New Site, Fun Food… and an Epic Fail

Welcome to the new Sprint 2 the Table!

Thank you guys for putting up with my outdated look for so long.  I am no web designer, so I finally decided to do the smart thing and enlist help.  I hope you like it, and that it makes it easier to navigate around here.  If you run into any bugs, please let me know.  There are always kinks to workout.  Kinky.

ALSO… I added a tab for training and nutrition.  I earned my certifications a few weeks back, but hadn’t had the time to really promote it.  With the new site in place, I’m ready to take it to the next level.  Wheeee!

This has nothing to do with anything except that I think it's hilarious.  Although... if Target had a bar... that would really be taking it to the next level.

This has nothing to do with anything except that I think it’s hilarious. Although… if Target had a bar… that would really be taking it to the next level.


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High Fat Fail + 5-Spice Roasted Veggies

Ever think something sounds fun… only to learn it is just the opposite?


I wish I didn’t make this mistake so often…

Last week I decided to experiment with a high-fat/low-carb diet.  Nut butter, oils, avocados, nuts, egg yolks, red meat… it sounded like a brilliant idea!  Notsomuch.

Nut butter needs toast or oats.  ‘Nough said.  It turns out that all of those thing are delicious… but much better with a carb.  Runny eggs need a piece of bread to soak up the goop.

Red meat is better on a bun… but this was still good:

Bison burger topped with a runny egg


But it wasn’t just the carbs that had me regretting the high fat thing.  Regret is the wrong word.  I learned a lot, and I do not regret that.  Here are the side effects:

  • Constipation – this was the worst; I am grumpy without a good morning poop (TMI?)
  • Gas/Bloating – I could clear a room in 5 seconds
  • Lower energy – I felt like I was in slow motion
  • Slower muscle recovery time – leg day soreness lasted FIVE days
  • Hunger – fat digests faster than carbs, so I would eat and be hungry an hour later
  • Lower veggie intake – veggies have carbs and I found myself cutting them in order to keep my carbs low
  • Flat muscles – even after a hard bicep day I didn’t have the same “pump” I usually do


Polar FT4 Chest and Bicep Burn

Hard workout, yet pretty flat-looking


PLEASE do not take this as a deterrent if you are on/want to try a higher fat diet yourself.  Like I said in the ab/nutrition post, diet is personal.  This was just my experience.  Don’t be afraid to experiment!  You will learn a lot about your body.


One of my favorite things about Heather’s Meatless Monday challenge is that it forces me to try new things.  Like this week – Turnips.



I know I’ve had turnips before… but I can’t remember when!  After a little research I learned that turnips are a lot like rutabagas, and have a potato-like taste (but better…. I hate potatoes).  Long ago I made Rutabaga Fries, complete with a vegan cheese sauce.  I liked it, but for some reason I don’t often buy veggies in that family.

Sunday while on my weekly grocery trip I picked up a turnip.  When I got home I realized I had no idea what to do with it… but with potato on the brain, I decided to make a roasted veggie dish using another fun find: a purple sweet potato!  It tastes a lot like a sweet potato, but slightly less sweet.



I diced my new finds and tossed them with the usual suspects: oil, apple cider vinegar, garlic, onion, and rosemary.  Then I decided that such cool veggies couldn’t be treated in such a pedestrian manner.  And that’s how I ended up with Roasted Turnips & Purple Sweet Potatoes with Five-Spice.  And brussels, but that’s too long of a title. 😉

A little sweet from the ‘taters, heat from Chinese 5-Spice, and a whole lot of staying-power from the starchy.  I’ll be enjoying this in my packed lunches at work all week.  If it lasts that long.


Five-Spice Roasted Turnips & Purple Sweet Potatoes

Five-Spice Roasted Turnips & Purple Sweet Potatoes

  • 1 turnip
  • 1 purple sweet potato (can use regular sweet potato)
  • 1/4 C red onion
  • 1 T fresh rosemary
  • 1/2 tsp olive oil extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • 1/2 tsp Chinese five-spice powder*


Preheat to 450°F.

Slice turnips and potato into 1/2-inch-thick cubes.  Toss with onion, rosemary, oil, garlic, and 5-spice in a roasting pan until well coated.

Roast  for 20-25 mins, stirring once halfway through.

*Note: Chinese 5-spice can be found at most major grocery stores and Asian markets.  It’s a blend of Szechuan pepper, cinnamon, fennel seed, cloves and star anise.


