Starbucks Record & Illegal Birthday Eats

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like free.


Or cold, hard cash.  Either way.

By now we are all aware of the free Starbucks drink on your birthday.  Even though I didn’t get an offer this year – wtf?!  People like to make a game of how much they can get – whether its a birthday freebie or just to pay too much for already over-priced coffee.  The previous record for ONE drink was $54.74.  Child’s play!

starbucks epic order

A Florida woman managed to order a $60.58 Frappuccino.  According to Consumerist, the drink consisted of 60 shots of espresso, matcha powder (gotta stay healthy!), and caramel, white mocha, and hazelnut syrups. She even brought along a jug for the barista so it would all fit!  I’m assuming she didn’t drink it all… I didn’t see any follow up reports about her having a caffeine-induced heart attack.

Yet another way to order obnoxiously at Starbucks.  You’re welcome.


This WIAW is a birth-day east celebration!  Actually, it was pretty mundane until dinner… I was busy at work and I knew what was coming to me for dinner!


Read on for my eats, and then check out Jenn’s blog for everyone else’s delicious creations!



My morning cocktail, as always.  Today I added a shot to celebrate my special day.  An extra shot of cayenne, that is.

Everyone should have pancakes on their birthday.  I saw Gina post her pancakes yesterday on Instagram and saved it with breakfast in mind!  I *almost” followed the recipe.  I just subbed goat milk yogurt for cottage cheese, used Growing Naturals rice protein, and added almond extract.  Topped with cocoa syrup and sprinkles. Amazeballs (you’re welcome, Lucie).

Birthday Pancakes


This is where some repetition starts.  I’m leaving town this week to go see this girl compete in her second bikini competition, so I didn’t do a huge food prep.  And it’s my birthday week, so I’m eating out for a couple of meals.  All of this translate to tuna in a can.  Twice.  This was mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  

Tuna mixed with heirloom tomato, mushrooms, and hummus “dressing.”  I love making quick sauces with hummus, apple cider vinegar, and spices.  This one had cayenne and garlic added.

Tuna Hummus Salad


Another easy meal – salad in a box!  Local greens, no-salt deli turkey, red bell pepper, and snow peas.  I dressed with with peach salsa.

Turkey Salsa Salad


For my birthday, all I really wanted was to do “bro day” at my gym with one of my trainers.  Bro day (chest and biceps) is my favorite, so I never get to do it with a trainer.  It’s the day where I can push myself alone, so I generally save the paid sessions to lower body (which I dislike), or areas I need to focus more on.

The other thing I wanted was to try what is allegedly the best burger in Atlanta.  My trainers, my friend Natoshia, and I headed to Illegal Food to check it out.  I’m a skeptic – I have tried most of Atlanta’s touted burgers and have a running list of the top 5.  Let’s just say this lived up to expectations.  Holy mother of burgers, I have found the new #1 burger.

Bro Date


We got 3 different varieties and a chicken sandwich.  Of course, we passed them all around to sample all the meats.  I swear, each bite was better than the last.  After the first tastes we sat there for a moment in stunned silence before alternating between wanting to devour it as fast a possible and wanting to slowly savor each delectable bite.

My selection was a special called The Warden’s Burger.  7.5 ounces of meaty goodness (a secret blend that involves brisket, shoulder, and other fatty cuts) with goat cheese mousse, summer tomato jam, red onion, rocket (arugula), and a pain de mie bun from H&F Bread Co. (aka the most perfect bun in Atlanta).  Think of the most juicy, flavorful patty you’ve ever had with pillowy tangy cheese and on a bun that refused to get soggy.  Add a little sweet from the jam and a teeny bite from the rocket… I’m getting chills all over again just typing this.

Illegal Food Burgers


The pile of sushi-like fries in the top right below was also stand-out.  It was a giant plate of fries worth every cent of the $10 they cost.  They’re called okonomiyaki-style fries, a nod to the Japanese dish.  They’re hand-cut before being soaked and double fried.  What this means to you is that each bite remains perfectly crispy on the outside, even after it’s topped with the multitude of Japanese flavors.  

With accouterments like shredded cabbage, green onion, seaweed, bonito flakes, okonomi sauce, Japanese mayo, fermented chili sauce, sesame seeds, and red pickled ginger, each bite is a party in your mouth.  #twss

Illegal Food Okonomiyaki Fries


Now for the sad news… Illegal Food is currently operating out of Joystick Gamebar.  At the end of June they were given a 60 day notice to vacate.  There are two sides to every story, but the conclusion is that Joystick prefers to lend its kitchen as an incubator to new restaurant concepts and decided it’s time Illegal stand on its own.  Hopefully they’ll make bail and move on to bigger and better things.  They have to… because I have an addiction to feed.

If you’re in Atlanta, you should go immediately if not sooner.  And buy some beers from the crew at Joystick.  It’s the perfect pairing to that pornographic piece of meat heaven.


