Vegan Goat Cheese Tomatoes

Strange But Super Bowl [Recipes]

I love a super bowl. I eat one every night. I'm told there's a big TV commercial football game this weekend.  Being from the South, I couldn't care less about pro football.  College is where it's at!  However, I do love a good party and the food that come with it.  I also love to make people stare. In honor of the grand tradition of the Super Bowl, I'm dedicating this week's #strangebutgood post to strange but super snacks - some from me, some from some awesome bloggers! Brown Beer Hummus … [Read More...]

Healthy French Toast

The Plague + Healthy French Toast [Recipe]

I love Vegas in sickness and in health. Just didn't think we'd have to prove it so soon. Today's strange but good is a quickie because we've both been hit by the plague.  I don't know if it's the flu or the worst cold ever, but we are miserable. Yesterday my eye swelled up and started … [Read More...]


The One Where I Married Vegas

I got married.  To Vegas. Not to be confused with getting married IN Vegas. I'm the poster child for never say never.  I swore I'd never get married.  I didn't even want to date.  I was perfectly happy working, working out, and signing up for whatever adventure I could find. Well.  Vegas … [Read More...]

Shoulder Strengthener

Winter Workout: Shoulder Strengthener

I'm learning not to make blanket statements. Ever so slowly. The whole "never dating again" thing.  Refusing to waste money on a Christmas tree.  Thinking seafood is gross.  The mornings I moaned I'm never drinking again!"  Thinking my shoulders are too big.  I take it all back These days I … [Read More...]

Eggnog Baked French Toast

Eggnog Baked French Toast

Strange can be simple. Simple is strange in my kitchen! This recipe consists of simply two things: bread and eggnog.  It's what we had for breakfast brunch lunch linner (we like to sleep) on Christmas morning.  And a giant side of champagne because all the rum Mom dumps in her eggnog would … [Read More...]

Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Cake

Top 10 in 2014

Happy 2015! Almost. Vegas and I escaped to Lake Tahoe for NYE and some other shenanigans, so today's WIAW post is a look back on the top posts of 2014. Thank you to everyone for helping make 2014 one of the best yet.  I've loved making new friends, learning a lot, and eating a TON of (strange … [Read More...]

Christmas Morning sparkling tradition (the magnum was not the only bottle we drank...)

One Big Christmas Party

Christmas as an adult is the best. Not that being 8 was bad either... My sisters, my mom, and I are of the age where we've become friends.  This makes Christmas one big party.  We weren't interested in gifts as much as we were in hanging out, cooking, eating, and getting toasty toasting. My … [Read More...]

Brussels & Prosciutto Skewers

#StrangeButGood New Years Party Recipes

We've made it through the family thing. Not that it's so bad... but you know... Now it's time to gear up for the last blow out of 2014 - New Year's Eve!  If your friend are anything like mine, the night can get a little strange.  In a good way. I encourage you to being the night with some … [Read More...]

Peanut Butter Tofu Scramble

Ho Ho Ho, Ho + WIAW

Tis the season... To bake all the foods. Cookies, fudge, Devil's food cake, ricotta cheesecake, malted walnut pie... you name it, I've baked it.  I've been baking like a fool!  Or maybe a ho ho ho? … [Read More...]