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Apr 18

(Mostly) Raw Vegan Taco Salad

Have you ever met a raw foodist?   I don’t get it…  I do get that it can be fun sometimes though!  Like veganism.  It forces creativity, which I love.  Also, I love bacon. A raw vegan taco seems strange, but this was so good it even surprised me.  You could go all raw if …

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Mar 10

Kabocha and Black Bean Frittata

There’s something special about a hot breakfast.   Forget Folger’s in my cup – I want eggs! As someone who is continually unable to get out of the door on time, hot breakfasts aren’t exactly practical.  This means food prep is especially important.  And it has to be high protein – I need stay-power! I …

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Jan 19

Mexican Chicken Soup

The only thing I like better than Indian food is Mexican food.   Depending on the day. On this MLK Day, I am celebrating equality Mexican-style with soup.  After seeing Jenn’s Crock-pot Chicken Tortilla Soup, I was craving a batch.  Alas, I have no crock-pot and I can’t follow a recipe.  This is what resulted: …

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Jan 15

Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Cake + WIAW

It’s rare that I repeat a meal.   Except dessert. Variety is one of the keys to staying on track.  I know this is different for everyone, but if I don’t stay entertained by what I’m eating it’s not pretty.  Which is why I’m shocked by this story about a woman eating nothing but Starbucks …

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Nov 08

Strange But Good: Tofu Jalapeño Poppers

You could stuff jalapeños with the typical mixture of cheeses.   But you know I need my protein. In a strange twist, I found the solution in the form of a vegan protein source.  Tofu.   Tofu is the chicken of the vegetarian world.  It is a neutral protein that can take on any flavor.  I’ve use …

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