Don’t forget to check in with the #MoveHappy week 3 challenge! I’m hobbling Monday’s leg day Monday AND I can barely lift my arms.  #winning

Do you have workouts you’re better at pushing yourself on than others?

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?



  1. says

    Ok so I need a plane ticket for Atlanta. Goat cheese mousse? Okonomiyaki fries??? I might attempt to recreate the latter, I have the sauces at least! Happy belated bday missie :)

  2. says

    Ah now you have me craving a burger in a big way…definitely one of my favorite meals! So long as the company and food is good, I don’t need much more on my birthday….looks like yours was a great one :)!

  3. says

    Bahahaha. I freaking love you you sweet bloob.

    Oh, I need a trainer for my lower body too. I am so bad at it! Squathate!!

    And, OMG, that platter!! Did you see the seafood platter on my blog today?? That is the seafood counterpart of that fries platter. Amazingsauceballs.

    • Laura says

      Oh, Lucie… you know YOU’RE the bloob. 😛

      I’ll forgive you for the amazingsauceballs because that seafood gianormousness actually did look amazeballs.

  4. says

    Wait – a $60.58 Frappuccino???? Dang! You are not kidding bout that hypothetical caffeine related heart attack!
    Happy Birthday again – those burgers are HOOOGE – my mind would be blown to find out your bite contained every one of those layers! :)

  5. says

    Interesting about starbucks….my birthday is half a month away….will give it a go! Thats funny what people try to do….only a matter of time before they start writing some rules for that….but I love people are giving starbucks a taste of their own medicine for overpricing so much!

    Birthday eats look great, ESPECIALLY that burger! Mmmmmm! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!!!

  6. says

    OMG . . . . the Warden’s Burger! Happy Birthday . . . . mine was last week and my starbucks birthday beverage only totalled $6 . . . I’m such a loser.

  7. says

    goat cheese mousse?! I kind of want to put that on everything I eat. Yup, I think I need that burger…
    For my birthday, I usually go out to dinner with my family one night, and then go to a bar or a casino with friends another night.

  8. natasha says

    FYI: Starbucks sent out a notice last year (I think?) that they are no longer reminding people about the free drink thing….probably because of people who order $60 frappucinos…hee, hee (:

    They are charge so much anyway they OWE us some freebies!

  9. says

    Ok, totally need to go buy sprinkles now. :) And that burger looks amaaaazing!

    I’m definitely better at pushing myself on strength workouts than cardio. Probably just because I enjoy it so much more, its easier for me to say ‘just one more rep/round’ than ‘just one more minute.’

  10. says

    All of my meals are fairly mundane up until dinner. It’s just easier that way then I can get a little more creative with dinner. I love using hummus and nooch for a sauce, but am totally going to start adding in ACV. Awesome idea! I’m great (too great) about pushing myself with running, but leg workouts? Um … about those …

  11. says

    You probably mentioned it somewhere and I missed it, but what’s the food in the last picture called? It looks delicious! NOM NOM MEATATARIAN.

    And I didn’t get an offer a few years back and realized they dont send you the coupon anymore, you just go to starbucks and hang them your card and tell them it’s your birthday month and they’ll accommodate you :)

  12. says

    I”m so freakin excited you’re coming to see me!! I think we’re planning a pretty awesome week so far, despite that pesky job that we all have to keep doing too. :) And I think we need to start planning a food tour of Atlanta when I come visit too. I may wait until September now. Or now that I think about it, maybe I do need to do both Florida and Atlanta in August. Hmm…

  13. says

    I can not even believe it’s legal to place that much caffeine in a drink. Wow, I can’t imagine myself after something like that.
    Your birthday eats look awesome, and happy belated birthday!!!

  14. says

    I could do without most junk food in my life, but fries are my jam. Love em any way they come. But SUSHI FRIES?!? What is this?! They sound amazing. They’ve got to exist in NYC somewhere I’d imagine…

  15. says

    oh man, they are closing? I think we all need that burger first. foodgasm… amazeballs.. let’s see what other naughty words go with food.

  16. says

    Yum! Sounds like a good birthday!

    My husband loves burgers so we have been to Farm Burger and Flip Burger Boutique. I will have to get a list from you the next time we are down.

    Have fun cheering on Heather this weekend and throw in an extra whistle for me! 😉

    • Laura says

      Oh man… this is 100x better than Farm or Flip. Those are like fast food. Defintely let me know when you’re in town!

  17. says

    I love trying new places for delicious burgers, my favorite burger place is in Baltimore: If you are ever in the area go, they always have exotic meats and a crazy amount of toppings to build your own. Their most popular burger was the PB and Bacon (while I was living there, may have a changed ). I can’t believe I was ever a vegetarian, gasp! Happy birthday :)

    • Laura says

      They have burgers like that here! There’s a place called The Vortex that does that, plus bananas. It’s called the Elvis. 😉

  18. says

    If you say it’s the best burger, I believe you! Just told Chris we’re gonna have to go there so he can try their burgers.
    Happy birthday again! Have tons of fun cheering on Heather this weekend!

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