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Jan 16

Coca-Cola’s Anti-Obesity Campaign + WIAW

Coca-Cola is fighting obesity?!   Something feels fishy. When you make your money by selling sugar… can you really be an anti-obesity voice?   Monday night Coca-Cola will begin airing a two-minute video on several national cable networks,  It talks about the range of beverages produced by Coca-Cola, and how they voluntarily began offering water, juice, and lower …

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Jan 15

Flu Fighting + Oatmeal Cookie Shake

This was going to be an “easier” week leading up to my big race Saturday.   I just didn’t realize how easy… About 1:30am on Sunday I got sick.  Stomach flu sick.  Hence the super-late post today. At 4am I was a little worried I was going to pass out and texted to see if …

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