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Dec 16

Touring Atlanta + Sizzlefish Holiday Giveaway

Staying in town can feel like a vacation.   Not quiiiiite like going to Tahiti… but you know. This weekend Sarah graced me with her presence.  She drove in Monday night from Birmingham and we spent the next 2.5 days touring rainy Atlanta.  It’s fun to entertain out-of-towners because you get to see your city …

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Nov 04

Weekend Warrior

Who said weekends are for rest?   Thought let’s be honest – I appreciated the extra hour. Weekend warrior-ing has been my M.O. in the past, but in recent years my warrior-style has changed.  These days it’s all about productivity.  Rest is a good thing… and I did rest from job-related activities.  The work I …

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Oct 21

Pumpkin Almond Protein Batter

The closer I get to my competition, the more fun I have.   Ask me again in 2 weeks and I may tell you different. Right now life revolves around the gym, food, and work.  I love all three of these, so why wouldn’t I be ecstatic?  Here’s how my typical Saturday goes down: 1. …

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