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Jan 01

Top 13 in 2013

You guys like dessert.   I guess that’s why we get along? Happy New Year!!! As I looked back at the top posts of 2013, I knew there would be a lot of sweeter dishes.  But whoa.  Of the top 13 2013 posts, 6 were sweet recipes.  What I didn’t realize was that the Work …

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Dec 23

3 Ingredient Coconut Macaroons

This is for those that think my recipes have too many ingredients.   Not really, but it should make you happy. These coconut macaroons are the most requested Christmas cookie I make.  Ironic, since I don’t love coconut.  But if you DO like coconut, you’ll love these.  If you don’t, you’ll still eat a couple …

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Dec 16

Touring Atlanta + Sizzlefish Holiday Giveaway

Staying in town can feel like a vacation.   Not quiiiiite like going to Tahiti… but you know. This weekend Sarah graced me with her presence.  She drove in Monday night from Birmingham and we spent the next 2.5 days touring rainy Atlanta.  It’s fun to entertain out-of-towners because you get to see your city …

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Dec 11

Sriracha. The New Pumpkin.

I’m ahead of the “trendy” curve.   This is a first. According to this article, sriracha may be the new pumpkin.  Many of you saw the chips.  They have now gone so far as to turn it into a vodka flavor.   Why does EVERYTHING good need to be turned into vodka?  I like a …

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Oct 04

Strange But Good: My Favorite Things

3 years is a long time. This blog is my longest commitment.  Kidding… sort of. In 3 years, I have learned a LOT!  I didn’t have a clear vision outside of “food” when I began.  I was playing roller derby, drinking a lot of beer with the occasional side of Waffle House, and trying to …

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