Sumo Maya – Asian-Mexican Fusion Restaurant

I’m cheating a little this week.

Not Ashley Madison style though… here’s to karma.

I’m cheating by not having a actual strange but good recipe.  Vegas and I are in Arizona and I didn’t really do anything that strange food-wise unless you count my salmon scramble in Wednesday’s post.  Or maybe my road salad.  Perhaps Vegas’ gas station selections.

We did eat some strange food in Scottsdale Wednesday night though!  I spent a couple of hours of the drive searching for the best possible food options for dinner when we arrived.  I landed on SumoMaya – an Asian-Mexican fusion concept.  We were not disappointed!

SumoMaya lump crab guac… 

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Savory Cornbread Waffles [Recipe]

I waiver between sweet and savory breakfasts.

More often than not, I turn to Vegas and say “sweet or savory?”

These cornbread waffles were the result of an indecisive morning.  I wanted a waffle, but I wanted a runny egg.  There was really no way this wouldn’t result in a strange but good morning.

Savory Cornbread Waffles


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Strange But Good: 10 Back-to-School Recipes

I’m not going back to school.

That would be strange and not good.  

Grade school, college, and grad school was enough for me, but congrats to all the kids (and their parents) braving the start of the year!  I’m here for you in spirit… and in taking the strange but goodness to school.

If I was going back to school or sending a kid to school, here are 10 Back-to-School Recipes I would make.

10 Back-to-School Recipes


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Watermelon Basil Gazpacho [Recipe]

It’s pretty hot and humid right now in San Diego.

Feels like my Atlanta hometown!

We’ve had hot soup since Vegas has had a cold, but in the middle of the day there’s no way I could stomach it.  I thought of making tomato gazpacho, but I had half a watermelon in the fridge that needed to be used.  My gazpacho took a strange (but REALLY good) twist and went tropical.

Watermelon Basil Gazpacho recipe… 

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S’mores Protein Pancakes [Gluten-Free Recipe]

S’mores don’t have to wait for dessert.

I mean, what ISN’T good in pancake form?

I still had graham crackers and marshmallows leftover from my S’mores Brownies… I had to use them some how!  Why not for breakfast as a pancake?

Maybe it’s a little strange to have a campfire dessert first thing in the morning,  but it sure is good!

S'mores Protein Pancakes… 

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Jerky Heaven [Giveaway] + WIAW

I’m a snack junkie.

If I’m honest I’d rather snack and have a meal. 

If you’re a snacker like me, you can imagine my excitement when I received a GIANT box of jerky from Jack Link’s.  Turkey jerky, teriyaki turkey jerky, chicken jerky… it is basically outdoor snacking deliciousness.

And by outdoors, I don’t just mean sports (though Vegas and my favorite softball snack is jerky).

Jack Links Chicken Jerky… 

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Revisiting Strange But Good

Normalcy* has returned.

*I use that term loosely.

Vegas and I made it back from Vegas leaving the 115 degree temps behind.  The sun is out again in San Diego and it’s a balmy 75 degrees.

I feel like I'm on fire (ball). Thank you Las Vegas. 🔥

A photo posted by Laura (@sprint2thetable) on


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Sticky Toffee Rum Balls [Recipe]

I hate to waste food.

Especially dessert.

While that Sticky Toffee Stout Pudding I posted last week was fantastic, it made a lot for two people to eat.  I couldn’t imagine letting it go to waste, so I starting thinking of alternate uses.

Leave it to me to reach the conclusion that I should add more booze and make it into balls.  Strange but good Sticky Toffee Rum Balls!

Sticky Toffee Rum Balls… 

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Sticky Toffee Stout Pudding [Recipe]

Occasionally I have a good idea that just keeps on giving.

And occasionally I take it too far an have a disaster.

On this occasion I’d set out to bake with a peanut butter stout I’d gotten from Belching Beaver.  You might remember this Peanut Butter Stout Caramel Corn.

After making the corn, I still had a good amount left in that stout bottle.  The perfect opportunity to create something strange, but decadently good.  Particularly something that I could top with said caramel corn.

Sticky Toffee Stout Pudding… 

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The Strange But Good Truth About Uni

Some people might not agree with me on this one.

A couple of them are in my family.

Uni is delicious.  Uni refers to the edible part of a sea urchin.  I’d had it before in sushi dishes, but this week while my family was here I split a whole one with my mom at Ironside.

It’s spikes were still moving a little…

Madi and Mom with uni

My sister was creeped.


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