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Aug 23

Green Tea Spinach Smoothie

Random thought of the day:   I read a study once (no idea who it was by) that claimed the 1st stall in the restroom is the one used least frequently. Naturally, I began always using the first stall.  Less frequent usage = increased likelihood the stall will be clean-ish. Yesterday I realized the study can’t …

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May 25

Tasting, Tasting 1-2

Saturday and Sunday I visited the tasting tents at the Food and Wine Festival.  I miiiight have snuck in Saturday… shhhh!   The food was all good, but I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more variety. There’s only so much fried chicken and BBQ I can consume.   An exception to the “too …

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May 06

Guacamole Shake

Wayyyy back in February my jaw was freshly broken and I was sad. I couldn’t run, lift, skate… CHEW.  Every time I moved my mouth, I could feel bones moving.  It was creepy. Looking back at my posts, I’m kind of proud of myself.  On February 8th, I posted my goal race schedule.  I wanted …

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Apr 05

A New Powder

First of all, I’m in Houston.  Apparently there was some basketball game here. Congrats to whoever won!   (I’m kidding!  I do know that UCONN pulled it out in an astoundingly boring/low-scoring game.) Second of all, I am a grocery shopping addict. I wander the aisles aimlessly, dragging a quick 20 minute trip out to …

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Mar 18

Reunited with Green

This week has been NUTS!   I was really glad I had Zucchini-Banana Muffins in the freezer for breakfast this morning.   D.C. was a great trip though.  My meetings went really well and I had a chance to go running through the Mall Wednesday night with bossman. If you’re ever in D.C., I highly …

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