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May 12

I Love Lucie, Basel Episode

It may seem strange to travel to another country and stay with someone you don’t know.   I didn’t hesitate. Lucie was so kind to open up her home to me for the first leg of my travels.  It was funny – I didn’t really occur to me that I didn’t know her in real …

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Jan 08

Coconut Curried Chicken + WIAW

No one likes a complainer.   Especially me. I’m making an exception.  It’s COLD.  This arctic tundra has got to go.  I live in the South.  I should never see this:   Ice in my shower is something else I should never have to see.  I left my faucet dripping just like the newsman said because …

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Apr 25

Mango Protein Lassi

Indian food is my jam.   As evidenced by the fact I’m apparently unable to post about anything else lately. Someone mentioned a mango lassi the other day and it has popped up everywhere since then.  Long ago I made a Savory Protein Lassi, but this time I (for once) decided to go the traditional …

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Apr 19

Griddled Chicken & Grapefruit Pizza

This will be shocking: the recipe was inspired by a recent meal at an Indian restaurant.   One day I’ll get over this Indian obsession. In my defense, this #strangebutgood creation doesn’t actually involve Indian flavors (for a change).  Unless you count cinnamon and ginger, but I put those on basically everything. Several weeks ago …

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Apr 15

Cauliflower & Eggplant Curry

Curry leaves have been a mystery to me.   This only means it’s a #strangebutgood creation WAITING to happen. This actually isn’t so strange.  It’s just outside of my culinary comfort zone (yes, I do have one).  I’ve always loved using Indian spiced in my dishes.  Ginger is a staple – I once made this …

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