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Apr 16

Life is a Jungle Gym + WIAW


Life is a jungle gym.   Did anyone else read Lean In? In Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg refers to your career being a jungle gym rather than a ladder.  The same goes for life.  The secret, in my opinion, is to be flexible and not to let things get too under your skin.   A …

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Mar 05

5 Benefits of Drinking Water + WIAW

How much water are you drinking?   Some days I get half my steps in walking to the bathroom. When I first met my trainer, he told me I needed to drink at least 124 ounces of water a day.  I’m not sure what I was drinking before, but it probably was barely half of …

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Feb 19

Sriracha Tours + Accidentally Gluten-Free WIAW

Atlantarctica no more!   Working from home was nice, but the cold was no bueno. This week we are finally thawing out down South (sorry about your luck, in the Northeast).  While I hope it’s here to stay, I find myself craving a getaway.  To some place thing warm. Now that they aren’t shut down, California’s …

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Feb 05

Coca Cola’s Super Bowl + WIAW

Sometimes I am oblivious.   Ok, a lot of the time… I’m not one to get too riled up over political issues.  At least not in the “the world is going to hell in a hand basket!” way.  I DO get fired up over discrimination and stupid political moves.  When Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl ad aired, …

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Jan 13

Easy Oat Flatbread

Easy has been the name of the game lately.   Don’t worry, I have something more complex coming. After a month of holiday party baking and creating, I’m appreciating the simple more and more.  I was particularly glad when Heather brought back her Meatless Monday link up with the simplest of ingredients: oats.  Simple doesn’t …

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