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Mar 10

Kabocha and Black Bean Frittata

There’s something special about a hot breakfast.   Forget Folger’s in my cup – I want eggs! As someone who is continually unable to get out of the door on time, hot breakfasts aren’t exactly practical.  This means food prep is especially important.  And it has to be high protein – I need stay-power! I …

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Feb 28

Strange But Good: Peanut Avocado Sauce

The secret is always in the sauce.   Literally. I am sure someone is going to say they’ve done this before, but maybe not on top of this eggy breakfast item.  I’m not sure if it’s an egg crust or what, but it was good.  And it was made ever more strange with a peanut …

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Feb 03

3 Surprisingly Quick Meals

A little prep can go a long way.   This is why Sundays are sacred. If I do my weekly shopping and prep right, I don’t need a detailed meal plan.  My preference is to make a bunch of stuff and then figure out what flavors I want to add and how to mix and …

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Oct 31

Creating a Life & Creating Fun Recipes

Who doesn’t love a holiday?   Especially one that lends itself to so many inappropriate jokes…   I know Halloween isn’t technically a holiday (i.e. we still have to work), but it one of my favorite festive events.  I won’t be party-ing it up this year, so I’d like to ask all of you benevolent …

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Oct 25

Strange But Good: Mexican Pumpkin Pan-lette

Pumpkin makes a great dessert.   Except pie. I really love it mixed into yogurt bowls, as ice cream, or as bread.  I do not like pumpkin pie.  It’s texture thing… maybe too close to white potatoes?  I digress. This post has nothing to do with pie.  I tried something new with my pumpkin – …

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