I told some of you today would be it, but the 6 hour endurance training cram session recap is coming tomorrow… sorry!

Have you experimented with your diet?  What did you learn?

Have you ever seen a purple sweet potato?


Setting the Tone for a New Year + Amazing Kitchen Mistakes

Life is full of failures.


I am going to discuss one on Monday, in fact.

Sometimes they are happy accidents!  One of my favorite stir-frys happened because I couldn’t figure out how to use my spiralizer.  This Indian Ginger Tempeh Stir-Fry happened when I wanted zucchini pasta but failed to  spiralize:


Or how about last week when I accidentally sprouted a spaghetti squash I’d planned for my meal?  That forced me to come up with this Sweet Potato Chicken Salad Strange But Good (don’t forget tomorrow’s link up!) creation:

Sweet Potato Chicken Salad


Breaking my jaw playing roller derby was a fail… but without that experience I would have never come up with one of my favorite oatmeal discoveries: Blueberry Pie.  Made smooth enough to slurp thanks to an immersion blender.

Jaw-breaking in action.


Or how about when you leave for vacation thinking you’re going to Argentina, but end up in Chile?  That was one FUN fail!

All that said, don’t be too discouraged by fails.  Trust in what will be and happy accidents you shall see.

And now I’ll shut up and let Kat tell you about hers!


Because I blog bi-weekly, this is my first opportunity to say, “Happy New Year!

I had an A-typical New Year’s Eve, which I used to help me set the tone for the year.  I went to a hot yoga class that lasted from 10:30pm-12:15am.  Yep, meditating, thinking about goals, who I am, who I have been, and who I want to be this year.  It was amazing!  I felt centered, and was happy to bring in the New Year thinking about health, community, and grounded-ness. (Editor’s note: Remind me to do this next year.)

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.


I want to share a couple of my goals, so you all can partially hold me accountable.  First, I want to say, “No,” more often – in work, in family, and in social aspects of my life.  This seems easy for a lot of people, but it give me knots in my stomach just to think about possibly disappointing someone.

This goal is in support of my second goal, to stop stretching myself so thin.  I tend to take on way too much, and some things I do become a little bit less “quality.”  So, in order to enjoy what I do more, and to have more quality, I have to reduce quantity.  These are lofty goals.  I also started a journal for the first time since I was 12, to help keep me working towards my goals and thinking about them often.




I later got to celebrate with a holiday party, a West Side Story theme.  I got to get all dolled-up, and I was SO excited to get dressed up and dance the night away.  My feet and legs were definitely sore afterwards!

I’m also back on track with all of my runs and work outs.  I didn’t mention it, but December was rough for me and threw me through a loop.



I’ve also been cooking at home like a madwoman!  I had a New Years Day party with mocktails and healthy food to start the New Year catching up with a few friends.

Many didn’t make it due to hangovers and being out way too late, but it was still fun!  The mocktails were delicious, but too sweet, and kept me up all night from sugar!  I made Indian food, pop-corn (Kat-classic), and a number of other fun dishes with lots of fresh fruit and veggies.




Eating and cooking more at home, for me, means many unplanned meals, sometimes just throwing whatever I have in my fridge together, and last week, amazing kitchen mistakes!

I was making dinner for a friend this week, and I had left over quinoa and brown rice, extra fresh broccolini, kale, and sweet potatoes, and some random tofu.  So I just got started, and this is what ended up happening:



Amazing Kitchen Mistake


I sautéed the veggies with fresh ginger and garlic, re-heated the quinoa/brown rice combo (about 75% quinoa, 25% brown rice), and felt like the dish needed something else.  Tofu.  The tofu preparation was the amazing mistake.  I wanted to sort of “fry” it, so I coated it with some brown rice flour mixed with cayenne, salt, and white pepper.  I carefully coated each cube and placed it on a plate for frying.  But I totally forgot cornstarch!  This would have gotten the flour mixture to stick to the tofu and fry properly.  Instead, when I put it in the hot coconut oil, the flour started to stick to the bottom, and it wasn’t going very well.

So, to save the tofu, I took part of a box of Trader Joe’s Carrot Ginger Soup and poured some in the pan with the tofu, stirred and scrambled the tofu with the soup and flour mixture, let it simmer, and made THE most delicious scrambled tofu I have ever had.  (Editor’s note: will you plase make me a mistake too?)




