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Jun 20

Brinner of Champions

I’m a sweet and salty girl.   Literally and figuratively. A bacon and peanut butter combo may sound strange to you, but they are are soul mates in my book.  Unfortunately those two alone do not a dinner make.  I came home after a beer or two with my boss in need of treat-tooth satisfaction.  Bacon and peanut …

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Jun 13

Spirulina Cherry TVP Oats

Green is so easily considered strange.   So this recipe feels like a cop-out. These green oats are legit strange though!  It’s not the green you’re expecting, and it’s not really even oats.  If you’ve been reading for a while, you know I have a thing for TVP oatmeal.  TVP (Texturized Vegetable Protein) is like …

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Jun 06

Blend Your [Growing Naturals] Protein

My Blends are Strange.   But oh-so-good. Today I am in Utah for the annual Blend Retreat!  I look forward to this retreat all year… and I feel especially lucky because I get to represent Growing Naturals again this year.  I wish I could share them with everyone (but scroll on down for a sweet freebie …

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May 30

Georgia Peach & Tempeh Hash

Invariably when I tell someone I’m from Georgia they exclaim “A Georgia peach!”   This annoys the crap out of me.  Same goes for “Hot-lanta.” What does not annoy me are actual Georgia peaches.  This time of year you can’t walk through a farmer’s market without passing a giant table filled with the fragrant fruit. I’m a fan …

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Apr 25

Strange But Good Trials

I have some strange friends.   In the most delicious sense of the word. One of my favorite things about #strangebutgood every week is all of the fun ideas I get from all of the link ups.  I pin them to the #strangebutgood board for safe keeping until I can make them.  Last week’s links were so …

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