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Apr 02

Cleaning Up My Act + WIAW

It is time I clean up my act.   Let’s be real – its beyond time. It’s generally pretty easy for me to keep my diet in check during the week.  The weekends…. it’s another story.  Since I’m not competing this year I haven’t been following any real nutrition plan.  Of course I took that …

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Mar 27

Do You Chia?

We all had chia pets growing up.     The adult thing to do with EAT the chia.  The seeds, not the pet… actually, I wonder if you could eat the pet…   Today I am guest posting on my friend Heather’s blog – Better with Veggies.  This vegan-rockstar endurance athlete is tearing up the …

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Feb 21

Butternut Squash Chia Pudding

Book Club dinners when you’re on a cleanse are hard.   They’re even harder when you’re hosting and therefore responsible for food.  The icing on the cake is that the theme is French (to go with this month’s book selection).  Who ever heard of French vegan food?! This may have had me sweating a bit. …

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Feb 10

Sweet Potato Pie Chia Pudding

We’re on Day 5 of a successful cleanse!   16 to go. Honestly, it hasn’t been hard.  It’s been so great having the friend support, and seeing them feel good makes me even more determined.   Results come quickly!  My friend sent me the following message yesterday morning: I have an inordinate amount of energy.  This from …

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Jan 23

Greek Protein Mess

By Friday of last week I had to force myself out the door for a workout.       I say forced because I am determined to do cardio everyday and I just wasn’t feeling it.  Not being able to run is dragging me down… 30 mins on the elliptical (or any machine) is not my idea …

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