Amazing Tofu Carrot-Ginger Scramble (Mistake)

  • 1 block firm Tofu, 1 in cubes (which are later scrambled)
  • ½ C brown rice flour
  • Salt, Cayenne and White Pepper to taste
  • 2 T Coconut Oil (for frying)
  • ~ ½ cup of Carrot-Ginger Soup (Trader Joe’s or Imagine Brand)




Follow the directions above and serve with the brown rice/quinoa mixture and sautéed veggies!  This was definitely a healthy meal too!

It feels good to give.  I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t also say that I’m donating blood today.  It’s SO important.  I also tend to be low-iron so I’ve had an iron-packed diet this week.

Note some things you should eat to pump up your iron (Editor’s note: I read this in an Arnola accent):

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Sun-dried tomatoes
  • Lentils
  • Raisins
  • Black beans
  • Pumpkin seeds

All of these give you almost as much iron as a big steak, and is less harmful to your body if you ingest too much iron because they contain nonheme iron.  They also give you more per serving than the dark, leafy greens that are often recommended.  If you eat whatever, nothing can compare to the iron-filled foods like liver, clams and mussels.  And don’t forget dark chocolate and cocoa powder!  Check out their nutrition facts for confirmation!




Additionally, I have a theory about blood donation for my own health.  I think it promotes cell-regeneration throughout my own body!  Do something good for others, while doing something good for yourself!


 I echo Kat’s thoughts on the importance of blood donation.  My dad suffered from cancer for 4.5 years and made it as long as he did largely in part to blood, platlet, and bone marrow doners.  Click here for more info on becoming a marrow donor.  It only takes a cotton swab!

What amazing kitchen mistakes have you had that you want to share?

How do you get re-centered when you have an “off” month?


7 Things… Because Sometimes I Fail

I was going to have a really cool recipe for you today.


It’s such a cool idea involving cauliflower pizza and some crazy flavors.

While it did taste good, the crust was far too moist (I HATE that word) – it had to be eaten with a fork.  That would be fine if it was my intent… but I wanted CRUST.


So today doesn’t involve a recipe.  Laura @ Mommy Run Fast saved the day by honoring me with the One Lovely Blog Award.


As part of the award, you get to share 7 random things about you.  I’m sure you all are dying to know 7 random things about me, so here goes nothing…


1. Sometimes I fail.  And there are pictures to prove it:


2. On Wednesday my Macbook Air died.  I’ll be at the Genius Bar Saturday.


3. I’d rather stay up all night than wake up early in the morning.


4. I’m going to get an MRI on my knee tomorrow.


5. This sign found in the park I run in cracks me up.  Because I have the send of humor of a 10-year-old.


6. This time next week I’ll be in Buenos Aries.


7. I have a 2.5 lb bag of spinach that needs to be eaten before I leave on Wednesday.  Think I can do it?


Now I get to nominate a few awesome bloggers!

Here are the rules:

1) Post the award logo and picture on your blog and link back to the person who nominated you.
2) Tell seven things about yourself.
3) Nominate up to 15 additional bloggers whom you think deserve the award.
4) Post a comment on the blog of each nominee to tell them they have been nominated!


15 seems excessive, so I decided to just select a few new-ish-to-me blogs that I’m loving:

1. Calee @ Life + Running

2. Alyssa @ Life of Blyss

3. Lena @ Fit on the Rocks

4. Alex @ The Run Within

5. Natalie @ Fresh Life Findings


If anyone has a recipe that uses a TON of spinach, I’m all ears!

What was your last “fail” (kitchen or general)?

Are you a night owl or a morning person?


Indulging in 2012

Happy New Years Eve!!!



In case you do get a little over-zealous while welcoming 2012…


Top 5 Hangover Helpers:

  1. Sleep – roll over and pray it goes away
  2. Hydrate – before you roll over and go back to sleep, chug a big glass of water or Gatorade (taking a Motrin or Excedrin Migraine with it may not be a bad idea either)
  3. Exercise – nothing works better than to sweat out all those toxins (not that I would know)
  4. Hair of the Dog – there’s a reason bloody’s and mimosas are breakfast drinks.  They work.  Just watch out or you’ll only have a worse hang over the following day!
  5. Kombucha – It may be in my head, but I swear this stuff lessens a hangover.  Is it the tummy-pleasing enzymes?  The fermentation?  The carbonation?  Who cares.  It works.



Other ideas include: Waffle Housecoffee, (caffeine), Pedialyte.  Mom says orange juice.  Baby sis says Emergen-C before going out and pickles the next day.


