Fridge Meditation + WIAW

My intentions are good.


Most of the time anyway.

I start off strong with an epic trip to the farmer’s market, intending to do a fantastic food prep that evening.  Then I opt to go out for Mexican and margaritas, telling myself it can wait one day.  The next day I did do a great food prep… but still ate a smoothie for dinner after a particularly hot workout.

There is also the problem of breakfast.  First thing every morning and last thing every evening, I spend a solid 5 minutes meditating.  By meditating, I mean staring into fridge.

5 min fridge

And I wonder why I can’t leave the house on time…


This WIAW is was a valiant attempt and following my prep plan.  Except for breakfast.  And dinner.  And dessert.  But I killed it at work, which – let’s be real – is the whole reason I bother prepping.


Read on for my normal (for me) eats, and then check out Jenn’s blog for everyone else’s delicious creations!



My morning cocktail carries on.

Then – after fridge meditation and a brainstorming session in the shower – I compiled a egg-zza.  I’m actually not sure what to call it, but I beat some egg white with cayenne, cumin, garlic, and turmeric before cooking the crap out of it on a small pan.  It was pretty done when I flipped it to finish the other side.  Like a little round pizza!


The “sauce” was mashed avocado.  My topping were mango, Heirloom tomato, and an apple-chicken sausage patty.  Fruit and tomato is a theme, it seems (just wait til Friday’s #strangebutgood).  Check out how cute my baby mango was!


Mid-Morning Snack:

Turbot with zucchini, snow peas, and purple sweet potato.  The fish smells especially fishy this week.  Not sure why… I actually did legit apologize to co-workers.




Chicken strips with grilled cauliflower and orange bell peppers.  Side of coconut oil and cinnamon-coated yuca fries. I love when I take the time to grill veggies.  I only have a grill pan, so it’s not a lot of space and it takes forever… but it’s SO good.  I need to remember to start it as soon as I walk into the kitchen and forget about it so they get a good char while I’m making my proteins.

Chicken and grilled veggies


Afternoon Snack:

This deliciousness is going to be reveled Friday for #strangebutgood.  Hint: it’s inspired by Saturday’s Mexican food and seasonal Georgia produce.

Peach Salsa Tortilla Pie


I also ate a KIND bar… because I had a little storm to wait out before going home to workout.  Half an inch of rain in 15 mins, according to the weatherman.

The downside of walking to work:

I'm only happy when it rains...

I’m only happy when it rains…



Post-workout dinners are hard for me.  It’s hot, I’m tired… hot food doesn’t even sound good but since it’s dinner I feel like I *should* have more than a smoothie.  More fridge meditation ensued.

I settled on my Chocolate Beet Smoothie (minus the coffee) with Cookies & Cream Quest Bar pieces.  Because I can.  And because that just means a bigger midnight snack. 😉

Beet Chocolate Smoothie Bowl



My usual base of goat milk yogurt was mixed with coconut flour, Growing Naturals Chocolate Rice Proteincocoa powder, and cinnamon.  Typical.  The toppings got a little more interesting.  Roasted kabocha with peanut flour sauce… and bacon.  Maybe a little sweet & salty throwback to last Friday’s recipe?

Sweet & Salty Dessert Bowl

I order my peanut flour from iHerb (use discount code USO924 for $5-10 off your order!).


I have a new obsession (thanks in part to your suggestions): Orange Is the New Black.  OMG.

Do you partake in fridge meditation?

Are you good about food prep for the week?



  1. says

    And once again, my mouth is jealous of yours! Oh and I am soooo the girl who brings canned fish like mackerel or sardines on the airplane, and I open them up mid-flight and SMIRK as I chow down.. Because I know it smells like a hooker’s HOO-HAW but I don’t give a crap! LMFAO!

  2. says

    Hahaha. I LOVE that kitchen meditation quote.

    I expect you to make me that dinner and dessert next time we meet. And yes, you will need to bring a kabocha.

    Particularly hot workout? How was that?

    • Laura says

      Ok – should I expect you this weekend?

      And yes, it was particularly hot. Though not in the way I’d prefer. 😉

  3. says

    Hahah your poor co-workers! When I was working in an office, I used to get so nervous about whipping out hard-boiled eggs for lunch! That fridge quote made me laugh- it’s a good thing we are the ones with eyes!

  4. says

    that’s my thinking when i workout at night, it’s like… what the crap? i don’t want hot. I want cold pizza. wait no, i’ll make your smoothie. haha, or this! yours is genius

  5. says

    Fruit and tomato! Did you know that a tomato is actually a fruit 😉 I always laugh when I see the knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit but wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad! I can’t wait for Fridays post. OITNB = amazing. I buzzed through season 2 in a weekend and now I’m sad till next summer.

  6. says

    Fridge meditation for me = scrolling through Instagram to see what looks good. Which I just did, so an egg pizza spinoff is about to happen. I actually think it’s going to be basically a veggie omelet, but I’ll call it an egg pizza so I can pretend to be like you ;).

    • Laura says

      I had to go pizza instead of omelet because I ALWYAS break my omelets. Over-stuffing is a problem. 😉

  7. says

    Unless I have dinner planned out, I can spend up to 30 minutes “meditating.” LOL I AM that refrigerator commercial where the lady is saying something about does he really think if he stares long enough something will magically appear. Yep…and hubby does that with the cabinets.

  8. says

    Definitely using your egg-za idea, never thought of that! I just got back from two weeks in Greece so I really really really need to get on track this week with food prep, just as soon as I go grocery shopping. Grilled veggies are a must when its over 80 and too hot to turn the oven on, the only part I dont like is cleaning my grill :(

  9. Allyssa says

    I usually try and food prep, with the fridge meditation happening haha I am on a beet obsession and I have planned a beet smoothie (thanks to your recipe!) for tomorrow’s post workout breakfast 😉

    Also, LOVE Orange is the New Black!

  10. Kanoelani says

    I legit try to food prep & do haha but this week was all jacked up hahah!! Food mediation I do a lot lol like it’s going to change haha!! and OMG u has yucca I love yucca fries but never buy yucca. I need to I so love them. And all your smoothies look so damn good girl!

    • Laura says

      I rarely buy it… I don’t know why either. They are one of my favorite roots to make fries with!

  11. says

    Other girls? Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Me? Fridge full of food and nothing to eat. The struggle is real! Lol

  12. says

    Yepp, fridge meditation definitely happens over here. Sometimes it takes me the longestttt to figure what to eat for breakfast. I’ve spoiled myself with special delicious eats the past few years for sure! I can’t settle for just toast or cereal.

  13. says

    Ha, it’s moments like this I’m glad that I shop the European way – I can only buy for one or two meals ahead, so pretty much always know what I’m having. There are no surprises in my fridge! I’m moving into a new flat in 3 weeks and the fridge only has two tiny shelves – it’s basically a minibar, which I have to share as well. Ugh why do Londoners not understand my need for a big fridge?!

  14. says

    Yep, I do the same. Just tossed some two week old radishes. I had prepped them and everything. And there they sat, dejected and forlorn. At least I am feeding the compost pile.

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