About Me

These sections always fill me with trepidation. 

Start with the basics, Laura.

My name is Laura and I’m 31.  I started this blog because my mother told me to.  Really.  You know when you really love something and its all you talk about?  I was cooking all the time, reading food blogs, and developing a fascination with fitness and how food can fuel AND be delicious.  My one-track mind was probably annoying to everyone around me.  When mom suggested I start my own blog rather than continue to bore my family and friends it made sense!

I’ve been writing Sprint 2 the Table for nearly 5 years.  The blog has evolved and life certainly has changed, but the food love remains the same.  I recently got married and moved to San Diego from Atlanta, GA.  It’s been one amazing adventure after another!  You’ll see me write about Vegas and her reaction to the creations I put on her plate.


Me and Vegas getting married at Lake Tahoe, après ski-style.

Selfishly, I love how blogging has provided me some accountability.  At the end of the summer in 2010 I stepped on the scale for the first time in months.  Normally I am not a big fan of weighing, but when I couldn’t button the pants I was wearing just 4 months earlier I wondered exactly what had happened.  15 lbs happened.  I’m 5’2… 15 lbs = 2 pants sizes.  Apparently the summer months were fun-filled!

However, my diet of burgers and beer caught up with me (I seem to remember my dad warning me about one’s metabolism slowing around age 27…).  Since then I have overhauled my diet, focusing on eating cleaner but not feeling deprived.


Do you have those go-to people in your life?  Maybe its the neighbor you ask for a cup of sugar?  The co-worker you can always find tickets to a baseball game?  The mom/aunt/grandmother you call when you’re trying desperately to save the rug you just dumped a glass of red wine on?

That’s me when you want a restaurant or recipe.

Restaurant recommendations?  It’s safe to bet that I’ve eaten there.  New recipe?  I probably have twenty. My Pinterest boards are at an out-of-control level – filled with treats to bake, veggies to roast, and flavor combinations to experiment with.

My passions in life are travel, food, and wine.  In another life I may have been a chef/restaurant owner (or I may be later in this life…).  A 2 week northern Italian vacation to visit wineries and sample the local fare only fueled the fire.  I hope to go back and help with a harvest of grapes!

Somebody pinch me

I’m making an effort point my food-love in a healthy direction by creating, testing, and sharing more good-for-you recipes here.  But there may be the occasional ganache-filled cupcake delicacy.  Everything in moderation, including moderation.

Thankfully, I like to stay active.  I love to lift weights – I have a training certification and have competed in 4 figure competitions.  I’ll play just about any sport, take boxing lessons, run, and try just about anything I can get my hands on.

Figure Competitions

In June of 2012 my knee quit.  My ACL was hanging on by a thread and the doctor told me I could either stop running distances or have surgery.  I (mostly) stopped running more than a few miles at a time.  Being without a challenge isn’t my style, so I decided to do something I’d thought about for a long time – train to be a figure competitior.

I found an amazing trainer and entered my first competition at the end of 2012.  Shockingly, I placed 4th in my class!  The bug has bitten me and I’m still training hard to keep advancing.

My first Figure Competition

I’m on the far right


Much like Forrest Gump, one day I just started running.  The reason?  Probably the same reason I do most things in life – just to see if I can.  I signed up for a 5K in the fall of 2007 and have been running ever since.  I ran my first (and last) half marathon on Thanksgiving Day 2009.

Adventure races have been an addiction.  I took a Tough Mudder beating and did an 8 hour run-bike-canoe race.

Tough Mudder 2011… 4 weeks after breaking my jaw.


I have played softball for as long as I can remember.  It’s been a great connector in my life.  My dad and I bonded over it when he coached my teams growing up.  It is where I met my best friend.  As an adult, I played softball on a team in Atlanta… which is how I met my wife!

These women are some of my favorite people – always there for a good game, a big laugh, and many escapades I will never document.

Roller Derby

Did I mention that I do things just to see if I can?  Enter roller derby.  I went to a bout with part of the softball crew in the summer of 2009 and thought “I bet I could do that!”  I went to a workshop and the rest was history.  Derby taught me that I can push myself much further than I ever thought possible, and that has impacted me in every aspect of my life.

Unfortunately, I broke my jaw during an expo game and decided maybe it was time to retire.  I still love my ninja team – the Sake Tuyas!

The Basics

Location: San Diego, CA

Education: BA in Communications (Advertising) from the University of Georgia, MBA from the Georgia Institute of Technology

Dream Job: Food and travel writer.  Or rockstar.

Odd Food Fact: I can’t stand potatoes.

Some Favorites

Football Team: Georgia Tech

Baseball Team: Atlanta Braves

Healthy Food: Thick protein smoothie bowls, hummus, raw carrots and zucchini… anything fresh!

Dessert: Chocolate cake and a scoop of peanut butter-vanilla ice cream

Splurge: Insane multi-course Chef’s dinners

Movie: Trick question – I don’t really like movies (odd, I know)

Music: I can’t choose!  Currently: The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, Brandi Carlile, Led Zeppelin, Indigo Girls


Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Email me!

sprint2thetable at gmail dot com