It’s Growing Season

Growing can be fun.

It can also be scary.

Want it more than fear it

Some days I feel powerful.  I go to the gym, lift heavy stuff… decide to be a ninja.

There’s a gym in my area that has a full on American Ninja Warrior training course.  It’s pretty insane.  Of course, I had to check it out.

Ninja Gym

After playing for a while around the space, I talked to the owner about maybe trying out for American Ninja Warrior.  My regular bodybuilding coach has me taking the season off of competing in Figure to grow.  He didn’t say I couldn’t be a ninja.

The rings were my favorite part:

But growing isn’t all fun and games.  Mastering new skills is cool.  Lifting heavier is fun.  Eating all the foods is a blast.

Who doesn’t love to come home and have french toast for dinner brinner?  (Click here for the description.)

PB&J French Toast

But actually getting bigger… that can be tough mentally.  I went on a mission to grow my booty last year.  It has worked!  This weekend I had to buy new jeans to fit my butt.  (Is anyone else singing “I like big butts and I cannot lie”?)

Ladies who have bigger booties, check out Joe’s jeans.  They make a Booty Fit:

Joe's Booty Fit

I did have a moment in the dressing room.  I was surrounded by so many pairs of jeans it would make your head spin because I had no idea what size I was.  The guy manning the dressing rooms sure looks scared.  It was tough.  I’m not a size 0.  That’s what I wanted… but it was a tough pill to swallow in the moment.

Side note: I shared the above pic on my Facebook page and was blown away by all the encouraging comments.  I didn’t say anything about it being a little hard, but the “way to go!” comments made my day.  The supportive attitude of this community is amazing.  Thanks guys. :)


Growth can be uncomfortable.  Change is scary.  But hey, if it were easy everyone would do it.

Linking up to Katie’s MIMM – because growth is pretty marvelous!


I’m rocking my Booty Fit jeans today.  Like a boss.

How do you deal with growth?  Do you embrace change?

Have you ever seen American Ninja Warrior?


  1. says

    OMG I’m obsessed with American Ninja Warrior and I love that your gym has that whole section! And look at you on the rings! So strong. I can imagine that the growing season can be awkward and hard – making sense of what we want our bodies to do but also connecting it with an image and a number we often have in our head. But is a transition period and you will rock it.

  2. says

    I LOVE that you did American Ninja Warrior Training – I SO want to try this!!

    And hey – call me if you ever want to talk growth :-) You know how I looked back in January and how I look now. I had to throw ut a third of my clothes! I had hard moments, but I am over it and love my muscly curves. And yours too, cause you look gorgeous and so fit!

    • Laura says

      You are so fierce now… I’m blown away by how strong you are! Come to the US and I’ll take you to the ninja gym!!!

  3. says

    Firstly love the jeans, Laura! You continue to be such a huge inspiration for me, Laura in terms of working towards a goal 100%…even though some things might be tough physically and/or mentally, they’re more than achievable and you are proof of that. Time to start working on my pancake booty!

    • Laura says

      That is so nice of you to say Khushboo… it really means a lot! I’m sure you have a very nice booty. 😉

  4. says

    So that is totally awesome! I wish I had one of those gyms nearby. Yes, growth can be scary but it’s always SO worth it. I always adhere ot the phrase, life begins when you step out of your comfort zone!

  5. says

    Booty jeans – that sounds awesome! We don’T have them here in Switzerland…. Sexy curves are great, and honestly, not fitting into some of my jeans was hard too, but to me it became more important to feel great naked/in underwear (which is a pretty awesome feeling). And look at it this way: a brand is going out of its way to incorporate a jeans style to suit women with bootylicious curves… and not striving for super-skinny 0000000. This is a great sign of how society is finally changing away from the skin & bones mentality and I am glad to support that change by fitting in to booty-ful jeans :) it’S all a matter of perspective – so way to go!!

    • Laura says

      I love this… and that you mentioned underwear. I just noticed how much better mine fit. LOL! So jealous of you Swiss ladies. I want to go back!!!

  6. says

    How do I get a booty like that fast and without being a ninja 😉 ? Congrats, Laura. I certainly can’t pretend I wasn’t scared of growth but put into perspective: what is a size 0? Zero. Nothing. No booty or whatever. Given that choice I’d rather choose a nice round butt. Here’s to filling those jeans – okay, I’m actually no fan of pants but more of a dress + tights girl but it’d still show – one day. Operation Booty :D.

