5K Comeback + Fiesta Night

I used to be fast.

I also used to run a lot.

It’s funny how must faster you get when you get when you run a race.  I’ve been running a little bit.  Slowly.  On a whim I decided to run a 5K Saturday morning.  It turns out I hadn’t been pushing myself as hard as I thought I had been on my jogs.

I lined up for the 5K not expecting much out of myself.  It was already pretty hot and incredibly humid at 8am when the race started, but once I took off I felt like running a little faster.  Half way through I realized I was pacing pretty well… so I went for it.  25:52 went it, to be exact.  I finished 3rd in my age group (which is now 30+ – when did that happen?!) and 14th out of the women!  Kind of a nice surprise… and now I feel like running more 5Ks.

Pride Run 2014

Due to the humidity, I didn’t stop sweating until I got in my air conditioned car to go to the gym for glute and shoulder day.  It was a long workout day, and I was really glad I took the time for a stroll through the green market in the park to sampled all the foods.  I bought some fresh eggs.  Talked myself out of buying more peanut butter, but I may go back next week for the pecan-peanut butter (pictured above).  They were making grilled PB&Js for sale.  Tempting… those were my favorite as a kid!  I would have gotten one, but that might have made me hurl while lifting.  Next week!

I’m going to credit my Friday night fuel to my sudden speed.  I was offered a chance to have a preview meal at True Food Kitchen!  I’m really excited we have one in ATL now.  People rave about this place and I now understand why!  They have a huge menu of healthy items catering to an anti-inflammatory diet; I’ve never seen shirataki noodles on a restaurant menu before!.  Lots of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options, and they’ll prepare it any way you like – for me that meant no olive oil and no salt.  Check out my mini-review on Instagram.

True Food Kitchen

The refuel after my workout day was epic.  I met friends for a Mexican dinner and a night of card-playing.  This involved a margarita as big as my head and a birthday fake out.

It wasn’t John’s birthday… but we felt he needed a sombrero.  Merry Un-Birthday, to you!

Jumbo MargaritaVery Merry Un-Birthday

Then the cards.  Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity?  It’s basically the most marvelous (and most offensive) card game ever.

We played until after midnight, fueled by junk food and beverages.  Sometimes you just gotta take an epic cheat day.   Bwhahaha!

Cards Against Humanity

This is what happens when you play CAH with a group of Catholic school kids.


Between the running and the margaritas, I’ll admit to moving a little slow on Sunday morning… pretty sure I worked it all out sweating on the softball field though!

Have you ever faked a birthday at a restaurant?

When was the last time you surprised yourself with a run time or other workout feat?


    • Laura says

      The key is picking small races in neighborhoods where most residents aren’t in your age group… LOL!

  1. says

    Nicely done on the race, Laura!! Today’s Body Pump class surprised me- I was kinda nervous about increasing my weights but I survived each track..still riding the high :)!

  2. says

    I NEED TO GET MY HANDS ON CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY!!!! So many people have told me I would adore this game, so I MUST DO IT!!! Perhaps it will happen on my actual BIRTHDAY this week – see, I don’t need to fake my birthday this week! ha ha!

    • Laura says

      I cannot believe you haven’t played it yet! The game was meant for you. Seriously.


  3. says

    I keep hearing about Cards Against Humanity – gonna have to check it out soon!!!
    My boys are funny – they don’t like to say it is there birthday at a restaurant even when it really is!

  4. says

    nice job!! my 5k PR is 25:43 and I haven’t been able to come close since I got it 3 years ago =( I also haven’t been training for a 5k or anything lol. 5k is probably my favorite race distance. It’s short but also so tough and you can really grind it out knowing the fact that it’s only 3 miles.

    • Laura says

      I can’t even get close to what I used to race… but totally agree with you on the distance. It’s the perfect one for some speed!

  5. says

    Girl….good job with that race! Don’t beat yourself up. I don’t race after April in Charleston because the humidity is nasty. I did the Cooper River Bridge Run this year (10K) in April, and it was swampy, even then. I destroyed it with a 41:52 (everyone who beat me in my age group was from Ethiopia or Kenya), but it was kind of a redemption run for me. I ran a 10K in August in Greenville a few years back, and I was actually 2nd overall (female) but my time was like 46 something. So don’t be discouraged! Fall is the best time to race. Shoot for a Turkey Day run! Or come to Charleston for a destination race. We’ve got so many great races from September through December. Give me a shout if you want a list of races.

    And I did fake a 21st once…that was really bad. No one checked my ID (I was 23), and I got a bunch of free shots. And I got a hangover that rivaled the actual 21st birthday hangover. Everyone else had fun!

    • Laura says

      I actually don’t mind the heat too much… I’m from the South so I guess I’m used to it? We like to complain about it more than anything. I have run 13.1s, 10Ks, and 5Ks on Turkey Day… that’s actually too cold. I had hand warmers. Total wuss… LOL!

      You faked 21 when you were OVER 21?! That is absolutely brilliant.

      • says

        Haha I don’t know if “brilliant” is the right word…at least not the morning after. People were VERY friendly (and generous).

        I’m with you on the heat—I complain about the heat, but I ran 8 miles last weekend in a heat index of 104°, and it was unpleasant, but whatever. But our Turkey Day 5K this year was colder than ever—and I’ve run that race for maybe 15 years now. It was clear and sunny, but windy and below freezing. I don’t do well below about 45° because I’m really bad at layering. I ended up buying a pair of fleece-lined Nike spandex pants (really awesome, part of their Dri-Fit line, surprisingly warm AND breathable) and a Nike fleecy pullover top. I’m brand loyal to Nike clothing. But it worked. I was able to race in the frigid cold, while being very comfortable. Gear is crucial! But you know that. =) Their was a dog-pile at the start of that race, total drama. But other than that, it was great!

  6. says

    Great job on the run. I am like that too – way faster (though nowhere near as fast as you) during a race. I guess we just push ourselves harder. I got that invite to True Food Kitchen too but was out of town. So bummed. I want to go there for sure though! We might have to have a blogger get together there.


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