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Apr 25

Strange But Good Trials

I have some strange friends.   In the most delicious sense of the word. One of my favorite things about #strangebutgood every week is all of the fun ideas I get from all of the link ups.  I pin them to the #strangebutgood board for safe keeping until I can make them.  Last week’s links were so …

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Apr 04

Creamy (Raw) Red Pepper Soup

Rules can inspire creativity.   Translation: no body puts baby in a corner! One of my favorite things about this particular cleanse is that, while there are parameters, the rules are easy to work within. For instance, one of the guidelines is to eat more raw veggies than cooked.  I love raw vegetables, but sometimes …

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Jan 27

Skinny Limits Juice Cleanse Review

I eat a lot of protein.   It’s my thing. For my goals, I need to eat all the protein.  It’s muscle fuel while I’m trying to build.  It’s also hard on the body to digest that much protein continuously (it’s been months and months of packing it in).  When Skinny Limits reached out and offered a …

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Aug 12

Marvelous Smoothie Crack: Mocha Beet Frappuccino

Crack is whack.   Thank you, Whitney Houston for that insightful quote.  After a long hiatus, I am jumping back into Heather‘s Meatless Monday link up!   I would never expose you to something whack, so this post isn’t actually about crack.  It is a super-energizing smoothie though! This week’s MMAZ link up is about …

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Jul 29

Raw Tomato and Corn Salad + Weekend Marvels

Merry Marvelous!   Are you ever so cheerful you annoy yourself? It’s false cheer.  Sort of.  I’m not in a bad mood… but does anyone really look forward to a Monday like they do a Saturday?  Yet another reason to love Katie’s Marvelous Monday link up.   First up in the world of marvelous is …

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