

She’s abandoning me for a job in another state…. but Mallory still has my heart.


C. Cake or pie?

Cake.  Specifically flourless chocolate cake with sea salt and a drizzle of olive oil.  It’s called the “Nemesis Cake” for good reason.

I will never admit to how many birthday cakes I’ve had this year.


D. Day of choice?

Squatterday…. eerrr… Saturday


E. Essential Item?

iPhone.  I’m Laura and I’m an addict.



F. Favorite color?

Black.  It IS a color.  WHITE is not a color.  It’s the absence of color.


G. Gummy bears or worms?

Why would you waste a good treat on that?  Chocolate!!!  (See C above.)


H. Home town?

Marietta, GA


I. Favorite Indulgence?

I can’t choose just one food… how about a fancy dinner out with wine and multiple courses.  Or a beer and doughnut tasting.

beer and donuts


J. January or July?

July.  It’s my birthday!!!


K. Kids?

I figured out what causes that.  See “A” above.

Can't take risks...

Can’t take risks…


L. Life isn’t complete without?

Ya gotta have friiiiiends

Heather, Me, and Lindsay at Blend

Heather, Me, and Lindsay at Blend


M. Marriage date?

Again, see question “A.”


N. Number of brothers/sisters?

2 little sisters – 26 and 21.


O. Oranges or Apples?

Apples.  Preferably eaten like a cupcake.

Apple Cupcake


P. Phobias?

Throwing up.  I am terrified of it.  I used to have panic attacks as a kid where I would think I was going to puke and have to go home from school.  It is avoided at ALL costs.


Q. Quotes?

So many… I used to keep quote books in high school!

The tattoo I got for my dad says “All I ask of living is to have no chains on me.”

I have loved the stars

Believe you can


R. Reasons to smile?

Good friends.  Good wine.  Good food.  Preferably together.


S. Season of choice?

Spring – everything is so fresh and full of possibility!


T. Tag 5 People.

I’m pretty sure I’m the last person to jump on the bandwagon.


U. Unknown fact about me?

I had twins.  Wait…


V. Vegetable?

Spinach.  Or raw carrots.  Or brussles in tahini sauce.

Brussels in tahini sauce


W. Worst habit?

I can be pretty insensitive.  I don’t mean to… I’m just oblivious.  I’m working on it.


X. Xray or Ultrasound?

I’ve had them… I’ve broken my jaw and my knee.  Go big or go home, right?!


Y. Your favorite food?

That’s like choosing a favorite child.  How about a category?  Anything from Italy for $1000, Alex.

Barolo, Italy


Z. Zodiac sign?

Cancer.  Did I mention it’s my birthday???


I apologize in advance for all of the wine tasting pics that are about to ensue on Instagram.  #sorryimnotsorry 

Pick one (or 5) and answer it!

Do you spend excessive amounts of time answering these things too?


Last Chance to Be Productive



That day of the week where you can make a final push to get your work done and start Monday with a clean inbox.  Your last chance to be productive for the week.  Or you should screw around on the internet reading surveys like this.


Everyone seems do have done this Last Chance survey this week.  I think the first place I saw it was on Brittany’s blog.  I’m joining the party today!


Last food you ate?

Vitamix money shot

A post-workout protein shake.  Butternut-Cherry Bomb.  I started making this 2 years ago and it remains on of my favorites.


Last beverage you drank?

Water.  I drink 120 oz a day.  Constant peeing.


Last workout?

Leg day!  It was my FIRST workout post-competition (except for some walk/runs).  I was so thrilled to get back in the gym that I didn’t complain that it was legs.  Next competition is March!


Last thing you pinned?

Alexandra’s Spunky Monkey Pumpkin Pie.  Protein, peanut flour, and pumpkin.  Does it get any better?


Last text message you sent?

A text to my trainer complaining that I now have to take 2 weekly rest days.  Lame.


Last blog you visited?

Some random blog while in search of a homemade cottage cheese recipe.


Last tweet you sent?

A reminder to ever my NuttZo giveaway!


Last place you visited?

The ATM.  I walked through the drive thru on my way back from the gym.  Only slightly concerned I was going to get mugged.


