Revisiting Strange But Good

Normalcy* has returned.

*I use that term loosely.

Vegas and I made it back from Vegas leaving the 115 degree temps behind. ¬†The sun is out again in San Diego and it’s a balmy 75 degrees.

I feel like I'm on fire (ball). Thank you Las Vegas. ūüĒ•

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Sticky Toffee Rum Balls [Recipe]

I hate to waste food.

Especially dessert.

While that Sticky Toffee Stout Pudding I posted last week was fantastic, it made a lot¬†for two people to eat. ¬†I couldn’t imagine letting it go to waste, so I starting thinking of alternate uses.

Leave it to me to reach the conclusion that I should add more booze and make it into balls.  Strange but good Sticky Toffee Rum Balls!

Sticky Toffee Rum Balls… 

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Sticky Toffee Stout Pudding [Recipe]

Occasionally I have a good idea that just keeps on giving.

And occasionally I take it too far an have a disaster.

On this occasion I’d set out to bake with a peanut butter stout I’d gotten from Belching Beaver. ¬†You might remember this Peanut Butter Stout Caramel Corn.

After making the corn, I still had a good amount left in that stout bottle.  The perfect opportunity to create something strange, but decadently good.  Particularly something that I could top with said caramel corn.

Sticky Toffee Stout Pudding… 

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The Strange But Good Truth About Uni

Some people might not agree with me on this one.

A couple of them are in my family.

Uni is delicious. ¬†Uni refers to the edible part of a sea urchin. ¬†I’d had it before in sushi dishes, but this week while my family was here I split a whole one with my mom at Ironside.

It’s spikes were still moving a little…

Madi and Mom with uni

My sister was creeped.


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Peanut Butter Stout Caramel Corn [Recipe]

Peanut Butter Stout Caramel Corn.

I don’t think this needs much of an intro.

San Diego has an amazing craft beer culture.  Vegas and I have made it our mission to try it all.  #sorryimnotsorry

But beer isn’t just for drinking – it also makes for some strange but good kitchen¬†experiments. ¬†I’ve used it in chili, hummus, and pumpkin bread… why not as a popcorn flavor?

Popcorn, pre-mix


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Vegan Spinach Pesto with Lentils [Recipe]

The reset is going well.

Vegas is even feeling good today!

After our¬†impressive display of gluttony in Greece, it’s been good to give our bodies a break and reset some habits. ¬†We are almost a week in and things are looking good!

As the toxins leave your body, it can leave you achey, grumpy, and cause some acne. ¬†We’ve hit that point. ¬†Day 3 for me was rough. ¬†I was tired and grouchy. ¬†Most of the day I spent working from the bed. ¬†Day 4 was the tough one for Vegas. ¬†She had a headache all day and took her turn with the inability to get out of bed.


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Resetting My Diet + WIAW

All good things must come to an end.

Until I figure out a way to live in Europe.

I’m a firm believer in balance and enjoying life. ¬†Enjoying is just what we did in Greece. ¬†There were tons of good eats, alllll the drinks, and a nice break from the gym (though we walked a LOT). ¬†Vegas and I had a blast and soaked up every moment. ¬†Coming off of that I have no regrets, but feel ready to get back to a healthier diet.


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Eating My Way Through Greece

I am back in the US.


Every time I go to Europe I cringe at the thought of coming home… not just because re-entering this country is a case study in¬†an operations fail. ¬†2 hours to get through customs to a connecting flight. ¬†Really?!

That said, Vegas and I are back in the States.  We managed to eat our way through Greece first though!  Some of it was a bit strange.  Some meals were better than others.  Overall, the experience and trying new things with Vegas (who still thinks I eat some weird shizz) was better than good.

Entire blocks of fresh feta came atop every Greek Salad.

Entire blocks of fresh feta came atop every Greek Salad.


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