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Apr 14

Food Intolerance and Healing My Gut

Food is one of the few things I tolerate well.   I’ll patiently wait for good food even if I’m hangry. My food tolerance is only mental.  It turns out that I have a shit load many food intolerances.  I’ve never had any allergies to foods.  I don’t experience pain from eating certain things.  What …

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Apr 09

Protein Lessons + WIAW

Learning lessons is a theme in my life lately.   Some I’d rather not learn, but that’s another story. Despite having done this cleanse 3 times before, I’m learning a whole new lesson with this one.  It’s about protein.  I had NO idea how much energy and strength I was getting from all the protein …

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Apr 02

Cleaning Up My Act + WIAW

It is time I clean up my act.   Let’s be real – its beyond time. It’s generally pretty easy for me to keep my diet in check during the week.  The weekends…. it’s another story.  Since I’m not competing this year I haven’t been following any real nutrition plan.  Of course I took that …

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Mar 28

Mocha Plantain Protein Bread with JAVAPRO

Some days I need a caffeine IV.   The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of JAVAPRO. I’m actually not a huge coffee drinker.  It takes too long for me to drink!  By the time I’m half way through the cup, it’s cold.  That’s not to say I couldn’t use the caffeine. …

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Mar 12

DIY Treadmill Desk + WIAW

I like to move.   Some call it ADD, some call it energy. I’ve been known to make my own standing desk out of empty boxes, but I’ve always wanted a treadmill desk.  My company isn’t likely to spring for that anytime soon, so I took matters into my own hands.   This was in …

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