No Room For the Blues + WIAW

Coming home is hard.


Some might say it’s downright depressing…

I fell in love with Colorado last week.  I will move there one day.  Atlanta is getting older by the minute.  I love my city – we have gorgeous parks, amazing food, and my friend and family are here.  But I was born here.  While I’ve been lucky to travel a lot, the time for a change of scenery is growing near.  Since I can’t exactly pick up and move to Switzerland, Colorado is a good second.

I think the goats miss me too.  More on this adventure to come!

mountain goat


In lieu of an after work hike, I got my nails done.  Nothing like a little pampering to soothe the travel blues.

Speaking of blues… my toes are now No Room For the Blues!  The nail color is Wooden Shoe Like to Know.  Gotta love OPI!  They were totally talking about my nasty feet after all the Colorado adventuring.  Not that I’m paranoid…



This WIAW I’m back from Colorado but OUT of groceries.  Desperation has set in…


Read on for my eats, and then check out Jenn’s blog for everyone else’s delicious creations!



My morning cocktail was followed with a microwave breakfast similar to something I made in Colorado.  That’s what’s pictured here because I was running too late to take a pic of my actual breakfast.

This was a microwave cake made with Kodiak Cakes’ new protein pancake mix.  I added egg whites, cinnamon, and butter extract and nuked it for a minute or so before topping it with blueberries.

Kodiak microwave cake


Mid-Morning Snack:

We had a an all-morning meeting and I had no snacks… so I ate a part of a bagel and a small taste of a red velvet muffin.  Should have taken a pic of that muffin because whoa.  But I didn’t.

Back at the office I desperation ate jerky.  It wasn’t bad, actually!  Even better with an animal border added, no?




The only food in my house was eaten: a pile of no salt deli turkey with red bell pepper, tomatillo salsa, nutritional yeast, and pepper.  Desperation eating at it’s finest.  Unpictured cookies & cream Quest bar for dessert.

Turkey pile


Mid-Afternoon Snack:

Post-workout chocolate shake that I failed to picture because I was too excited about topping it with a special delivery.

Arctic Zero sent me a whole giant box of ice cream… including the bars (so hard to find in stores here, but SO good) their new flavors: coconut, sea salt caramel, and orange.  I’m not normally a fruit-dessert person, but the orange is my favorite.  It tastes like a push up, which was always my order from the ice cream truck as a kid. 

Arctic Zero



There just so happened to be a sushi restaurant next to the nail salon.  Not that I went to that particular salon with this in mind… nooooo…

I’ve been craving sushi non-stop ever since Heather and Kirk taught me to make my own last week.  Naturally, I paid for it rather than use my own skill.  But they had toro sashimi!

Toro sashimi


Then I had a Yellow Jacket hand roll.  The restaurant, Steel, is right next to GA Tech, so it was aptly names.

The sushi cone hand roll consisted of yellowtail, cilantro, jalapeño, sriracha, grilled shrimp, and avocado.  So very good, if not a little over-priced.

Yellow Jacket Hand Roll



One thing I did miss in Colorado was my nightly dessert bowl.  This was shredded carrot, Growing Naturals vanilla protein, gelatin, cinnamon, and almond extract.  Topped with a cocoa powder fluff, tiger nut flour (ask Lucie about this deliciousness), and a scoop of chocolate Arctic Zero.

Carrot Cake Dessert Bowl


I get a new meal plan today.  Back on the wagon I go!

Do you have a hard time coming back home?

What’s your favorite sushi order?



  1. says

    Our mouths are going to have an EPIC showdown… SOON! SOON I TELL YOU! And if you move to Colorado, I GUARANTEE that I will be seeing you because I used to live there, and my sister CURRENTLY live there, so uh, I VISIT! Boom! However, I would probably FIGHT YOU for that TORO!

    PS: I need to write Arctic Zero and ask them to make a non-dairy, non-sugar ice cream. Hmmm, think they’ll listen?