Last time you did ab work?

Wednesday.  It was my last “off-plan” day.  Normally I’m not allowed to do much ab work, so before I got my new training plan I planked.  Am I really that neurotic?


Last show you watched?

Grey’s Anatomy is on as I’m drafting this post.  It’s a half-assed effort at watching… I’m paying more attention to writing this.


Last thing you baked? 

Mama Pea’s Pop Tarts.  Last Friday I promised I’d make the post-competition.  So glad I did.  Instead of her strawberry filling, I made a pumpkin-cinnamon center.


What is the last thing you Instagramed?

My new Harbinger weightlifting gloves.  A little post-competition treat to myself!


Last item on your to-do list today?

Review an Excel model in advance of a client call.  It’s as much fun as it sounds.


Do you like sprints, or do you like steady state better?

If I have to be on a treadmill, sprints.  Outside I like to steady run and watch the scenery.


Do you need coffee to get going in the morning?

No.  I like my morning cocktail (apple cider vinegar and FitMixer Aminos), but I do prefer to have a cup after lunch to warm up (why must they keep it so cold in my office?!) and get me through the afternoon.


Don’t forget to enter to win a jar of NuttZo nut butter! Click here to enter.  Contest ends Tuesday at midnight!

The end of the day can’t get here fast enough because Allie and Heather are coming to spend the weekend with me!!!  So.  Excited.

Pick one (or 2 or 3…) and share your answers!

Do the powers that be keep your office at arctic temps?


Presidential Fall Quiz

We all like a good quiz.


Or is that just me?

Today I have 2.  One is Presidential in nature.  Don’t worry.  I’m not getting political on you.  This is all about what they EAT.  (Source article here.)


Check out the following food items and see if you can guess whether President Obama or Mitt Romney like to nosh on…

  1. Peanut butter and honey sandwich (I forgot about these!  My mom used to make them for us all the time.  YUM!)
  2. Meatloaf cakes (Cakes?  Was the loaf not enough?)
  3. Pizza from Italian Fiesta Pizzeria (There is often pizza at fiestas…)
  4. Chili (This nominee also enjoys Gas X)
  5. Organic applesauce (This is tough… organic = hippie/democrat, but also expensive/rich)
  6. Pumpkin pie (Not to be confused with warm apple pie… or Stifler’s mom)

(answers at the end of this post)


 Quiz #2 is all about fall.

I saw this quiz on Matt’s blog and thought it looked like fun.  Since I’m in Tex-ass right now for work, I thought it was especially appropriate to “borrow” a quiz from a native Texan.


1. Apple picking or pumpkin picking?

Apples. We used to drive to the North GA mountains as a kid to pick apples. My favorite part was the little stores with their apple doughnuts and hot cider. And if we were good we got to stop for fudge in my favorite mountain town. I always got chocolate-peanut butter (not much has changed…).

My parents were brave getting 3 kids high on sugar and before an hour drive home.


2. Favorite apple recipe?

I am not a big fan of cooked apples, but I love my PB & Aggs (I add the apples at the very end so they are warm but still crisp) and my Apple-Carrot Muffins. 


3. Favorite pumpkin recipe

That’s tough! Right now I’d say either my Pumpkin Protein Pancakes or Pumpkin Tiramisu Parfait. Side note: I do NOT like pumpkin pie. It’s too much.


4. Favorite soup recipe 

Aside from the Butternut-Apple Soup I’m making for my Taste of Atlanta demo on Sunday (‘scuse the shameless plug), I adore Babaganoush Soup. It almost makes me look forward to cold weather. Almost.


5. Football: on TV or in the stadium?

It depends on the temperature outside, the importance of the game, and the quality of the seats. If it’s a good game that I want to watch closely and the seats aren’t good, I’d rather be inside. If the seats are good and it’s 75 degrees I’m all about the energy of the stadium! If the weather is good, the seats are bad, and I don’t care about the game I’d also rather be in the stands. It’s complicated.


6. Favorite football team to cheer for?

It was Georgia Tech. Until they lost to Middle Tennessee Girl’s School last weekend.


