About Me

These sections always fill me with trepidation. 


Start with the basics, Laura.

My name is Laura and I’m 29.  I started this blog at the urging of friends and family for a few reasons.  The biggest two are to write about the love of my life (food) and to document the way I punish myself work on my fitness.

Selfishly, I love how blogging has provided me some accountability.  At the end of the summer in 2010 I stepped on the scale for the first time in months.  Normally I am not a big fan of weighing, but when I couldn’t button the pants I was wearing just 4 months earlier I wondered exactly what had happened.  15 lbs happened.  I’m 5’2… 15 lbs = 2 pants sizes.  Apparently the summer months were fun-filled!

However, my diet of burgers and beer caught up with me (I seem to remember my dad warning me about one’s metabolism slowing around age 27…).  Something had to be done!

Since that moment I have overhauled my diet, focusing on eating cleaner and trying to cut back on the rolling of the good times.  At some point in my life I would like to have a 6-pack rather than a keg… why not make that point now?



Do you have those go-to people in your life?  Maybe its the neighbor you ask for a cup of sugar?  The co-worker you can always find tickets to a baseball game?  The mom/aunt/grandmother you call when you’re trying desperately to save the rug you just dumped a glass of red wine on? 

That’s me when you want a restaurant or recipe.

Restaurant recommendations?  It’s safe to bet that I’ve eaten there.  New recipe?  I probably have twenty. My Pinterest boards are at an out-of-control level – filled with treats to bake, veggies to roast, and flavor combinations to experiment with.

My passions in life are travel, food, and wine.  In another life I may have been a chef/restaurant owner (or I may be later in this life…).  A 2 week northern Italian vacation to visit wineries and sample the local fare only fueled the fire.  I hope to go back and help with a harvest of grapes!

Somebody pinch me


I’m making an effort point my food-love in a healthy direction by creating, testing, and sharing more good-for-you recipes here.  But there may be the occasional ganache-filled cupcake delicacy.  Everything in moderation, including moderation.

Thankfully, I like to stay active.  I compete in figure competitions, play softball, enjoy a occassional race, and participate in anything else I can get my hands on.  Combine a challenge with measurable results and I’m all in!


Figure Competitions

In June of 2012 my knee quit.  My ACL was hanging on by a thread and the doctor told me I could either stop running distances or have surgery.  I (mostly) stopped running more than a few miles at a time.  Being without a challenge isn’t my style, so I decided to do something I’d thought about for a long time – train to be a figure competitior.

I found an amazing trainer and entered my first competition at the end of 2012.  Shockingly, I placed 4th in my class!  The bug has bitten me and I’m still training hard to keep advancing.

My first Figure Competition

I’m on the far right



Much like Forrest Gump, one day I just started running.  The reason?  Probably the same reason I do most things in life – just to see if I can.  I signed up for a 5K in the fall of 2007 and have been running ever since.  I ran my first (and last) half marathon on Thanksgiving Day 2009.

Adventure races have been an addiction.  I took a Tough Mudder beating and recently did an 8 hour run-bike-canoe race.

Tough Mudder 2011… 4 weeks after breaking my jaw.



I have played softball since 1st or 2nd grade.  My dad used to coach my teams growing up and it is how I met one of my best friends.  Today I play softball on a team called Laid Back.  We aren’t bad!  Well, some of us are better than others (my hitting slump is bordering on embarrassing).  I play 1st base.

These women are some of my favorite people – always there for a good game, a big  laugh, and many escapades I will never document.  We play fall and summer seasons.


Roller Derby

Did I mention that I do things just to see if I can?  Enter roller derby.  I went to a bout with part of the softball crew in the summer of 2009 and thought “I bet I could do that!”  Lo and behold, it was almost time for tryouts.  I went to a workshop and the rest was history.  Derby taught me that I can push myself much further than I ever thought possible, and that has impacted me in every aspect of my life.

Unfortunately a couple of things lead to my retirement…

  1. I broke my jaw during an expo game
  2. My job requires me to travel a LOT, and I can’t risk injury or meet the time commitment (~8 hours a week) 


I still love my ninja team – the Sake Tuyas!


The Basics

Location: Atlanta, GA

Education: BA in Communications (Advertising) from the University of Georgia, MBA from the Georgia Institute of Technology

Occupation: Consultant

Dream Job: Food and travel writer.  Or rockstar.

Odd Food Fact: I can’t stand potatoes.


