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Jul 16

Starbucks Record & Illegal Birthday Eats

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like free.   Or cold, hard cash.  Either way. By now we are all aware of the free Starbucks drink on your birthday.  Even though I didn’t get an offer this year – wtf?!  People like to make a game of how much they can get – whether its a …

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Nov 01

StrangeBut Good: Curry Sweet Potato Burger

Sometimes you just need a good burger.   I’m not one to deny myself. The craving has hit me hard toward the end of this prep.  The beef is easy – most grocers sell some form of “super lean” grass-fed ground beef (my veggie friends could use a bean burger or tempeh here).   The bun …

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Jul 22

Marvelous Memorable Meals in Napa

Food is a significant part of any trip for me.   Sometimes it’s the whole reason for the trip… This past week’s trip to California was no exception.  There was plenty of wine in wine-country, but the food was equally important. After a looooong day of travel, all Lisa and I could think of when …

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Apr 12

Strange But Good: Indian Spiced Bison Burgers

My sister is vacationing in India.   She won’t let any of us forget it.  I’m not jealous.  I don’t need a vaca… I would say I made the burgers I’m sharing today in her honor… but really I was inspired after seeing Madelyn’s recipe.  Before I start, a note: I realize this is a meat-centric post …

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Jan 17

Cramming 101: Endurance Training and Recovery

Endurance isn’t for the weak.   It also probably should not be prepared for in a cram session. This Saturday I’m doing an adventure/orienteering race that my cousin talked me in to.  8 hours in the woods with a GPS.  They give you the start, the finish, and a couple of mandatory check points along …

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