    • Laura says

      Haha! The booty was pre-ninja! Lots of good food, heavy squats, and patience. 😉

      And yeah… no pants is always preferable.

  7. says

    I seriously want to come to the ninja gym. I was a gymnast for over 10 years and I think I would have a blast playing around with all of the stuff. Anyone can be a ninja. I too am taking some time off from the figure scene. I maintained under 15% bf for almost 9 months and have just recently decided its time to get healthy. My body needs to put on some weight, my hormones need to balance out, and my mind needs to recover as well! Its a journey and one you don’t think about going into the sport but its all part of it. Embrace the booty!

    • Laura says

      The guy that runs it was a gymnast – definitely a good skill to have to be a ninja. :) And good for you – it’s a hard mental commitment, but it pays off!

  8. says

    seriously I think the ninja warrior stuff looks so amazing!!! unlike you however I don’t have the upper body strength to do it, but I kinda think having a place like that would inspire me to try more. I just can’t get all jazzed about a pull up bar alone.

    Hmm growth…it depends on the area…in my jeans ehh I’d probably not be so happy 😉 but that’s only because it’s not my goal

    • Laura says

      It’s definitely much more fun when you’re “playing.” Shaking up my workouts is what keeps me going!

  9. says

    Hmmm, the only time I grew on purpose was when I was preggo. I handled it pretty well, especially since it’s more than belly. I was puffy everywhere! ha
    You’re doing great! That course looks like a blast. I’d love to try it, but I think I’d get frustrated too easily.

    • Laura says

      You wouldn’t! There are so many different things to try… you can do a couple well and rotate between those and the ones you totally fail at. And lots of laughter helps. 😉

  10. says

    I have outgrown every pair of jeans and/or pants I’ve ever bought. Currently I have ONE pair of each that fit me. I have embraced it and switched to spandex 24/7 haha

    I can’t believe you can do that ring thing!! I’d never heard of American Ninja Warrior until I saw that video recently, and I thought one of the hardest obstacles would have been that ring thing. You are awesome!

    • Laura says

      I’ve been doing basically the same thing. And I used to think people only wore spandex out of laziness… silly me!

      The ring this is one of the easiest! That salmon ladder is my nemesis.

  11. says

    Everyone likes big butts… I’ve been actually paying attention to my glutes more lately, and thats awesome you’ve seen such a difference! I recently discovered the American Ninja Warrior and that course is pretty much the coolest thing ever, if I ever come to Atlanta, I’m definitely checking it out.

  12. says

    You are f*cking glorious and incredible and I get it, completely, the wanting growth but still having moments of “wait, okay, hang on, this feels different, okay, breathe, yes, this is good”. Although my growth is a lot, ahem, “softer” than yours 😉 Big hugs, you awesome legend. I’ve spent my life calling people ninjas for various reasons, but with you it’s the first time it truly applies.

    Miss you lady.

    • Laura says

      Please, food spouse. You are fucking glorious. And you have a glorious way with words. *breathing*

      Miss you too. Lots.

  13. says

    Girl you are one bad ass! Go for the ninja warrior. All the Blends will come cheer you on! Ugh I feel for you on the growing thing. As a runner, I always want to be slender. I’ve recently built up a lot of muscle and struggling mentally with that. I totally understand where you are coming from.

  14. Ta says

    Girl, I was actually going to ask you a question about whether or not you feared getting bigger last week! I refrained, thinking it might be inappropriate. Like you, I’ve also gone from being a little underweight to being told that I’m ‘looking ripped’, but unfortunately all my clothes are getting super tight and I’m paranoid that people judging my chubbier face/increasing tummy.

    Thanks for sharing this post- it makes me understand that there are other girls who are similar to me. I also love eating all the food and trying to lift more than the boys at the gym :) x

    • Laura says

      Please… nothing offends me. 😉 But yeah, it’s not easy. Gotta keep your eye on the prize! Growth in any way isn’t supposed to be about staying in your comfort zone. *fist bump*

  15. says

    Kirk and I had a whole conversation about this yesterday. We decided that I need fear to do my best (whether at work, in the gym, in life – I thrive on it!), but he is more intrinsically motivated and fear is less of a need for him (although not detrimental). Deep conversations while getting ready to ride our bikes. :) And I can’t WAIT to come watch you ninja it up!!

