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Oct 22

Work it Out: My Fitness Journey

Life is a jungle gym.   And I like monkeying around. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned lately is life isn’t linear.  This sounds obvious even as I write it, but over and over I’ve been surprised when my carefully laid plains deviate from the path I’ve plotted.  Things change – you grow up. …

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Apr 09

Work It Out: Limited Legs

Today is leg day.   Let’s pretend I don’t dread this day each week. Misery loves company, so today’s Work It Out is a leg day too.  You’re welcome.   This is actually kind of a fun routine.  I call it limited because you only need 2 machines, and it’s a good one to do …

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Feb 05

Work It Out: Save Your Knees

I have terrible knees.   When they are at their worst, I walk like an old man. This week’s Work It Out comes from a reader request.  My girl Calee has been struggling with injuries and wanted to hear more about leg exercises that wouldn’t stress her knees.  Since she designed this logo I, of …

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Jan 10

Setting the Tone for a New Year + Amazing Kitchen Mistakes


Life is full of failures.   I am going to discuss one on Monday, in fact. Sometimes they are happy accidents!  One of my favorite stir-frys happened because I couldn’t figure out how to use my spiralizer.  This Indian Ginger Tempeh Stir-Fry happened when I wanted zucchini pasta but failed to  spiralize:   Or how …

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Aug 27

Do I Spend Too Much on Groceries?

Families of 3 or 4 are able to spend just $100 a week on groceries.   At least that seems to be the case according to a question posed on Facebook last week.  Apparently I’m eating for 3.  In my defense, I do buy a few things family probably wouldn’t spend money on. When I …

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