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Jul 15

Going Big with Endurance

Go big or go home.   That’s my life’s mantra. Why stop at 10 when you can do 11?  Or 30 when you can be 31.  If I can better myself without damaging myself, I’m going to go for it.  Today I’m bring back Work It Out to focus on endurance. Bookmark on Delicious Digg …

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Jul 07

#MoveHappy Week 2: Quest Bars & Nutrex

Long weekends make me happy.   We really should implement a 2-day work week, 5 day weekend policy. This weekend was full of happy movement.  Atlanta is home to the world’s largest 10K, the Peachtree Roadrace.  It’s held every year on the 4th.  This is my 5th race; I’ve only missed one since 2008!  I …

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Jun 23

5K Comeback + Fiesta Night

I used to be fast.   I also used to run a lot. It’s funny how must faster you get when you get when you run a race.  I’ve been running a little bit.  Slowly.  On a whim I decided to run a 5K Saturday morning.  It turns out I hadn’t been pushing myself as …

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Jun 16

A New York State of Mind

I made it almost 31 years never having been to New York.   The city.  I’ve been to Syracuse and Schenectady.  Doesn’t count. Last week I finally got there!  I had a work conference at Columbia University.  It didn’t leave a ton of time to explore, but I was thrilled.  Especially when the hotel looked …

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May 12

I Love Lucie, Basel Episode

It may seem strange to travel to another country and stay with someone you don’t know.   I didn’t hesitate. Lucie was so kind to open up her home to me for the first leg of my travels.  It was funny – I didn’t really occur to me that I didn’t know her in real …

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