7. Daylight savings time: Love it or hate it?

I like to sleep in, so falling back is fine by me. Springing forward sucks. I still don’t fully understand why we do this…


8. How do your workouts change during the fall months?

They don’t change much now that I’m focused on weight lifting.  They gym is temperature controlled.  When I was running, I would typically do other forms of cardio (like kickboxing or this interval workout) when it got too chilly. The cold air hurts my lungs.

Also, I have Raynaud’s disease so that is not fun when it’s freezing out.  White, numb fingers and toes that last for hours is creepy.


9. Any fashion essentials for fall weather?

Boots.  With or without the fur.  Definitely without the whole club lookin’ at herrrr.


10. Do your meals change when the weather changes?

For sure! I try to eat seasonal produce, and most of my meals are warm.  Have I mentioned I hate being cold?

You’ll see a lot of Italian-inspired foods like this vegan Eggplant Rollatini.

11. Favorite fall dessert?

Dessert isn’t seasonal for me.  I don’t like cooked apples or masses of pumpkin, so none of the traditional pies.  We do have a Kentucky Derby Pie that is made every Thanksgiving.  Bourbon, pecans, and chocolate chips… you really can’t go wrong.

12. Best thing about fall?

I love the colors when the leaves change, crisp mountain air, and FOOTBALL!

13. Worst thing about fall?

Cold. I’d be happy with 75-80 degree temps year round.

14. Best thing that will happen in Fall of 2012?

It’s already busy, but I’m looking forward to my first figure competition!

I also can’t wait to hang out with Allie this weekend (possibly again in Nov for NPC Nationals), and hopefully seeing Heather in November. Love my weird-o foodie friends.


I almost forgot!  The Presidential preference answers are…

  1. Peanut butter and honey sandwich: ROMNEY
  2. Meatloaf cakes: ROMNEY
  3. Pizza from (in Chicago): OBAMA
  4. Organic apple sauce: ROMNEY 
  5. Chili: OBAMA
  6. Pumpkin pie: OBAMA

Allie comes in town tonight!!!  Saturday we have leg day and go to posing practice with my trainer.  Dine like kings queens at Cakes & Ale.  Cooking demo Sunday.  Could this weekend rock any harder?!

Tell me one of your fall favorites.  Any seasonal recipes to share?

How did you do on the Presidential food quiz?


Indecisive Love

It’s a travel week at work


That means a quiz post is on order.  I always do these when I’m short on time, thinking it will be a quick post.

The joke’s on me.  These almost take me longer than a regular post because I debate so much over the choices.  Indecisiveness prevails.



WHAT DO YOU LOVE MORE?(Copied from a bazillion other bloggers.)

1. Strength training or cardio?

Strength training all th way.  Which is convenient since I’m going to do a figure competition. 😉

I do hate this machine though:

My Nemesis: Hack Squats



2. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Brinner!  (That’s breakfast for dinner.)  I’d eat breakfast for any meal.  PB & Jeggs, anyone?


3. Dress up or workout clothes?

Workout clothes.  Getting me to wear “real” clothes is like pulling teeth.  If you really think about it, it’s pretty stupid that we have to dress uncomfortably to go sit behind a desk all day.


4. Wine or beer?

Hi, have we met?  I love wine.  I traveled to Italy to drink it.  If I could, I’d live on a vineyard.  Or in a wine glass.


5. Peanut butter or almond butter?

I love all nut butters.  Especially these Nutty Butters.  If forces to choose… I’d have to go with my childhood classic: peanut butter.  Preferably in the form of a simple, grilled PB & J.


6. Heels or flats?

I’ll get even more specific than that.  Flip flops.

Please ignore the ugly feet, but these are a must-have. (Click for source.)


More terrifying than wearing a bikini on stage for my competition is the though of having to walk across that stage in stripper heels.


7. The actual cake or the frosting?

20 years ago (wow… that make me feel old), I would have said icing.  Now I’m all about the cake.  Unless it’s cream cheese-pecan icing on carrot cake.  That required equal parts of both. :)


8.  Spring, summer, fall, or winter?

Either spring or fall.  Maybe a little more fall because I love trips to the mountains to get apples and see the leaves change.  But spring is so fresh and full of possibility.

