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Nov 26

Competition Blues

When a big event ends it’s a little sad.   What do I DO if I’m not planning and prepping?! Rest is a good thing, but it can be a hard thing to swallow.  I’ve heard people talk about feeling down after races, weddings, babies… and competitions.  This time around I’m feeling it more than …

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Nov 13

The One Where Food Became Fuel

Food, in the simplest of definitions, is fuel.   I missed that memo. Food, for me, has always been entertainment.  It’s art.  It’s an experiment.  It’s what I do when I’m sad, happy, grumpy, tired, bored… I love food.  End scene. You might imagine that a limited diet is my worst nightmare.  I’ve been trying …

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Nov 11

Kentucky Muscle Weekend

Body building has no finish line.   This is both inspiring and frustrating. You work every day – like all goals in life – to be better than you were the day before.  This past weekend’s competition, Kentucky Muscle, was the biggest one I’ve ever done.  I didn’t place in the Top 5 (I came …

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Nov 06

A Day of Food at 4 Days Out

Change is often slow.   The bane of my impatient existence. Change does come to those who stay the course.  When I started training for competitions I had some muscle tone, but was underweight and had literally run my ass off.  I posted about my journey here so I won’t rehash.  What I will say (again) is …

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Nov 05

Work It Out: 15 Minutes Is All It Takes

Who doesn’t love a quickie?   Cardio!  What are you thinking?! In my last couple of weeks of competition prep I’ve added cardio.  15 minutes per day, high intensity.  Normally I run sprints but – of course – I pulled my hamstring.  No more sprints. In effort to get my cardio in, I’ve had to …

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