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Feb 12

A Morning Cocktail + Fitmark Giveaway

Atlantarctica.   No, that’s not a Ben & Jerry’s flavor. My city is shut down over the winter weather.  After the disaster 2 weeks ago, government leaders and business are taking no chances.  We shut down yesterday… when nothing happened but rain.  Today promises to be more entertaining, but with nothing to report as of …

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Dec 18

Food Hangovers and Slutty Cake

Atlanta is a food mecca.   It really has become like a mini San Francisco! This is the food portion of Sarah’s weekend visit… my favorite part!  There’s nothing more fun than watching a friend enjoy a meal.  Don’t get me wrong – I love to eat it too, but sharing something you love so much …

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Nov 25

A Relaxing Weekend

This weekend was relaxing.   My version of relaxing… which is active relaxed. This was the first weekend in a long time where I didn’t HAVE to do anything productive.  I still did lots of things, but it was nice to not have a set agenda. Friday night I had an impromptu dinner with my …

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Oct 17

Yogurt Cocktails + 70/100 Miles

Cocktails as a health food?   Could be #strangebutgood… Yogurt cocktails are apparently a thing.  I can’t imagine the texture.  Or how the booze doesn’t curdle it… but this looks mighty tasty.   This article claims it “sounds terrible, tastes good.  I’d try it… click through to read them all.  Some are really cool.  You get …

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Jul 22

Marvelous Memorable Meals in Napa

Food is a significant part of any trip for me.   Sometimes it’s the whole reason for the trip… This past week’s trip to California was no exception.  There was plenty of wine in wine-country, but the food was equally important. After a looooong day of travel, all Lisa and I could think of when …

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