Ohhhh… just remembered that fall also means college football season.  FALL.  Go Jackets!


9.   Real animal or stuffed animal?


I love the idea of a real animal.  I’m a huge cat lover.  However, I am terribly selfish busy.  My boss and I were actually just talking about this an she said I’m centered around self right now.  Not self-centered, but focused on accomplishing some goals.  So much so that it’s all I can do to keep my house plant alive.  Is that a terrible thing to admit?  


10.  Bright or light?

Errrrr… black?  If you look in my closet, it’s all black.  To me, it’s comfy like workout clothes.  Black workout clothes, that is. :)

Black with accents of gray.




I’m in Texas selling (I hope) some work today.  I forgot my cowboy hat, but the dude on the plane next to me let me borrow his.  (Not really, but he was wearing one.)

Don’t forget: click here to enter my giveaway for a loaf of high protein bread from P28 High Protein Bread – ends tonight at 11:59p!

Are you/have you ever been centered around self?

How about you?  Pick a couple and tell me your loves!


Simply Happy Its Friday

It’s a hard day to be appreciative.

Today marks 4 years since we lost my dad to cancer.  It seems the perfect time to focus on things that make me happy, especially since my dad always made me smile.

I’m copying a billion other bloggers completing the A-Z Simple Things That Make Me Happy quiz.


A – Antennas.  I’m busy and cheap.  That has equated to me not having cable for nearly 3 years.  I did invest $20 in an antenna so I can watch the basics (ABC, NBC, etc.), and that keeps me satisfied.

B –  Baseball.  I love baseball, even when my team can’t consistently beat the Cubs.  What’s up, Braves?!

C – Chocolate.  Need I say more?

D – Dad.  Anyone who tells you the pain of losing a parent will get easier is a liar.  However, I am grateful every day that I had such a great man in my life for nearly 26 years.  I couldn’t have asked for a better role model and coach.

At The Cloister @ Sea Island for Father’s Day years ago. He’d probably kill me for posting a pic of him in a robe… bwhahaha!

E – ESP.  Maybe not in the crazy sense, but the sort that just nudges you to go left instead of right.  Those times you look back on and thank god some inexplicable pull made you chose path A over B.

F – Food.  I love food.  Creating it, looking at it, eating it.  Food is the shit.

G – Goose & Fox.  It’s my sister and her boyfriend’s band and they make me smile.  They are really good!  I’m not just saying that because she’s my sister.

H – Hair Stylist.  I love mine.  Her name is Karen.  I’ve been going to her since I was 15.  I’d drive an hour to go see my friend and get my hair rocked.

I – Internet.  I vaguely remember going to the yellow pages for the pizza delivery number… weird.

J – Juice Plus.  It’s the supplement I take everyday and I swear I haven’t gotten sick since I started using these rather than regular multi-vitamins.

K – Kombucha.  It’s no secret I’m in love with the stuff.  Good for the digestion, if you know what I mean.

L – Legs.  I’m grateful that I have 2 strong legs that carry me wherever I want to go.

M – Music.  It can evoke emotion in me faster than anything else – smiles, laughter, or choked up with tears.

N – No Limits.  The only thing holding you back is you.  Once you own that, you can do anything.

O – Oatmeal.  Arguably the most versatile food.  It can be sweet, savory, spicy… you can blend it in smoothies, turn it into flour, cook it in your eggs.  In the words of the Texas Pete lady, “I put that shit on everything.”

P –  Protein Shakes.  Without them, I would NEVER be able to get the 150g pf protein a day that I need while training.  And you can easily funk them up like I did with this Zucchini Bread Smoothie.

Q – Quality Time.  We are pulled in some many directions, it’s nice to be able to take time to relax and really talk to those you love.

R – Recipage.  It makes life so much easier… even though I’m still only half way through transferring my recipes.

S – Summer Storms.  I love a good thunderstorm to lull me to sleep (and they cool down the city!).

T – Teams.  I love playing on a team.  Solo sports/workouts are great, but the camaraderie of a good team is something I hope everyone can experience in life.

U – Underwear.  Can you imagine how uncomfortable jeans would be without it?