You can thank us later (when your head stops pounding).


 In all the excitement I almost forgot to post about my December Foodie Penpal treats!

The amazing Rachael @ The Avid Appetite sent me a package not to be forgotten!



In it was homemade marshmallows (which were gone in about 30 minutes!), a fantastic loaf of banana bread, KIND bars, and a couple of holiday teas.  Sometimes I think bloggers have ESP – how did she know that banana bread is my favorite loaf and that KIND bars have been on my “to try” list for literally a year?  Thanks, Rachel!!!  And thank you for organizing, Lindsay!


Want a Foodie Penpal of your own?

Please send an email to and include the following information:

-Your full name
-Your email address
-Your blog name/address
-Your twitter handle (if applicable)

She will need to hear from you by January 4th – penpals will be notified on January 5th!


Thank you for all of the wonderful comments yesterday AND for the votes to land me in the FoodBuzz Top 9 today (check it out here) – you guys made my 2011!

What are your big plans tonight?

Any hangover cures to share? :)


The Christmas Spirit

I worked until 11:30p last night.  


And I went to the dentist for a filling.  And I didn’t get the prep done that I had planned for the catering gig this weekend.

This was well-deserved:



What had happened was…

I was wrapping up my work when I saw Rufus’ blog post titled “Christmas in a Glass.”  My curiosity was piqued and 5 minutes later I was making myself a reward-in-a-glass.  The only change I made was to use unsweetened almond milk rather than heavy cream.



Next time you need a little something to take the edge off of the holidays, I do recommend this deliciousness commonly known as a Brandy Alexander.  Don’t skip the nutmeg.


An addtional recommendation is making a midnight snack of cereal in the same glass.  Without rinsing it.  


Raise your hand if you think I’m even more weird now!


One thing I did get done was a MASSIVE trip to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market.  Cooking will begin in earnest tomorrow.  In the meantime, check out my weaponry groceries:


This isn’t everything I need for a party of 40, but it is a big portion.

On the menu:

  • White Bean Rosemary Dip
  • Baked Brie with a Pecan-Bourbon Glaze
  • Grape and Blue Cheese Truffles
  • Rosemary Bread
  • Endive Boats with Pomegranate, Pumpkin, and Champagne Vinaigrette
  • Apple Sausage Chestnut Stuffing in Phyllo
  • Pesto Chicken Wraps
  • Pumpkin Fudge
  • These Champagne and these Red Wine Balls


Can I pull it off?  You’ll have to keep reading to see.  Don’t you love a cliff-hanger?


I fell victim to the craziness and missed a workout for the first time in I don’t know how long.  It was a good steak.

Are you staying on track this holiday season?

What is your favorite holiday drink?  (Other than eggnog ’cause I don’t like it :) )


Twitter Delivers

Yesterday I failed.


Twice.  Once I tried to get too creative with baked falafel.  Then I tried to get creative with blueberry muffins.


My falafel is in the garbage.  The muffins are edible, but I would never let anyone else eat them.  At least they photographed well decently ok in the right light.



I did have a good run – fastest pace ever in a non-race run!  It had been a while since I’d run in my Newtons and I definitely giving them credit.  As advertised, I could feel them propel me forward.  (Previous review here.)

Newton Motion



  • Distance – 4 miles
  • Time – 31:56
  • Average Pace –  7:56


In lieu of a recipe (trust me – you don’t want either of the afore mentioned), I want to write about a consumer win.


Do you ever wonder if companies are listening to consumers?  Apparently Chipotle is!


Thanks to the power of social media, Twitter, and one pro-active consumer, Chipotle will be changing their menus to make consumers aware that their pinto beans are prepared with bacon.


Seth Porges, a non-pork eating customer, discovered the beans were made with pork product (bacon) and tweeted his displeasure.

Within 2 hours the CEO of f Chipotle, Steve Ells, called Porges to apologize and rectify the situation.

Source: The Consumerist


To read the full story, click here.

Pretty cool, right?


I’m constantly impressed with the company responses I receive via Twitter.

Have you ever received a company response via Twitter?

Is anyone unpleasantly surprised about the bacon in those beans?


Chocolate-Avocado Pudding

This week has my nerves a bit frayed.  I’m in a funk.

I can’t shake this tired feeling.  My banana muffins turned out salty.  Stevie is turning into a terrorist.  My photos aren’t loading properly on Flickr.


