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Mar 26

Strange But Good Bison Cakes + WIAW

Fast food wine shakes?   Something about liquor and dairy scares me. Red Robin ain’t skeered.  They are rolling out a boozy little ice cream number mommy can enjoy.  Wine.  Ice cream.  The shake?  A Mango Moscato Wine Shake made with wine, vodka, mango puree and vanilla soft serve.  Hmmmm… The target market is 35- to 49-year-old moms …

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Feb 28

Strange But Good: Peanut Avocado Sauce

The secret is always in the sauce.   Literally. I am sure someone is going to say they’ve done this before, but maybe not on top of this eggy breakfast item.  I’m not sure if it’s an egg crust or what, but it was good.  And it was made ever more strange with a peanut …

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Feb 05

Coca Cola’s Super Bowl + WIAW

Sometimes I am oblivious.   Ok, a lot of the time… I’m not one to get too riled up over political issues.  At least not in the “the world is going to hell in a hand basket!” way.  I DO get fired up over discrimination and stupid political moves.  When Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl ad aired, …

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Jan 31

Strange But Good: Peanut Butter Cake in a Squash

Cake can be an acceptable breakfast.   It’s cooked in a squash, so it’s practically a vegetable dish. Microwaves are the greatest invention since sliced bread.  Or sliced squash? The idea of a freshly baked breakfast was particularly appealing in Atlanta’s ice/snow disaster.  I was eyeing Kierston’s bites, but was having a hunger problem.  It …

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Jan 22

Eating All My Food + WIAW

My fridge is (almost) empty.   I’m in panic mode. This was my fridge after dinner last night:   Why so void of food?  Well, it’s now filled with juices.  I’m doing a cleanse.  The awesome people at Skinny Limits reached out to me to try their 3 day cleanse… normally I’d balk at the idea, …

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