V – Vacations.  I love traveling and seeing new parts of the world.  Like Navy ships in Chile!

W – Weight lifting.  It’s my favorite workout.  Lifting makes me feel confident and strong.

X – Xylitol.  This all-natural sugar-replacer allows me to have sweet treats without all the sugar.  Like my favorite Granola Cookies. 

Y – Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market.  This local market is open year-round and is THE spot to go in Atlanta for fresh, cheap produce, flours, and chia seeds.  They always have things I’ve never heard of, which I consider to be an added bonus.

Z – Zero.  I don’t drink soda… but I do love a Coke Zero with a bag of pretzels on an airplane.


My Strawberry Smoked Almond Tart made the FoodBuzz Top 9 yesterday!  Thank you SO  much for the Buzz! :)

How about you?  What simple thing are appreciating today?

Any fun weekend plans, or lots of lying low after the 4th/Canada Day?

7 Things… Because Sometimes I Fail

I was going to have a really cool recipe for you today.


It’s such a cool idea involving cauliflower pizza and some crazy flavors.

While it did taste good, the crust was far too moist (I HATE that word) – it had to be eaten with a fork.  That would be fine if it was my intent… but I wanted CRUST.


So today doesn’t involve a recipe.  Laura @ Mommy Run Fast saved the day by honoring me with the One Lovely Blog Award.


As part of the award, you get to share 7 random things about you.  I’m sure you all are dying to know 7 random things about me, so here goes nothing…


1. Sometimes I fail.  And there are pictures to prove it:


2. On Wednesday my Macbook Air died.  I’ll be at the Genius Bar Saturday.


3. I’d rather stay up all night than wake up early in the morning.


4. I’m going to get an MRI on my knee tomorrow.


5. This sign found in the park I run in cracks me up.  Because I have the send of humor of a 10-year-old.


6. This time next week I’ll be in Buenos Aries.


7. I have a 2.5 lb bag of spinach that needs to be eaten before I leave on Wednesday.  Think I can do it?


Now I get to nominate a few awesome bloggers!

Here are the rules:

1) Post the award logo and picture on your blog and link back to the person who nominated you.
2) Tell seven things about yourself.
3) Nominate up to 15 additional bloggers whom you think deserve the award.
4) Post a comment on the blog of each nominee to tell them they have been nominated!


15 seems excessive, so I decided to just select a few new-ish-to-me blogs that I’m loving:

1. Calee @ Life + Running

2. Alyssa @ Life of Blyss

3. Lena @ Fit on the Rocks

4. Alex @ The Run Within

5. Natalie @ Fresh Life Findings


If anyone has a recipe that uses a TON of spinach, I’m all ears!

What was your last “fail” (kitchen or general)?

Are you a night owl or a morning person?


Will Blog for Food

Food is my favorite topic.



When I was my friend Parita @ My Inner Shakti post this quiz about her food preferences… well, I was a little too jazzed to fill it out.  Honestly, I probably would have completed it even if I wasn’t going to share it on the blog.

***Warning: there are a lot of yummy junk food-related questions.  Do not fill this out late at night near a plate of brownies.  Not that I would know anything about that.***



Coke or Pepsi?  I quit drinking soda at least 8 years ago… but Coke is far superior to Pepsi.

Lemonade or Fruit Punch?  I don’t drink a lot of juice either, but I do love homemade lemonade on a hot day.

Carmel Apple or Cotton Candy?  It’s been years since I’ve had either!  I have to say the caramel apple wins – that used to be a “treat” for us as kids when my parents took us to the mountains.

Butterfinger or Snickers?  Really tough… but I’m going with Snickers.  Especially if it’s frozen.

Pudding and Jell-O?  No contest – chocolate pudding.  I cannot stand jell-o (sorry, Bill Cosby).

Turkey or Chicken?  I haven’t had either since Janurary-ish, but I always preferred chicken to turkey.  Turkey is always dry!

American or Provolone Cheese?  Neither?  I like stronger cheeses such as goat, gouda, and really funky blues.

Crackers or Cookies?  Silly survey.  Cookies > Crackers.  Particularly if they are homemade and chocolate.  Like these Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies:


Pretzels or Chips?  Chips – but they have to be the fancy kind from places like Whole Foods – Sweet Potato or Salt & Pepper flavors are my favorite.  No Lays here!

