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Feb 21

Strange But Good: Hemp Protein

Lately it seems all of my friends are moving to Colorado.   For reasons that are not hemp-related. I want to move to Colorado too – not for the recent legalization, but for the healthy vibe people have and the amazing skiing.  In the meantime, I’ll gladly enjoy my hemp down here in Georgia thanks …

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Jan 01

Top 13 in 2013

You guys like dessert.   I guess that’s why we get along? Happy New Year!!! As I looked back at the top posts of 2013, I knew there would be a lot of sweeter dishes.  But whoa.  Of the top 13 2013 posts, 6 were sweet recipes.  What I didn’t realize was that the Work …

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Aug 12

Marvelous Smoothie Crack: Mocha Beet Frappuccino

Crack is whack.   Thank you, Whitney Houston for that insightful quote.  After a long hiatus, I am jumping back into Heather‘s Meatless Monday link up!   I would never expose you to something whack, so this post isn’t actually about crack.  It is a super-energizing smoothie though! This week’s MMAZ link up is about …

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Jul 31

Obnoxious Orders + WIAW

Lately there seems to be a streak of obnoxious.   Or maybe I’m having a streak of impatience? We’ve become a nation of “have it your way.”  But has it done nothing more than turn us into entitled, bourgeois consumers?  We can have virtually anything we want almost instantly. Take Starbucks.  Yesterday I ran across this …

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Jul 24

Back to Reality + WIAW

A smart blogger would have posted a “What I Ate on Vacation” today.   I got too excited and posted my favorites on Monday. There are a few things I didn’t yet share from Napa (besides the wine – that post is coming!). The thing that earned me the strangest look from Lisa was probably …

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