Chickpea Protein Pancakes

These pancakes are sort of socca.

Or socca is sort of pancakes?

Either way, it’s a strange but delicious thing to have for breakfast!  I actually used to make these all the time, but I couldn’t find chickpea flour for a while at the farmer’s market and kind of forgot about ’em.  On a particularly fun trip to restock after being out of town, I located the flour and remembered the breakfast version of socca.

The chickpea flour resulted in a fantastic cake-y texture and the flavor didn’t overwhelm at all!  I added vanilla rice protein powder for a little more of a protein punch.

Chickpea Protein Pancakes

I’ve also added gelatin.  I’ve been incorporating it in my morning meals for it’s digestive benefits.  If you’re interested in learning more about it, Lindsay did a great post on it’s benefits.  Totally works for the “regulation” (read: helps you poop like a champ).  If you don’t have gelatin, just add a tablespoon of protein powder or coconut flour.

In a happy accident, my mini “tester” pancake looked like a thought bubble.

Chickpea Protein Pancakes


Chickpea Protein Pancakes

Chickpea Protein Pancakes

  • 2.5 T chickpea flour
  • 1 T (15g) protein powder (I used Growing Naturals)
  • 1 T gelatin
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 egg white (or flax egg)
  • 1/4 C water
  • Stevia or other sweetener, to taste

In a small bowl, combine the chickpea flour, protein powder, gelatin, baking powder, and cinnamon.  Mix until combined.

Whisk egg white with water.  Stir into flour mixture and add sweetener to taste.

To cook, pour 2-3 T batter into a non-stick skillet over medium heat.  It’s time to flip when it begins to bubble.  Cook until lightly browned. 

Plate and top as desired.  I used sugar-free syrup and fresh raspberries.

Makes 1 serving.


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These were so #strangebutgood I made them two days in a row!

Have you ever made socca?

What’s your favorite pancake topper?


  1. says

    I WANT THESE CAKES in my pie hole RIGHT NOW! Although wait, I don’t eat pie…. So I guess my mouth wouldn’t be considered a pie hole? I guess it would be a salmon hole? A squash hole? A meat hole? AH HA HA HA! Okay, I will stop while I am WAYYYY AHEAD.

  2. says

    I have never thought to try chickpea Flour in pancakes although my friend Bridget once had me try some energy bars that she made with chickpeas and they were actually quite delicious. These look tasty!

  3. says

    I’ve never made socca before yet alone heared of it. So thanks for educating me today 😀
    I need to rummage through my giant drawer of different flours to find me some chickpea flour and then those are going to happen tomorrow :-) Have a lovely weekend!

  4. says

    Your timing couldn’t be more apt- as of yesterday, I am HOOKED on chickpea flour. I’ve been loving it in the form of savory pancakes (recipe coming soon) but will defo try it out based on your recipe!

    • Laura says

      I think you just have to use it in smaller doses – for instance, I’d go 1/2 and 1/2 with flour in a baked good. Here, I did that with the protein powder.

  5. says

    Nope, never even heard of it before now 😛 I have some garbanzo bean flour in my cupboard, need to use it….maybe these are what for. Great for after workouts I am sure. Favorite topper? TJ cookie butter…..but still needs syrup….which is not exactly ideal food for an athlete, so I chose syrup most the time!

    • Laura says

      It would be a great add for you as an athlete! You should try the regular socca too. Let me know how it goes!

    • Laura says

      The gelatin was from Amazing (there’s a link the Lindsay’s post) and the chickpea flour can be found anywhere – Bob’s Red Mill makes one.

  6. says

    I have had chickpea flour in my “saved for later” cart at iHerb for a month now. Dying to try! Thanks for providing this recipe, it looks like an awesome inspiration to kick my tail into finallybuying it. I used to use it a long time ago for gluten-free pizza recipes (combined with quinoa flour). I’ve also found it makes an awesome thickener for soups and stews. Thanks for sharing Laura:)


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