Mexican food or Japanese food?  Yet another silly question.  I love Mexican.  The hotter the better.  I even eat it for breakfast in this Raw Mexican Bulgur Bowl:


Chinese food or Italian food?  Italian food.  In Italy.  Did you check out my food and wine tour back in October?

Pie or Cake?  Cake.  The chocolate kind.  Though one of my favorite quotes is about pie: “When you die, if you get a choice between going to regular heaven or pie heaven, choose pie heaven. It might be a trick, but if it’s not, mmmmmmmm, boy.” – Jack Handy

Ice Cream or Cookies?  It’s seasonal – I love a fresh-baked cookie, but on a hot summer day ice cream wins every time.  Either way, it must involve chocolate. :)

Pasta or Pizza?  Pizza – but it must be “real” Italian-style pizza.  No Pizza Hut here.

Soda or Juice?  Kombucha!!!

Chocolate Bars or Chocolate Truffles?  Truffles.  Dark chocolate and filled with something boozy like whiskey ganache.  This quiz is making me HUNGRY.

Apples or Bananas?  Apples!  I love them as a pre-workout snack.

Salad or Soup?  Salad… unless it’s really cold outside.  Then I want this Butternut-Apple Soup:


Cauliflower or Broccoli?  Just a year ago I would have said neither.  However, with all of the fun cauliflower recipes floating around the blog-world lately, I’ve caved.  I love cauliflower.  Still won’t touch the cooked broccoli (raw is ok).

Onion Rings or French Fries?  Onion rings of they aren’t too greasy.  Fries if they are sweet potato and have a kick to them.

Blizzard or McFlurry?  Blizzard!  With Snickers.  I’ve never even had a McFlurry.

Fried or Poached Eggs?  Fried eggs – cooked perfectly and over an english muffin with truffle salt.

Crepes or Pancakes? Pancakes!  Can’t beat a fluffy stack covered in syrup green slime protein icing and blueberry sauce:


Hashbrowns or Roasted Potatoes?  I don’t actually like potatoes, so I’m going with hashbrowns “well-done” (so you can’t tell they are potatoes) with onions and jalapeno.

Oatmeal or Cereal?  Oatmeal.  No contest!


Don’t forget to enter my NuNaturals giveaway – there are 4 chances to win the new NuNaturals Orange and Lemon Liquid Stevias!  Click here to enter.

How about you?  Pick a couple and tell me more about what you love to eat!

Did anyone else watch Dancing with the Stars last night?  It’s so weird to see Urkel all grown up!


10 Things, 5 Awards

The blog world is filled with talent.

My Google Reader, Pinterest boards, FoodBuzz inbox, and browser bookmarks are jam-packed with recipes and ideas from other bloggers.  In fact, I rarely read cookbooks anymore!

That’s why I was honored to have received a smorgasbord of awards from one of my favorite bloggers, Kimberly @ Grubarazzi.


Along with the award comes with a “10 Things You May Not Know” obligation.  I’m pretty much an open book… so I thought I’d do a little twist on it.

Below is a list of 10 things.  9 of them are true.  1 is a lie.  Can you pick out the lie?

  1. I started walking before I learned to crawl.  I was 6 months old.
  2. Like Kim, I hate voicemail.  I purposefully let my mailbox fill up so that you can’t leave a message.
  3. In undergrad, I minored in Religious Studies.
  4. I rarely make the same thing twice.  Except for last night when I made Blueberry Cilantro Bulgur Quinoa
  5. I use Excel to keep me on track with workouts and meal ideas during the week.
  6. I have never eaten a fast food hamburger
  7. Sometimes when I think about the future get totally overwhelmed.  There’s so much to accomplish/do!
  8. I eat raw spinach by the handful while standing in the fridge door.
  9. Monday night I ate octopus for the first time. 
  10. My lucky number is 13.

I’m passing these awards on to a few of fairly-recently-discovered blogs:


I’m catering a wedding shower this weekend – can’t wait to share the creations with you guys!

