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Jul 18

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Surveys spread faster than STDs in blog-land.   Sometimes I’m all… BUT I’m in wine country for my birthday, so I’m going to use that as a reason to join in… and I secretly love doing these.  Who doens’t want to spend 500 words talking about themself?! Note: I always think these things will be …

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Nov 09

Last Chance to Be Productive

Friday.   That day of the week where you can make a final push to get your work done and start Monday with a clean inbox.  Your last chance to be productive for the week.  Or you should screw around on the internet reading surveys like this.   Everyone seems do have done this Last …

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Oct 05

Presidential Fall Quiz

We all like a good quiz.   Or is that just me? Today I have 2.  One is Presidential in nature.  Don’t worry.  I’m not getting political on you.  This is all about what they EAT.  (Source article here.)   Check out the following food items and see if you can guess whether President Obama …

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Aug 09

Indecisive Love

It’s a travel week at work   That means a quiz post is on order.  I always do these when I’m short on time, thinking it will be a quick post. The joke’s on me.  These almost take me longer than a regular post because I debate so much over the choices.  Indecisiveness prevails.     WHAT …

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Jul 06

Simply Happy Its Friday

It’s a hard day to be appreciative.   Today marks 4 years since we lost my dad to cancer.  It seems the perfect time to focus on things that make me happy, especially since my dad always made me smile. I’m copying a billion other bloggers completing the A-Z Simple Things That Make Me Happy …

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