We enjoyed the kitsch of old Vegas.

Leaving Las Vegas

I'm home after one helluva week. I may have left my heart in Vegas. The softball team tied one, lost one, won one, and then lost another... that we never should have lost... but whatever.  I'm already looking forward to next year! Seeing as how I'm on the late flight back to ATL, this is going marvelous Monday of pictures. But what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. ;) Back to the grind I go... *** Check back on this post for the Quest protein chip winners! Have you ever been to Vegas?  Did you like it? Could you have finished that pancake stack? … [Read More...]

Easy Veggie Frittata

TECHmunch, Wedded Bliss, and an Easy Frittata Recipe

There's a nasty rumor that weekends are for resting. Rest... such a mysterious word... My version of resting is seeing how many non-work activities I can cram into a couple of days.  It turns out that number is pretty high! The weekend started out strong with the Atlanta TECHmunch … [Read More...]

Spicy Apple & Chickpea Salad

Spicy Apple & Chickpea Salad

There is a distinct crispness in the air. Before the sun comes up... after that... hey, we are in the South. Fall is one of my favorite seasons.   The colors, the refreshing coolness... and the food!  Everyone goes pumpkin crazy, but one of the best things out of Georgia in the fall is … [Read More...]

Garnish & Gather pork dinner

A Must Have Box and Garnish & Gather Dinner (WIAW)

Mail days are the best. Thanks to e-bills, actual mail is a treat 80% of the time! The awesome people at PopSugar sent me a Must Have Box to try this month.  I was really impressed!  The Tilo scarf alone was worth it (retails at $125!).  It's high-quality and incredibly soft.  Soft kitty, warm … [Read More...]


Recovery, Workouts, and Sweet Potato Pie Waffles

Sometimes there's no shame in staying in bed half the day. Especially when the last couple of weeks have been chaos! Last Monday I depicted pre-conference life.  This Monday is recovery life.  Marvelous recovery.  Recovery life started with sleep.  Since I couldn't take pictures of that, we'll … [Read More...]

Cauliflower Fiesta Waffle

Cauliflower Fiesta Waffles

I've had lots of bad ideas. I'm talking about recipes here... ;) As I was mixing these up I thought "this is either my best or worst [waffle] idea ever."  Turns out, it was the best... in a strange way, of course. ;) I've made a lot of unusual stuff with cauliflower.  One of my go-to is … [Read More...]

dessert bowl

The Event Planning Life

The big day has arrived. Hold me. At work, we host a 3 day conference every year.  This year's being today.  It's been a little nuts  (<-- understatement) leading up to it... but I am really excited!  Here's a little bite of what life has looked like the past few days. … [Read More...]

Pie-Spiced Eggplant French Toast

Pie-Spiced Eggplant French Toast (Waffles)

It wasn't me, I swear. This is weird even for me. Even I couldn't have some up with something as strange as eggplant french toast.  No, this fabulousness was linked up to an August #strangebutgood by Debbie @ Accidentally Delish.  It was shockingly good. I did make it a little more odd … [Read More...]

Wonder Woman

Channeling Wonder Woman + WIAW

Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero. If you know me, this is probably no surprise. Mind over matter is a very real thing.  I find myself being able to "will" myself to do more than I should be able to both in and out of the gym.  It's kind of fun to push yourself to do the (previously) … [Read More...]