Eating My Way Through Greece

I am back in the US.


Every time I go to Europe I cringe at the thought of coming home… not just because re-entering this country is a case study in an operations fail.  2 hours to get through customs to a connecting flight.  Really?!

That said, Vegas and I are back in the States.  We managed to eat our way through Greece first though!  Some of it was a bit strange.  Some meals were better than others.  Overall, the experience and trying new things with Vegas (who still thinks I eat some weird shizz) was better than good.

Entire blocks of fresh feta came atop every Greek Salad.

Entire blocks of fresh feta came atop every Greek Salad.


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Cinnamon Roll Protein Mug Cake [Recipe]

Cinnamon rolls kill me.

That smell in the mall… Pavlovian response.

It’s been years since I’ve gotten one, but walking past a certain cinnamon roll chain had me craving a cinnamon roll.  I swear they put crack in those things.

In my shipment from About Time, I received a few proteins to sample.  I decided it was the perfect opportunity for a little mug cake experiment!  Mug cakes may seem normal to many of you… but to the “normal” world I think it qualified as strange.  But good. 😉

Cinnamon Roll Protein Mug Cake… 

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About Time ProHydrate Tropical Protein Slushie

Did you ever look forward to gas station snacks as a kid?

Please tell me I wasn’t the only one with trashy taste as a child. 

These days I dread road trip food – especially after my recent cross-country drive.  However, when I was a kid I loved stopping at the QT for a giant slushie.  It’s not that I don’t like a slushie as an adult, but I try to avoid the onslaught of chemicals.

When I received a box full of all natural supplements from About Time, I was immediately drawn to their new ProHydrate Protein Water.  It screamed #strangebutgood protein slushie!

Tropical Protein Slushie… 

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Breakfast for Lunch Tacos

3 bloggers can get a little strange.

Meghan’s husband can attest to this.

Lucie AND Meghan are in town (and Meghan’s husband who shall not be named or pictured).  We’ve been touring San Diego and causing general shenanigans.

Afternoon beers, anyone?

Culture beer

Culture Brewery

We’ve also been cooking.  All of us in the kitchen is a strange but good heaven.

(Vegas reminded me where the fire extinguisher was.) … 

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Baseball is Hard

Have you ever tried to explain a sport to someone?

When you say it out loud, it sounds so ridiculous.

Like baseball.  You hit a ball with a stick and run around a diamond.  If you can make it to one of the white squares before they can throw the ball at you, you’re safe.

There there’s the matter of explaining foul balls (that’s what she said), strikes, walks, home runs, stealing… it all happened this weekend when Vegas and I took Lucie to the Padres game.

(For those who don’t know already, Lucie is my friend from Switzerland.  She writes a blog and she’s awesome.  I visited/met her last year in Switzerland.) 

Lucie's tri-tip sandwich

Lucie’s tri-tip sandwich (I stole her pic – she’s a better photog.)


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Kabocha Bacon Drop Biscuits [Recipe]

Kabocha and bacon are two of my favorite things.

Vegas and chocolate are also on that list.

Speaking of Vegas, these were Vegas-approved!  I always consider that an accomplishment – my pasta-loving lady gives me the side-eye if I try to get *too* healthy on her.  However, She can always be won over with bacon.

These muffins were inspired by the bacon grease I had leftover from breakfast at this past weekend.  I always save it for cooking; you can use it in place of butter to grease a pan.  It may sound strange, but why not use bacon grease in place of butter in baked goods too?  It really is good!

Kabocha Bacon Drop Biscuit dough

Dropped and ready to bake!


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Personal Training and Pizza [WIAW]

My idea of heaven is getting paid to workout.

And to eat… errrr… cook.

Several months ago I earned personal training certificates through the International Association of Fitness Sciences (IAFS) in Functional Training, Bodybuilding, and Sports Nutrition.  This is 8x Mr. Olympia Lee Haney‘s program (he’s basically my version of a movie star).

I wasn’t sure how or if I’d use it… I ended up training a couple of friends and deciding it’s something I really did love.  So I added a link on my site for training and nutrition.  Between getting married and moving, I never did much to promote it.  Now that we’re settled, the time has come!

IAFS certification… 

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Grand Vanilla French Toast [Recipe]

Life is grand.

Yes, I know… I’m cheesy.

Really though.  In the past few days there’s been so much good. I took Vegas for her first ever (?!) mani-pedi: Mani-Pedi… 

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Asian Shrimp and Noodle Salad [Recipe]

Asian food is addicting.

Even without the MSG.

I am a sucker for Italian food.  And Mexican.  I could eat them every day.  Asian food… I don’t crave it daily but when I want it, I need my fix NOW.

When I got Skinny Noodles’ new kale shirataki noodles in the mail, I knew they called for a good Asian dish!

Skinny Noodles Kale Shirataki… 

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Semi-Homemade Spaghetti Dinner

You may have noticed I didn’t post anything Monday.

Or you may not have noticed…

This weekend we were in Arizona playing in a softball tournament.  By the time we got home Sunday night, we went straight to bed!

We didn’t win… but everyone played hard!  And we brought the basics:

The sriracha jerky could have been hotter.

The sriracha jerky could have been hotter.


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