Oatmeal Jam Cookies

Oatmeal Jam Cookies [Recipe]

The fun part about moving is using all the baking supplies. Flour, and sugar, and buttah.... oh my! I made Cat's browned butter cookies for the gym crew.  Then I did the Fudgy Brownies that Juli linked up to last week's #strangebutgood to have as road snacks for Vegas and me.  For ease, I made them as peanut flour-dusted balls (and because balls). Next up is my own concoction - Oatmeal Jam Cookies.  Jam may sound strange... but - in fitting with the Friday theme - it's good!* *Don't take my word for it - my boss said it's one of the more delicious things I've ever brought in to work.  The he asked if I used "real" butter. … [Read More...]

Spiced Protein Fiber Bars

Spiced Protein Fiber Bars [Gluten-Free Recipe]

It's strange to admit, but we all like to be regular. I mean that in the most TMI way possible. Fiber.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Fiber helps you poop.  It's strange to admit to in public, but being regular is nothing but good.  These bars are loaded with fiber, which helps you … [Read More...]

Birthday Cakes

Irrational Aversions and Pancakes + WIAW

We can't always be rational. I may abuse this with my irrational aversions. Water sports are fine, but as soon as you want me to dunk my whole head under water... no dice.  I abhor white potatoes... but I'll eat hash browns and french fries if they're burnt extra crispy. There are certain … [Read More...]

Pumpkin Cake Pancakes

It’s About Time You Try Protein Powder 3 Ways

Peanut Butter Yogurt Bowl. Mocha Concrete Protein Shake. Pumpkin Cake Pancakes. That's my kind of ménage à trois! If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know I'm a protein powder enthusiast.  When About Time sent over a dream team of protein powders for me to try, I jumped … [Read More...]

Vegan Goat Cheese Tomatoes

Strange But Super Bowl [Recipes]

I love a super bowl. I eat one every night. I'm told there's a big TV commercial football game this weekend.  Being from the South, I couldn't care less about pro football.  College is where it's at!  However, I do love a good party and the food that come with it.  I also love to make people … [Read More...]

don't think

I Own This + WIAW

We create our own destiny. I refuse to read my horoscope. Someone told me that Mercury is in retrograde.  After Googling to see WTF that meant, I called bullshit.  There are times where life gets more challenging, time is short, motivation is lacking... but in the end we decide how we handle … [Read More...]

San Diego beach

Gettin’ Quizzed on a Plane

I'll never tire of surveys. How do these things take me longer than "regular" posts? Megan nominated me for one of those Liebster award quizzes a couple of weeks ago andI'm finally getting around to it.  It's fun airplane project as I fly back to Atlanta from San Diego.  The random pics … [Read More...]

Healthy Travel Food

Strange But Good Travel

I can't travel like a normal person. At least I wear shoes... The creepiest part was that when I said something to the flight attendant she said it happens all the time.  Apparently parents even let their kids go to the bathroom barefoot!  I have a friend that is a flight attendant and SHE … [Read More...]

5 Standing Desk Benefits

Stand Up Desk + WIAW

Do you realize how much you sit? It makes my hips hurt! I've gone through a lot of "hacks" to have standing desks.  At one job I stacked up Girl Scout cookie boxes to set my laptop on.  When I'm at home working, I use the condo gym to build a treadmill desk.   I can't stand to sit still. … [Read More...]