Some Favorites

Football Team: Georgia Tech

Baseball Team: Atlanta Braves

Healthy Food: Hummus, raw carrots and zucchini… anything fresh!

Dessert: Chocolate cake and a scoop of peanut butter-vanilla ice cream

Splurge: Insane multi-course Chef’s dinners

Movie: Trick question – I don’t really like movies (odd, I know)

Music: I can’t choose!  Currently: Mumford and Sons, Brandi Carlile, Florence and the Machine, Indigo Girls


Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Email me!

sprint2thetable at gmail dot com



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  1. Lynda Hall

    Love the title “Sprint 2 the Table” !!! So apropo! I love your adventurous spirit!
    I look forward to reading your blog. This will be fun for you and everyone reading it. I’m soooooo proud of you! Love you bunches,

    Mom (Apple……)

  2. Suzanne Mahmoud

    You have been holding out on me. I didn’t know about this blog. I so enjoyed reading your Dad’s. I just robbed this off of T’s FB. I will cetainly take advantage of your receipes! When you want some really good true hummus, I WILL MAKE YOU SOME Middle eastern style! Love you!

    1. Laura

      Thanks for reading! I need your hummus recipe. Hummus should be a food group all its own.

  3. teresa

    Love this. Love you. Love food. Love life. Like exercise.

  4. traci

    Cool Blog :)

  5. Jackie (ananda prana)

    Love your blog!! Thanks so much for stopping by mine – glad you did so that I could find yours :)

  6. Julie (A Case of the Runs)

    Beautiful blog layout! But why no potatoes? They are soooo delicious! ;)

    1. Laura

      Thank you! I have just never liked them – I won’t even eat fries unless they are super crispy. :)

  7. Lee

    That’s so awesome that you do roller derby!

  8. Kristina @ Life as Kristina

    Love this blog-roller derby??? AMAZING!!!

  9. Emmy (Wine and Butter)

    Adventure races sound AMAZING (if a little exhausting…) – are you entering one soon?xox

    1. Laura

      Thanks for the comment!

      I am doing the Tough Mudder in March – http://toughmudder.com/.

      It’s supposed to be intense!

  10. Katherine: Unemployed

    I am in love with your blog! Seriously, I share so much in common with the punishment for eating and struggle to be healthy. I’m so glad to hear you’re a tech fan and look forward to reading more from you!
    (PS: could you check your spam for a comment from me? this is so tacky to include here I’m sorry but I think one may be filtered)

    Best wishes and keep going strong!

  11. Steve

    Just had the most awesome 7-ish course meal in Brussels. U would have loved it. Sage tempura (dry white wine) as teaser, amuse bouche of boiled octopus and potatoes (know u hate them but yum), duck pate two ways (bolder white), lightly grilled scallops in roasted red pepper sauce (cooked perfectly so sauce stood out), mozzarella ravioli with langoustines (littel critter kept looking at me; neat presentation), filet of seabass on puree potatoes (them again) and super yummy artichokes (moved on to rich white wine by then), then beef filet with spicy red sauce on bed of broccoli (interesting concept) and super delic L’Ardenza Cottanera wine (great pairing with spicy meat dish-no extra comments here…). Then Sangiovese-based vin santo with accompanying desserts. Best match was the orange-tinged ricotta cheese with pastry. Next would be the timarisu, then white choc mousse, then super-rich choc thingy. ugh, happiness!!! all at Boccolini in the Amigo Hotel. waiter was SUPERB on wine pairings!!!

    1. Laura

      I’m wiping drool off of my keyboard. Next time you go somewhere that awesome, please take me with you. Thank you.

  12. Tina Tourniquet

    Hey Layla,

    So I am thinking of doing a master clense in order to make my stomach flatter. Do you have any suggestions or tips for how to lose the flabby belly? and suggestions for a good clense?

    1. Laura

      I loved the cleanse I did – it was called the Standard Process Cleanse. You still get to EAT (unlike the master cleanse) and it has the added benefit of eliminating common allergens from your diet. You can slowly add items back at the end to determine what you’re sensitive to. Not to mention it totally broke my sugar addiction!

  13. E @ Actfastchef

    Hi! I love your blog – especially the name! Can’t wait to try some of your yummy recipes.

    1. Laura

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! So glad you’re enjoying it – let me know how you like the recipes. :)

  14. Noelle

    Just stumbled upon your blog. So cute! Enjoying your humor with the crossed out words. I always forget that’s a feature!