  2. says

    Oh nooooooo, I want you to move to Switzerland!!! PLEASE!!
    And thank you for making me crave Sushi now. I can not believe how long ago it was since I had some!

    So glad you like the tiger nut flour! Let me know if you need more…..or some of the butter!

  3. says

    Ohh how I feel you on the post-holiday blues..I definitely felt it after my trip to London! That sushi roll looks amaz…my favorite is salmon-avocado with lots of chilli powder!

  4. says

    I loooooooove avocado sushi. Anything with avocado and I am sold! Since I recently started eating fish, I also enjoy the occasional fried shrimp sushi and all those fun, terribly expensive rolls
    :) yumm

    • Laura says

      I didn’t start eating fish until I was 26 or 27… and no sushi for a year after that. I can’t believe I used to go without!

  5. says

    Oh the infamous pre bed snackage…..glad to see it’s back 😉

    As much as a seafood lover I am, I hang my head in shame that my favourite sushi is the fake crab with tonnes of mayo…and the pickled ginger. Lots of pickled ginger.

  6. says

    I’ll eat any kind of sushi but a classic rainbow roll is my favorite… I actually just signed up for a sushi making class at a restaurant here (you make your food and then you eat it +wine). I like coming home usually because I crave my usual routine (and food), but it’s sad to leave.

  7. says

    I’m interested in your thoughts on artic zero, i’ve generally stayed away from it since it seems highly processed.

    Yes I am spending A LOT of time since traveling trying to figure out how to coordinate a move for us :)

  8. says

    I love OPI for the names. So much fun! I bought one color completely based on the name – Wine O’Clock. LOL not sure what that says about me 😉 And yes, coming back from vacation is SO hard. Well, maybe it’s more the going back to work part that really gets me.

  9. says

    Those Arctic Zero bars look amazing! I used to love those orange push pops too.
    Gahhh sushi is my fave. My favorite order is eel avocado roll and tuna roll. Or any roll with a crapton of raw fish in it.
    P.S. love the picture of you and the goat!

  10. says

    I was born and raised in Florida and am finally, at 35, moving out of the state! Arizona here I come! I get the whole “I love my state, but its time for a change” as I am in the midst of my “change” now! It’s so scary and so exciting at the same time. I gave my notice at work yesterday and in September will be packing up my car and making the 2,200 mile trek across country to my “new” home!!! Good luck on your “eventual” move to CO.

  11. says

    I have heard nothing but amazing things about Colorado! So glad you had a nice time and I really really need to get some of that Arctic Zero stuff. I’ve been wanting to try it for MONTHS! Sea Salt Caramel? STOP. Just stop.

  12. Kanoelani says

    This has me after a trip… Every… Damn time hahahah!!! No food & I always wanna go back on vacay lol!!

  13. says

    I love your blue toenails. Blue has been my toenail color of choice this summer. I love sushi and we have absolutely nowhere anywhere close to us that makes good sushi as I am in New Hampshire (not the seacoast). If I could have sushi though I would love some tuna Sashimi!

  14. says

    Hey, I’d say you did pretty great on the food front considering you just got home with little food in the house! I hear ya on the post vacation blues. It sucks those first few days, but I do always enjoy my own bed, shower, and food! I want to try that coconut Arctic Zero! I haven’t really liked Arctic Zero so far, but I think the coconut would be yummy.

  15. says

    If you move to Colorado I am coming too!! I used to live there back 2006. Loved it. And I am sure I could get Lori and her husband to move there too. hahaha

    Craving sushi now!!

  16. says

    I think I was going to ask you if you’ve been to Sushi House Hayakawa, but I think I went there with you! Oops. Anyway, my favorite is rainbow roll.

    • Laura says

      It miiiight not be the cleanest food ever. I definitely wouldn’t eat it before a competition, but right now I love to top it with peanut butter and chocolate protein sauce.

  17. says

    I love your nails! I know what you mean about coming home from a trip.. it’s like whoa! Anyways… at least you had some Arctic Zero to cheer you up :)

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