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Today’s Good Thing

Anyone remember The Martha Stewart Show? Or am I showing age?  LOL! Martha used to talk about "today's good thing" on her show each day.  My mom and I thought this was hilarious.  So did Snoop. This weekend I went shopping.  Nothing fit.  I can't zip dresses over my back.  It was not a fun trip... but I got what I wanted.  I'm do want to keep growing and competing... but it's still hard to swallow. What does this have to do with today's good thing?  Nothing other than a) I got what I wanted and b) I'm focusing on good things today rather than wallowing. Good Thing #1 … [Read More...]

penis joke

Confessions of a Child-Free Woman

Confession #1: I'll never confess anything too incriminating.   Confession #2: I ruined my political career by the time I was 13. Confession #3 Everyone around me seems to be having babies.  Apparently this is supposed to induce some biological clock thing.  In reality, it makes me … [Read More...]

Oatmeal Protein Cookie Balls

Oatmeal Protein Cookie Balls

My inner fat kid loves baked goods.   So does my outer fat kid. I really could eat baked goods all day long.  Keep your Twizzlers and Sour Patch Kids, I'll take the homemade oatmeal cookies. Sadly, cookies aren't exactly on my training plan.  Until now.  I strange'd it up in a … [Read More...]

3-Ingredient Lemon Baked Shrimp

3-Ingredient Lemon Baked Shrimp + WIAW

Shrimp is a relatively new love.   Not to be confused with being shrimpy. I refused to eat fish until a couple of years ago.  Then I had a bite of swordfish (the steak of the sea - seriously) and it was all over.  It took  me still longer to move beyond fish and eat crab, shrimp, … [Read More...]

Want it more than fear it

It’s Growing Season

Growing can be fun.   It can also be scary.   Some days I feel powerful.  I go to the gym, lift heavy stuff... decide to be a ninja. … [Read More...]

Chickpea Protein Pancakes

Chickpea Protein Pancakes

These pancakes are sort of socca.   Or socca is sort of pancakes? Either way, it's a strange but delicious thing to have for breakfast!  I actually used to make these all the time, but I couldn't find chickpea flour for a while at the farmer's market and kind of forgot about 'em.  On a … [Read More...]

mountain goat

No Room For the Blues + WIAW

Coming home is hard.   Some might say it's downright depressing... I fell in love with Colorado last week.  I will move there one day.  Atlanta is getting older by the minute.  I love my city - we have gorgeous parks, amazing food, and my friend and family are here.  But I was born … [Read More...]

Colorado River Duckies

#MoveHappy in the Mountains

Being in the mountains mandates some #MoveHappy action.   It's downright chilly in places! This week of #MoveHappy I joined forces with Heather!  Literally - I spent the entire week in Colorado.  Here's just a quick showing of what we did: … [Read More...]

Miso Glazed Sea Bass

The Best Sea Bass Ever

Sea Bass is a pork belly of the sea.   Who wants chicken when you can have pork?! It especially appropriate that Heather, Kirk and I had pork belly of the sea together rather than the chicken.  Heather hates chicken.  All poultry, really.  But I digress. First, a strange wine.  This … [Read More...]