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Dec 13

Strange But Good: Pumpkin Beer Bread (or Muffins)

My mom should have been a chef.   Everyone says that, but this is legit. Growing up, she used to make the best breakfasts.  Maybe that’ where I get my love of the meal?  One of my favorites was her bread.  She mad it the old-fashioned way from a starter that she had to feed. …

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Dec 11

Sriracha. The New Pumpkin.

I’m ahead of the “trendy” curve.   This is a first. According to this article, sriracha may be the new pumpkin.  Many of you saw the chips.  They have now gone so far as to turn it into a vodka flavor.   Why does EVERYTHING good need to be turned into vodka?  I like a …

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Dec 04

Insta-Mallow + WIAW

Instagram is everywhere.   No judgment – I’m 100% addicted. There is a printing company in the UK, Boomf, that has developed an app allowing Instragrammers to print their images onto marshmallows. So you can take a picture of your food, print it onto another food, and eat it.  Would that be considered leftovers? The …

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Oct 31

Creating a Life & Creating Fun Recipes

Who doesn’t love a holiday?   Especially one that lends itself to so many inappropriate jokes…   I know Halloween isn’t technically a holiday (i.e. we still have to work), but it one of my favorite festive events.  I won’t be party-ing it up this year, so I’d like to ask all of you benevolent …

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Oct 25

Strange But Good: Mexican Pumpkin Pan-lette

Pumpkin makes a great dessert.   Except pie. I really love it mixed into yogurt bowls, as ice cream, or as bread.  I do not like pumpkin pie.  It’s texture thing… maybe too close to white potatoes?  I digress. This post has nothing to do with pie.  I tried something new with my pumpkin – …

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