  15. Zoe

    Awesome story! I’m impressed at how you manage working out and partying like a rockstar with a professional career. :-) I just finished up my undergrad last month, and I’m considering applying to business school. Probably not this year, or even the next, but it’s an option that I’m considering. And when I see people like you enjoying and living life to the fullest while working real jobs in the big bad world, it helps me too! :-) Did you go to your MBA program right after your BA or did you work a little first?

    1. Laura

      Well, the point is that I needed to be a little less of a rockstar. :) That being said, life is to be enjoyed!

      Congrats on your undergrad completion! I worked for 2 years before my MBA and highly recommend it. It gives you a context to better understand the coursework, and gives you “real world” examples to contribute to discussions/projects.

  16. Baking 'n' Books

    Cute About page. Ahhh – the Braves! They show their games on “Peachtree TV” here…so I always associate them with the little song played on that station ;) Lame I know!

    Don’t like movies! Well, that would definitely save some time away from the TV. I should get on that one.

  17. Reagan@covertprofessional

    I must ask.. if you hate potatoes what are your feelings towards fries and sweet potatoes, and hashbrowns and all that deliciously yummieness? ;)

    And oh my goodness softbal and running are the absolute best ever!! Roller Derby sounds pretty cool too!

    Just like your blog ;) hehe, Im loving it all!

    1. Laura

      Thank you for stopping by!

      I adore sweet potatoes (I even put them in smoothies!) and I will eat crispy fries – never steak fries! :)

  18. Melissa @ Tryingtobeayummymummy

    Oh I love Derby!!!! Awesome Boutfits!!!! Will defintely be checking out your blog more often. I found it through Jenn, from Peas and Crayons, gotta love WIAW!

    1. Laura

      Thank you!!! So glad you visited – WIAW is the best! :)

  19. Ansley

    Hummus! Roller derby! Brandi Carlile! (Seriously I’m just waiting to propose to her…) Finally a food blog that’s a little more my style!

    Be well dah’lin!


    1. Laura

      That’s so nice of you! I’m going to see Brandi (again) in a couple of weeks and I cannot wait. :)

  20. Tiffany

    Hey Laura! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for best healthy food blog!!! HUGS! T

    1. Laura

      Really?! That is a HUGE honor, especially coming from you! :)

  21. juniakk

    wow your determination inspires me! i love finding new healthy food bloggers out there! :) hv a great day laura!

    1. Laura

      Thank you so much! I love your blog. :)

  22. Mindy @ clueless nut

    Love the blog! I just recently moved to Atlanta in August for school so I am glad I found you. By the way, you rock that pixie. As someone who has had long hair here entire life, I envy ladies that can pull off a pixie. Everyone tells me to just do it, and as impulsive as I am I still haven’t but dream of rocking it one day.

    1. Laura

      Welcome to Atlanta! We have a great group of bloggers here – can’t wait to get to know you!

  23. Bailee

    I love the Indigo Girls! Also, I am new to your blog, but love it already. I’m relatively new to the blogging community, although I’ve had one for around three years. Thanks for checking out mine!

    1. Laura

      Well, clearly you have excellent taste. ;)

      Thanks for stopping by – I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog too!

  24. Sarah

    I am so impressed with your hardcore fitness activities. I aspire to be that badass. Love the blog, will be back!!
    p.s. you don’t like french fried potatoes?

    1. Laura

      LOL! Anyone can be a badass. ;) Seriously, thank you so much for making me smile. I look forward to getting to know you!

      I do like fries… but only if they are so thin that you can’t taste the potato. Weird, I know.

  25. thehealthyapron

    Wow! You are adventurous! Love the energy!

  26. Jillian @ sprinkle massacre

    I’m excited to meet you at Blend Retreat!!! :) Just checked out the list and realized you were going!

  27. Holly

    I just found you’re blog and it’s a little scary because I feel like I’m reading me. Music choices and peanut butter vanilla ice cream included. I’ll be back!

    1. Laura

      That’s awesome!! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I’ve actually been meaning to make some vanilla PB ice cream… :)

  28. Thao

    Hi! I’m a little bummed I didn’t get to talk to you too much at the Blend Retreat! You seemed really cool! (I was the girl in the passenger seat when Lena took you home… The one asking if Atlanta was a scary place). Anyways, based on our brief encounter… You gave off an awesome vibe! I can’t wait to start following your blog and “get to know” you more. Hopefully one of these days, I’ll be able to make it out to Atlanta and you can take me too all the great places to eat!

