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Jul 11

Elvis Jicama Porridge

The King needs no introduction.   That’s code for “I couldn’t think of anything cleaver.” Seriously though.  How can you go wrong with peanut butter, bananas, bacon and chocolate?  Maybe if you’re vegan… but you could add TVP bacon or salted nuts instead!  The key is the sweet and the salty.   You see the good, …

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Jun 13

Spirulina Cherry TVP Oats

Green is so easily considered strange.   So this recipe feels like a cop-out. These green oats are legit strange though!  It’s not the green you’re expecting, and it’s not really even oats.  If you’ve been reading for a while, you know I have a thing for TVP oatmeal.  TVP (Texturized Vegetable Protein) is like …

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May 28

Current Obsessions + WIAW

I pride myself in not being a TV watcher.   Admittedly, I’ve even been guilty of judging. I bought my condo 3.5 years ago and never bothered to get cable.  I’m never home and most TV shows seem silly anyway.  Who needs TV when you’re out living it up in real-time? And then I was …

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Apr 16

Life is a Jungle Gym + WIAW

Life is a jungle gym.   Did anyone else read Lean In? In Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg refers to your career being a jungle gym rather than a ladder.  The same goes for life.  The secret, in my opinion, is to be flexible and not to let things get too under your skin.   A …

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Mar 05

5 Benefits of Drinking Water + WIAW

How much water are you drinking?   Some days I get half my steps in walking to the bathroom. When I first met my trainer, he told me I needed to drink at least 124 ounces of water a day.  I’m not sure what I was drinking before, but it probably was barely half of …

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