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Dec 18

No Excuses NOT to Work It Out

I don’t have time to workout.   I make time. I know, I know… easier said than done.  But it CAN be done!   Today’s Work It Out is about beating our holiday excuses.  We all make them.  Some of them are even legitimate! During the holidays we’re traveling, over-committed, and exhausted. Yesterday on Facebook I asked you …

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Dec 12

Orange Cardamom TVP “Oats” + WIAW

105 lbs doesn’t seem like a ton.   Until it’s on your lap while you’re doing dips…     Normally I do legs (my least favorite) with my trainer, but last night I had a back and tri day.  It was a great reminder that – even though my upper body is more developed – I still …

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Dec 11

Work It Out at the Gun Show

Did you get your tickets?   Yes, I’m that predictable… As I collected my things from the security scanner at the airport last Friday, I got a fun compliment from the TSA agent.  I was wearing a sleeveless dress and before I could put my cardigan back on the agent commented on  my guns.  I crack myself …

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Dec 06

Sweet Potato Mexican Pie

Some like it hot. I like it really hot. Spicy often means a craving Mexican food.  Most people think of Mexican as being unhealthy, but it’s actually one of the easiest cuisines to lighten up.  Latin cooking is derives flavors from spices and herbs more so than fats.  A little cumin, peppers, and cilantro can go …

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Dec 04

Work It Out At Home

We’re all busy.   My calendar is nightmare-inducing. This time of year things get hectic.  You don’t have to sacrifice your fitness due to holiday craziness though!  Today’s Work It Out is something different – a routine you can do at home with NO equipment.     This quick, full-body workout is demonstrated by Jacklyn, a trainer …

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