    1. Laura

      I am too! So glad we got to chat a bit on Saturday though. You HAVE to come to ATL! Heather and I will protect you from the “scary” parts. LOL! :)

  29. tara

    Hi, I like your blog…I wonder if you’d mind emailing me? I’d love to ask some questions about health and food and stuff. Thanks.

  30. Eva @ Commited2Nutrition

    I just came across your blog from Kate @ Wish and Whimsy..and I LOVE IT! you are such a fun writer to read, and I loved reading your bio. I can’t wait to try some of your amazing recipe’s!

    1. Laura

      Eva, thank you for stopping by and commenting! I hope you find something tasty to try… please let me know how you like it! :)

  31. Ameena

    Funny…I’m not much of a movie buff either…I can’t sit still for that long. But potatoes? Love them!

    Great About page!

  32. Leanne @ eatandgetmoving

    Hi Laura, I’ve been wondering… a lot of bodybuilders and fitness / bikini competitors follow a strict diet which their marcos for the day all sorted out per meal they’re having. Do you do the same thing? Also do you “make” your own diet or do you have a professional helping you with that? I’d love to know more about this :) Maybe it’s worthy of a blog article? ;) or maybe you’ve already covered this and I just missed it :o However I’d love to know more about your diet and your view on meal planning & macros calculating. Love, Leanne

  33. Laura

    I follow a diet from my trainer, but I don’t track macros or count calories. Just the protein! I’ve posted the basics before. Here’s the link (more figure post links can be found under the fitness tab or by searching the “figure competition” tag): http://www.sprint2thetable.com/2012/06/a-protein-filled-wednesday/

    Let me know if you still have questions. I’m always open to ideas for new posts. :) Thank you so much for reading!

  34. Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    Hi Laura! Just came across your blog and I can tell you that I’ll definitely be coming back. Love your attitude and writing style! :D

    1. Laura

      Thank you Amanda! I just jumped over to your blog and I LOVE it! I did that same quiz Thursday and I think we have a lot in common. :)

  35. Brandi

    I will assume you have done this already… but you should absolutely check out the Avett Brothers. If you are unfamiliar, start with Live Vol. 3 and I & Love & You. Also, the Lumineers, and Of Mice and Men.

    And, I’m really stoked to try the crab eggs benedict. Love the blog so far :)

    1. Laura

      I love all of those bands. I’ve seen the Avett Brothers live 3x. You have excellent taste in music. ;)

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! Let me know how that Benedict turns out.

  36. Nate Potter

    Laura! Thanks for sharing your blog! This will definitely be a resource of recipes and inspiration for myself and others I connect with… Keep it up! To Hummus & Beyond ~
    -Nate Potter

    1. Laura

      Thanks a lot Nate! It was great meeting you today – looking forward to the next time. :)

  37. dixya@food, pleasure, and health

    nice to meet with you :) My boyfriend went to Georgia Tech too and loves Braves. Random I know :) however, I am looking forward to read your posts.

    1. Laura

      Nice to meet you as well! That’s cool your BF went to Tech. Are you guys in ATL?

      1. dixya@food, pleasure, and health

        no :( we are both in Dallas. If I do come to ATL- will holler for sure

  38. Gary

    I never realised you’re in Atlanta until reading this. I was there two weeks ago for a meeting at CDC. It’s a nice place from what I saw.

    1. Laura

      It is a great place! You’ll have to let me know if you come back through.

  39. Lawrence

    Loved the post and glad I stumbled across your blog!

    1. Laura

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

  40. Kayla @ Blondes Have More Run

    Hey! I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! If you wish to accept this award you can follow the rules on my latest post. Totally up to you, but I love your blog and wanted to share the love.

    Here’s the link to the post: http://blondeshavemorerun.com/2013/04/23/the-versatile-blogger-award/

  41. Brittany (Healthy Slice of Life)

    As a fellow UGA alum, I’m shocked to see Georgia Tech as your favorite football team?! :)

    1. Laura

      I know, I know… but my whole family went to Tech and that’s where I went to grad school. :)

  42. Francesca

    Your blog rocks… I am so looking forward to following you :)

    1. Laura

      Thank you so much! I look forward to getting to “know” you! :)

  43. samantha

    Ha ha, I know exactly what it’s like to have that ‘sudden’ weight gain in the mid-late 20′s! Sadly, mine was a lot more than yours, because I avoided the scale and was depressed. Bad combo! You look amazing in that fitness competition – well done! Wish I had the dedication!

    1. Laura

      Crazy how that happens, no? Thank you so much for stopping by and for such a nice compliment. :)

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