Dressing Up and Playing Ball [$25 Dick’s Giveaway]

It’s my birthday!!!

Obviously that means presents.

The weekend before my birthday was San Diego’s infamous Over the Line tournament (OTL).  Basically, it’s 2 days of camping and playing a baseball-ish game in the sunshine and sand at the beach.

There are 3 players on each team.  Your own team member tosses a ball up for you to hit with a wooden bat.  You have to hit the ball in the fair territory to get a hit.  There are no runners, but 3 hits scores a run.

OTL court

OTL court


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Entertaining My Family in San Diego [WIAW]

My mom and baby sister are here.

Watch out San Diego! 

I haven’t seen my family since leaving Atlanta in February.  I’ve been looking forward to having my mom and one of my sisters here for weeks!  Naturally, the first thing I did way try to kill them with an 8 mile hike in 90 degree temps.

Potato Chip Rock hike… 

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Arm Yourself For Summer – Workout & Protein Refuel

It’s no secret that bicep day is my favorite.

My trainer says it because I’m a “dude.”

When I needed to drag myself back to the gym after 2 weeks in Greece, the most appealing workout to me was my favorite – biceps and triceps.

This workout was just what I needed – challenging and focused on the muscles I wasn’t able to work while I was away.  I think most of these moves are self-explanatory.  In case you aren’t familiar with it, this is what an EZ bar looks like:

EZ bar

There’s a similar looking crimped bar for use with the cables.


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Personal Training and Pizza [WIAW]

My idea of heaven is getting paid to workout.

And to eat… errrr… cook.

Several months ago I earned personal training certificates through the International Association of Fitness Sciences (IAFS) in Functional Training, Bodybuilding, and Sports Nutrition.  This is 8x Mr. Olympia Lee Haney‘s program (he’s basically my version of a movie star).

I wasn’t sure how or if I’d use it… I ended up training a couple of friends and deciding it’s something I really did love.  So I added a link on my site for training and nutrition.  Between getting married and moving, I never did much to promote it.  Now that we’re settled, the time has come!

IAFS certification… 

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Strange But Good Travel

I can’t travel like a normal person.

At least I wear shoes…

Shoeless travel

Yes, I sent this to Passenger Shaming on Instagram.

The creepiest part was that when I said something to the flight attendant she said it happens all the time.  Apparently parents even let their kids go to the bathroom barefoot!  I have a friend that is a flight attendant and SHE said it happens on every flight.  WTF?!  End rant.

I’m on the other side of the country this week with Vegas (though not IN Vegas).  Being 9 weeks out from my competition, I had to supplement my travel a bit.  I brought chicken, turkey burgers, veggies, roasted sweet potatoes, and frozen Greek yogurt (a must – it doubles as an ice pack) with me.  Okay, I supplemented my travel a lot.… 

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Stand Up Desk + WIAW

Do you realize how much you sit?

It makes my hips hurt!

I’ve gone through a lot of “hacks” to have standing desks.  At one job I stacked up Girl Scout cookie boxes to set my laptop on.  When I’m at home working, I use the condo gym to build a treadmill desk.   I can’t stand to sit still.  Standing up while I’m working helps to improve my focus.  Hey!  Something shiny!

Homemade standing desk

When my boss suggested I look into a “real” standing desk, I was thrilled.  After some research, VertDesk offered to hook me up with one of their adjustable height desks.  Talk about not sitting still – I was bounce-off-the-walls elated.  The VertDesk even has a push button control to make height adjustment easy.  My co-workers can adjust it to their height and use it and, if I ever DO decide to sit, I can simply push a button to lower it.

We’ve all seen the articles about how sitting is killing us… but why exactly is a standing desk beneficial?

5 Standing Desk Benefits… 

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Competition Prep 10 Weeks Out + WIAW

I’m on the wagon.

Seriously. 9 days sober.

It’s finally time to get back on the stage.  I took a year off from competing to grow and it paid off well.  I put on about 15 pounds (20 at my highest)… and a decent amount of that is muscle.  Looking back at pictures from a couple of years ago, I can’t believe I was that tiny!

2015 Progress

I was hoping to be able to do Physique, but I’m not big enough yet so I’m staying with Figure.  Maybe next year…… 

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Winter Workout: Shoulder Strengthener

I’m learning not to make blanket statements.

Ever so slowly.

The whole “never dating again” thing.  Refusing to waste money on a Christmas tree.  Thinking seafood is gross.  The mornings I moaned I’m never drinking again!”  Thinking my shoulders are too big.  I take it all back

These days I can’t grow my shoulders fast enough.  It’s hard to believe that in high school I refused to wear tank tops because I thought I had “linebacker” shoulders.


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Red Velvet Protein Shake [Recipe] + Santa Speedo Run

I ran down the street in my underwear this weekend.

It was Christmas underwear…. which makes it totally acceptable…

Atlanta holds a Santa Speedo Run every year.  I’ve always been curious and had friends who’ve run… but this year curiosity killed the cat.  I paid money to run down Peachtree Street in my undies.  Thankfully, it was a pretty warm day and the “race” was only 1.5 miles.  And it was for charity!  It was a fun way to stay active and donate to a good cause on the holidays!

ATL Santa Speedo Run… 

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5 Tips for Staying Active in the Cold

I’m pretty tough.

Some might say a masochist.

When it comes to cold weather, I’m a whimpering little baby.  Winter arriving means I really have to plan to keep moving.  It’s so easy to just crawl under a blanket with a hot toddy.  Or so I hear. 😉

It sounds crazy, but I really do have a fear of cold weather and being cold.  Here are a few tips and tricks that have worked for me!

5 Tips for Staying Active in the Cold

1. Enjoy seasonal activities

Outdoor sports like ice skating, skiing, or hiking.  These activities – especially in the snow – feel more like playmate than work!  I love to meet Heather in Colorado to ski.

Skiing with Heather

If you don’t have slopes near by sign up for a winter fun run.  We got festive for this Thanksgiving run, and I’m doing the Santa Speedo Run in Atlanta in a couple of weeks!

Turkey Day 5K

2. Dress for the weather

If you’re warm enough, its fun to be outside!  Choose clothing that allows for layering. Go thermal first, then start laying with pants, vests, scarfs, etc.  Top it all off with a jacket and hat.  Once you warm of, it’ll be easy to pull back the layers.

3. Spend time indoors

Are you curious about that spin class at the gym?  Been meaning to spend some time with weights and building strength?  Colder temperatures and earlier sunsets are the perfect excuse to get your fitness on indoors.

I spend every Saturday morning at the gym for “Glute Camp” with my gym buddies.  If you come visit me, there’s 100% chance we’ll take a field trip.  (Just ask Sarah.)

Sarah, Toisha, me posing

Sarah, Natoshia, and me posing after glutes

4. Go shopping

You need to purchase those holiday gifts anyway.  Incorporate fitness while you do it!  Park as far away as possible from entrances.  Walk from store to tore rather than driving across a parking lot.  Take the stairs.  Power walk through the mall – its practically a giant track anyway!

5. Go on a holiday decoration walk

Get a group of friends and family, make some hot drinks, and walk around admiring all the lights.  Too cold to leave the house?  Hop on the treadmill or do some jumping jacks for 5-10 mins before you leave.  You’ll welcome a cool blast of air!

These are some of my favorite neighborhood partners-in-crime.

Jessica, Kathleen, and me

Jessica, Kathleen, and me

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Target® C9 through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9, all opinions are my own.


I’m so excited to be back in the marvelous powdery snow again soon!

What’s your favorite winter sport? I could ski all day!

Do you struggle to be as active in the winter months?