Tonight I got through half an hour of P90X Yoga and hit the stop button.  Bah.

Funk = Comfort food.

So tonight I met a friend for some authentic tonkotsu ramen at Yakatori.  It was sheer deliciousness.

Creamy, rich, pork-y broth.  Fresh noodles.  Crispy cabbage bites.  Not too salty.

The service is friendly, the decor is simple, they don’t have forks, and most patrons are not native English-speakers.  Awesome.

This isn’t microwave ramen – you will wait for your food.  Totally worth it.  They bring out crisp, sesame-coated green beans for you to snack on.

If you’re in Atlanta (and you eat pork), it’s a must-try.  Warning: they only serve the ramen at dinner.


Continuing the comfort food, I made chocolate pudding.  With avocado.

If you don’t spill 1/2 the container of coconut butter (try cleaning that off the floor… epic FAIL), this literally takes just 2 mins to prepare.

You can’t taste the avocado – it only adds some good fat and creaminess.  I swear.  Crosses don’t count.

Mine – of course – included chili powder and cinnamon for a little Mexi-flare.  You can leave out one or both of these, but I strongly urge you to at least try the cinnamon.

Did I mention it has 16g of protein?!


Chocolate-Coconut Pudding

  • 1/2 avocado
  • 2 T cocoa powder (I used Hershey’s Special Dark)
  • 2 T unsweetened coconut milk (I used So Delicious)
  • 1 T almond butter
  • 1 T maple syrup
  • 1/2 T coconut oil
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 packet Stevia
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp chili powder (optional… I like all my food spicy!)

Place everything in a blender and blend until smooth.

Don’t cut your tongue licking the blades (that’s right… I deserve a Darwin Award.)


What is your favorite comfort food?  Does it change seasonally?


Shallot and Kale Socca

Yesterday I couldn’t figure out why my quick, 5K run had me struggling.

While running, I only look at the distance on my watch (I ignore the time/pace).

Post-run is when I look at the time.  I don’t know why, but this has always been my ritual.  No pressure, I suppose…


Distance: 3.14 mi

Time: 25:52 (?!?!)

Pace: 8:13  <—– figured out why the run was so hard!

That may be my fastest pace ever.

Then I came home and did P90X Ab Ripper X.  Rawr.


No running today – taking a rest since it’s a crazy day at work (in a good way).  Lots getting done AND we sold an add-on for a cool project.  Always a good way to start the end of the week!  (Yes, I designate a beginning to the end of the week.)

That’s not the only good news today…

…drumroll please…

I finally made Socca successfully!


Attempt #1: on the stove top in a pan.  Epic fail.

Attempt #2: in the oven, still a gooey mess.


After this frustration, I put down the chickpea flour.  Almost.  I did make some delicious Gena @ Choosing Raw’s Sweet Potato Chickpea Burgers.  Two thumbs up!

Today was my day.  With “All I Do Is Win” in the background, I created a masterpiece.

Attempt #3:

I also roasted some tofu and topped it with Muhammara (which freezes beautifully, btw).

There were a couple snafu’s…

DO NOT skimp on the EVOO when greasing the pan.  I almost had to eat my socca out of said pan.

I also got too excited about the socca working… subsequently over-cooking my roasted tofu.  Whatever.  It still tasted good.

This was enjoyed on my patio in beautiful, 70 degree weather. While watching the guy across the street sunbathe at his pool.


Shallot and Kale Socca

(adapted from Dorie Greenspan)

  • 1/2 C chickpea flour
  • 1/2 C room temperature water
  • 1 tsp olive oil (plus more for pans)
  • 1/2 tsp herbes de provence
  • 1/4 tsp teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/8 C diced shallot
  • 1/2 C kale

Saute the shallots and kale in small pan.  Set aside to let cool.

Whisk flour and spices together in a small bowl.  Add water and oil, whisking to combine.  The batter with be very thin.  Stir in cooled shallots and kale.

Refrigerate at least 2 hours (can stand overnight).  Preheat oven to 500 F.

Place an 8-inch round cake pan in center rack of oven.  Add a tablespoon of oil to pan and swirl to coat the bottom (don’t skimp on the oil – this was my remaining blunder!).  Return to the oven 1-2 mins to heat the oil.  Remove the hot pan and pour the batter into pan.

Cook for 5 minutes, turn on broiler and broil for an additional 3-4 minutes, until the top is getting some nice burnt patches. Remove from oven and flip out onto a plate or cutting board.


