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Dec 20

Strange But Good: Mexican Chocolate Cake

Dessert is my favorite part of a fiesta.   Christmas counts as a fiesta, no? I made this for Thanksgiving, but it would be fantastic for a Christmas dinner, too.  Or New Years.  Or just for breakfast. When you read the ingredients in this cake, you’ll see that it actually wouldn’t be so bad to …

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Dec 13

Strange But Good: Pumpkin Beer Bread (or Muffins)

My mom should have been a chef.   Everyone says that, but this is legit. Growing up, she used to make the best breakfasts.  Maybe that’ where I get my love of the meal?  One of my favorites was her bread.  She mad it the old-fashioned way from a starter that she had to feed. …

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Dec 06

Strange But Good: Whiskey Bacon Brownies

Strange is the new normal.   It is with my dessert-making, anyway. For some reason I can’t get enough whiskey and bacon in my desserts this season.  If you choose a spirit laced with notes of caramel and vanilla, it perfectly compliments a sweet dish.  It also is strangely good with bacon.  Sweet and salty, …

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Dec 01

Thanks for Bacon + Easy Cranberry Kale Salad

I spoke too soon.   I’ve often said I need a 5 second delay on my mouth. This Thanksgiving I ate turkey, and I liked it.  My uncle brought the most deliciously moist (yeah, I said it) smoked turkey.  So partially I take back what I said about not liking Thanksgiving food.  I still passed …

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Oct 28

Mocha Mint Protein Muffins + Giveaway

M is for Monday.   I swear I didn’t plan this. This weekend had an M theme, which happens to work really well for Katie’s Marvelous Monday link up.  See what I did there?   1. Meringues My company is a cloud-based technology. Rather than handing out boring collateral like pens at the executive meeting, I …

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