Are you doing anything special for Easter?  Who’s excited to break their Lent restrictions?

How do you keep track of recipes you want to try?

Oh!  And could you pick out my “lie” from the list?

Foodie Penpals + I’m a Joiner

Remember having pen pals in elementary school?


They were the best!  I looked forward to getting a handwritten (*gasp*) note in the mail from my penal in Oklahoma.  The adult version of the tradition dreamed up by Lindsay is even better – it involves food!


My Foodie PenPal this month, Jennifer @ Peanut Butter & Peppers, sent me a big box of awesome:



From my pal Jennifer:

  • TJs Seaweed Snacks
  • Lucy’s Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (so flippin’ good)
  • SDT & Basil Quinoa
  • Sesame Wasa Crackers (my new fav work snack)
  • Roasted Almonds
  • Lara Bars
  • A cute mat to take pics on (such a cool blogger-gift idea!)
  • A hand-written note :)


To sign up for a Foodie PenPals in April, send an email to the brilliant Lindsay at with the following info:

-Your full name
-Your email address
-Your blog name/address (if you’ve got one)
-Your twitter handle (if applicable)
-Whether you are a US resident or Canadian

Join in by April 4th as pairings will be emailed on April 5th!


I’m at a work retreat for the latter part of this week, so I’m a bit light on the post today.  Translation: perfect time for a survey post!


You may have seen this “ABCs” survey circling the blog world… I’m about 2+ weeks behind the times, but thought I’d finally be a joiner. :)


A is for age: 28.  When did I get so close to 30?!

B is for breakfast today: Nothing yet, but it will be conference food (which is 100x better than average, I must say).

C is for currently craving: Kombucha!  Since I’ve been travelling, it’s been 3 days without!!!


D is for dinner tonight: I’m going to a mother-daughter dinner with my mom, my BFF, and her mom.  Atlanta, beware!

E is for favorite type of exercise: Weight lifting!  Although not being able to run has really made me appreciate/crave running.


F is for an irrational fear: Roaches.  I can’t handle them.

G is for gross food: I was talked into trying oysters once.  It almost came back up.  Never again.


H is for hometown: Atlanta, GA.  Where that playas play.

I is for something important: Being the best you possible.  Why bother doing anything half way?

J is for current favorite jam: Tough choice!!!  Anything by Mumford & Sons.

K is for kids: I know what causes that… nothankyou.

L is for current location: In my cute cottage at my work retreat.

M is for the most recent way you spent money: I bit the bullet and bought the VitaMix.  Best purchasing decision EVER.


N is for something you need:  A good sweat.  If I don’t get moving for at least for 15 mins every day, I start pacing like a caged animal.

O is for occupation:  Consulting in the area of Sales Effectiveness.

P is for pet peeve: When servers start clearing plates before everyone is done.  In the words of Stephanie Tanner, “How rude!”

Q is for a quote:  “You can do anything you want to, if you want to badly enough.” – My Dad

R is for random fact about you: I would love to do a tri, but I can’t swim.  Actually, I downright hate swimming.

S is for favorite healthy snack: I legit LOVE healthy snacks – protein shakes or chia pudding are my go-tos.  Loved this Roasted Beet and Orange.



Unhealthy Snack: Hmmm… my snacks really aren’t bad.  Desserts are my weakness. Warm chocolate chip cookies, anyone?

T is for favorite treat: Really, really good wine (Amarone, anyone?) and chocolate cake.  Preferably together.

U is for something that makes you unique: I’m special just like everyone else!  Maybe having played roller derby? That’s a pretty cool adventure.


This is me breaking my jaw.


V is for favorite vegetable: Spinach!  Every smoothie I make is a peculiar shade of green. :)

W is for today’s workout: A quick HIIT thing in my room this morning.

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Jaw (see letter U), teeth, knee (fractured)… I think that’s it (surprisingly).

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: Meeting my new colleagues AND doing a “Cooking Experience” activity with the founder of Serenbe.

Z is for your time zone: East Coast, represent!


I always say this… but I really mean it this week… TGIF!!!

What are you up to this weekend?  Any races?

Time for your quiz!  Pick a few letters and tell me a little more about YOU.  Please. :)