Madi and Mom with uni

The Strange But Good Truth About Uni

Some people might not agree with me on this one. A couple of them are in my family. Uni is delicious.  Uni refers to the edible part of a sea urchin.  I'd had it before in sushi dishes, but this week while my family was here I split a whole one with my mom at Ironside. It's spikes were still moving a little... … [Read More...]

Strawberry Cinnamon Protein Pancakes

Strawberry Cinnamon Protein Pancakes + WIAW

I lost Vegas. Not literally, thank god.  We've been doing a little 21 day reset.  Vegas said she'd give it a week and then see if she wanted to keep going.  She lasted a week like a champion... but then I lost her. Actually, we both went a little off the reservation Saturday night.  I got … [Read More...]

Protein Milk Cereal

Arm Yourself For Summer – Workout & Protein Refuel

It's no secret that bicep day is my favorite. My trainer says it because I'm a "dude." When I needed to drag myself back to the gym after 2 weeks in Greece, the most appealing workout to me was my favorite - biceps and triceps. This workout was just what I needed - challenging and focused … [Read More...]

Vegan Spinach Pesto with Lentils

Vegan Spinach Pesto with Lentils [Recipe]

The reset is going well. Vegas is even feeling good today! After our impressive display of gluttony in Greece, it's been good to give our bodies a break and reset some habits.  We are almost a week in and things are looking good! As the toxins leave your body, it can leave you achey, … [Read More...]

Veggie lunch spread

Resetting My Diet + WIAW

All good things must come to an end. Until I figure out a way to live in Europe. I'm a firm believer in balance and enjoying life.  Enjoying is just what we did in Greece.  There were tons of good eats, alllll the drinks, and a nice break from the gym (though we walked a LOT).  Vegas and I had … [Read More...]

Meditating in Meteora

Back to Reality

The hardest part about vacation is coming back home. Not that San Diego sucks to come home to. There's just nothing like being in Olympia and running the length of the stadium where the greatest athletes ran in 776 BC.  A stadium where women were once forbidden to be. I'm sure they would … [Read More...]

Entire blocks of fresh feta came atop every Greek Salad.

Eating My Way Through Greece

I am back in the US. Reluctantly. Every time I go to Europe I cringe at the thought of coming home... not just because re-entering this country is a case study in an operations fail.  2 hours to get through customs to a connecting flight.  Really?! That said, Vegas and I are back in the … [Read More...]

Cinnamon Roll Protein Mug Cake

Cinnamon Roll Protein Mug Cake [Recipe]

Cinnamon rolls kill me. That smell in the mall... Pavlovian response. It's been years since I've gotten one, but walking past a certain cinnamon roll chain had me craving a cinnamon roll.  I swear they put crack in those things. In my shipment from About Time, I received a few proteins to … [Read More...]


Tour My House

This is what happens when you can't sleep on a plane. Sadly, no mile high club.  Vegas is so conservative... Today we're in Greece, but as I write this I'm on the first leg of our trip.  We caught the first flight out to JFK (read: way too early).  We didn't really go to sleep and I am finding … [Read More...]