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Mar 17

7 Tofu Meatless Monday Recipes

I’m a big meat eater.   That’s an understatement.  It’s also what she said. Oddly enough, I went vegetarian for a while and even vegan for a hot minute.  I realized my body does better with meat in my diet, but I learned a LOT about ingredients and creativity from those meatless months. This Meatless …

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Mar 10

Kabocha and Black Bean Frittata

There’s something special about a hot breakfast.   Forget Folger’s in my cup – I want eggs! As someone who is continually unable to get out of the door on time, hot breakfasts aren’t exactly practical.  This means food prep is especially important.  And it has to be high protein – I need stay-power! I …

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Jan 13

Easy Oat Flatbread

Easy has been the name of the game lately.   Don’t worry, I have something more complex coming. After a month of holiday party baking and creating, I’m appreciating the simple more and more.  I was particularly glad when Heather brought back her Meatless Monday link up with the simplest of ingredients: oats.  Simple doesn’t …

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Oct 28

Mocha Mint Protein Muffins + Giveaway

M is for Monday.   I swear I didn’t plan this. This weekend had an M theme, which happens to work really well for Katie’s Marvelous Monday link up.  See what I did there?   1. Meringues My company is a cloud-based technology. Rather than handing out boring collateral like pens at the executive meeting, I …

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Sep 13

Strange But Good: Thai Peanut Kabocha & Cauliflower

I am a kabocha nut.   Not a bad thing – it’s good – but time to branch out. Admittedly, I got in a rut with it.  I have been preparing it the same way for weeks.  Tossed in this Mexican chocolate spice blend and roasted before being doused with a sweet peanut sauce, it …

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