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Jul 11

Elvis Jicama Porridge

The King needs no introduction.   That’s code for “I couldn’t think of anything cleaver.” Seriously though.  How can you go wrong with peanut butter, bananas, bacon and chocolate?  Maybe if you’re vegan… but you could add salted nuts instead!  The key is the sweet and the salty.   You see the good, so where’s the …

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Jul 04

Dips, Dessert, and a Drink

Happy 4th of July!   aka National Sunburn Day. I have a tradition of running the Peachtree Roadrace (the world’s largest 10K) and enjoying the sweltering heat sunshine.  Since I’m off doing that, today’s #strangebutgood is a round of of things you might like to enjoy during your weekend festivities. Some are stranger than others, but I …

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Jun 27

Peach Salsa Tortilla Pie

It’s not my birthday yet…   But pass me the sombrero! I brought my sweet and salty tooth beyond just breakfast and dessert this week.  Fruit in salsa is one of the best combos.  Tomatoes are technically a fruit.  Strangely enough, they are legally a vegetable. If you haven’t tried fruity salsa, I especially recommend experimenting with mango, …

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Jun 25

Fridge Meditation + WIAW

My intentions are good.   Most of the time anyway. I start off strong with an epic trip to the farmer’s market, intending to do a fantastic food prep that evening.  Then I opt to go out for Mexican and margaritas, telling myself it can wait one day.  The next day I did do a great …

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Jun 20

Brinner of Champions

I’m a sweet and salty girl.   Literally and figuratively. A bacon and peanut butter combo may sound strange to you, but they are are soul mates in my book.  Unfortunately those two alone do not a dinner make.  I came home after a beer or two with my boss in need of treat-tooth satisfaction.  Bacon and peanut …

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