    • Laura says

      his may shock you… but I need fear too. Ha. It’s life’s greatest motivator! But I’m not surprised about Kirk, Maybe he has on older soul…. nah… 😉

    • Laura says

      I actually hadn’t sen it before until people kept posting the video of that Kacy girl who won on my FB wall. Then I was intrigued!

  16. says

    First off, you would be amazing at American Ninja!!! You little monkey, you!

    Secondly, change is scary no matter how you look at it. My body has completely changed over the past 4 years and while it can freak me out a bit sometimes, I slap myself in the face (figuratively) to wake up and see how much stronger and fitter I am that I was before. When I realize that, then I feel all badass. I don’t want to be bought of as skinny. I want to be thought of as fit. I am embracing the fuller, stronger thighs these days and the wider, rounder shoulders. I love feeling strong! You, my friend, look amazing! xoxo

  17. says

    I totally feel your both your pain and excitement! I love the new definition I see but feeling my thighs rub when they used to not sometimes makes me want to run crazy miles. But then I remember I choose this! And you look awesome!

    I was thinking of trying out for ANW too!

  18. says

    I need to see if there’s a gym like this near Calgary! So awesome! Way to go with embracing the growth and everything that comes along with it – mental games and all. You are beautiful, strong and bad ass! 😀

    • Laura says

      There might be! They are popping up everywhere. Or you can just come visit me. 😉 You would be SO good at it!

  19. says

    Oh – who wants to be a size zero when you can be a Ninja?!
    I think you should definitely try out for the show!!! We are actually watching the Denver finals right now – one of our favorite shows!!!

  20. says

    GIrl. That is awesome. I’ve caught a few episodes of America Ninja Warrior. I am DYING to play on a training course. I watched that chick (Kacie?) dominate her run last week. She was short, like 5′ of 5’2″? But super strong. You could TOTALLY be a ninja! There’s a goal. I BELIEVE you can do it. On the topic of “growth”…I like it, but I’m slow to accept the change. Growth means change. But once I make the move, it’s always a good thing. Don’t hold back. Growth is a form of progress. And progress is SO rewarding. Of course, I like instant gratification, so waiting for results suuuucksss. But when you get there. No words. Amazeballs. Okay, one word. Haha =)

    • Laura says

      She was only 5 feet tall! Those obstacles are hard with a short wingspan!

      And thank you for the encouragement and the wise words. Logically, we know these things but that can be hard to accept emotionally!

  21. says

    I totally totally get what you mean! It is hard to get in shape and watch your body change and have clothes that used to fit not fit at all anymore. Dude, I had a pair of jeans split in half a couple days ago when I tried to squeeze my booty into them. Granted I have had the jeans for a while, but that was SO mentally crippling for me. You know??

    Fitting into sizes you aren’t used to, is rough. But you are amazing and no matter what size you are? You are incredible. Don’t let a size get you down. I am always jealous of your booty too! It is adorable 😉

    • Laura says

      Oh man… that would be tough. But really, they were probably really old. and you have a great butt. So there’s that.

      Pass me a brownie. 😉

  22. says

    I saw a segment on this little women that made the finals – amazing!!!! I think it is great you are trying it!! You are awesome already & that ring video!

    Groth is a tough pill. I remember my bodybuilding days eating more & not being quite the way I wanted to look prior to cutting.. but it is all in the process of what your goals are for you. :)

    • Laura says

      Kacy – she’s a bad ass! :)

      And you are right. They call it body BUILDING for a reason. At least I get cookies, right? HA!

  23. says

    I dealt with growth by not wearing pants period.
    I wear dresses.

    Because jeans are hard.
    Dresses are easy.

    But reading this post… Dammmmit I want a pair of jeans!

    Thanks for reminding me that hard things are worth it because you are a phenom.

  24. says

    Eek! I hope you DO train for Ninia Warrior, we recently discovered this show and LOVE it! You rocked those rings!
    PS I hate wearing pants, they don’t feel great on my quads, I’m a skirt only kinda gal. Perhaps I’ll check out Joe’s :)

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