Are you on the Socca-train?  What’s your favorite version?


Speaking Up

A friend and I recently had a delicious dinner at an Atlanta restaurant.  While there, we noticed that the restaurant was beginning a Monday night dinner at their community table.  16 seatings, $35 for  a “three-course, family style dinner featuring paired wine and beer.

Before we even left the restaurant we made reservations for the community dinner, which took place last night.  We included 2 others who had never been to this restaurant before, excitedly telling them about the place.

The dinner was supposed to begin at 7p.  Apparently other parties were running late, so service was to begin late.  Mistake #1: Don’t make me wait for food!

The server offered drink menus, which we initially declined… but after another several minute wait we caved and ordered drinks.  The server – clueless about the wine list – tried to tell me a Moscato d’Asti would be dry, btw.

By the time they arrived, the restaurant had decided to go ahead with the dinner.  Fine… but that meant suddenly I had 2 full glasses of wine.  It would have been nice if they’d warned us of their decision to begin the first course/pairing – I wouldn’t have ordered the wine.  No biggie though… you know I drank both!

Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of the service problems.

Chef came out to introduce Course #1: a salad of frisée, asparagus, radishes, and pistachio encrusted goat cheeseGood.  Nothing spectacular, but well-executed.

No one introduced the first wine pairing.  When I asked the server what we were tasting, she had to go ask the bartender.  (It was an Italian chardonnay.) She offered to write down the name.  I accepted (very nice of her to offer)… but apparently she forgot and I never received the name card.

Course #2 was a duck confit served over a delicious white bean and ham mixture.  The runners borough it out before we had plates.  Upon receiving plates, we realized the family-style food had not come with serving utensils.  We almost helped ourselves regardless.  Luckily, the server appeared with tongs and spoons just in time (reaching over everyone to lay them on the table).

This course was never introduced.  Unsure if the chef would be coming out again after staring at the food for another several mins, my friend inquired as to whether we should wait to eat.  With more than a touch of ‘tude, our server told my friend that she supposed she could go ahead if she didn’t want to wait for the chef.  Welllno one wanted to wait and it’s a good thing we didn’t since he never came out.

Of course, the wine was not introduced either.  It was red and actually quite good.  That’s all I know.

As mentioned above, the beans with ham was delicious.  The duck confit notsomuch. I don’t know how, but it was dry.  Not that anyone asked me how my meal was.

Course #3 was a dessert course. We were brought key lime pie squares topped with a toasted marshmallowThe marshmallow was the best part.

Ok. When you attend a “three-course, family style dinner featuring paired wine and beer”… do you not infer that each course has a pairing?

No pairing. When I asked our server about it, she said she would have to check.  When she returned, she unapologeticlly informed me a pairing was not included because if they did that they would be losing moneySuper.  Excuse me for asking.

At this point I’m really unhappy with the way the night has gone.  My dining companions (my friends and the others around the community table) were also disappointed.  So I said something.

The chef came out to address the issue with me.  I – very nicely – mentioned the short-comings and the sub-par service.

They comped our meal – NOT my goal – asking that we pay for drinks and tip the server.

Then they apologized for my misunderstanding of what the dinner would be.  Uh-huh.

It’s unlikely I’ll return. Not because the food was so-so (my first trip was quite good) or because of a “misunderstanding” (I get that they’re new and appreciate the meal being comped).  No, I won’t go back because of the poor service and being made to feel like anything unsatisfactory was my fault.

In the end,  restaurants are in the service business.  If you don’t deliver quality service at a higher-end establishment, I’ll not be spending my time or money there.  There are too many fantastic places to eat in Atlanta.

On a happy note, we met some awesome people through the community seating format.  We hope to dine with that crew again soon!


The other issue was that it wasn’t enough food.  So I made a pit stop on the way home.


Shameless WaHo love


Due to a misunderstanding with my computer, I can’t post the cookie recipe I had planned this morning… so that’s coming tonight.  I’ll give you the recipe free-of-charge if you promise to tip though!

Since I can’t have a photo-less post and I do like to share good finds…

My friend and softball teammate Kelly made the carrot cake for the wedding shower.  Literally everyone was raving about it.  I’m going to beg her for the recipe.

Kelly, please open a bakery

I may have told my mother this is the best carrot cake I’ve ever had… sorry, Mom.


I want this for lunch


I feel a little bad about the restaurant comping our meals…

Have you ever been made to feel  like poor service was your fault?  Do you speak up or just let it go?