ONE More Mile

I can’t end a run on uneven mileage.

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok. All opinions are my own… ’cause you know I can’t keep them to myself.

Lately I’ve been itching to run more, but I’m 100% out of practice.  Busting out more than a couple of miles is no longer easy to motivate for, let alone to complete!  2 things happened last week that helped change this.

  1. A friend invited me to go running
  2. I received Reebok ONE Series Cushion shoes to test out

Call it OCD, but it drives me insane to end at 4.78 miles, for instance.  I will run up and down my street to hit 5 miles.  If you are a runner who tends to go a little further then you meant to, you know how painful that can be.  You’re tired, bored, thirsty… your knee hurts, your shoe is rubbing your heel… whatever it is, you’re ready to be done.

These things combined are what lead me here – sitting on my patio enjoying the cool morning air after an even 5 mile run.

Reebok ONE

I am NOT a morning person, but the excitement to try these out was too much.  This shoe was built in 3 “zones.”  It has a three-foam midsole, decoupled outsole, and stable lateral arch area, which means the Reebok ONE Cushion is designed to maximize comfort and performance.

Let’s talk a second about agility.  I’m a city runner and constantly avoid potholes, uneven sidewalks, homeless people… I need to be able to bounce around quickly.  That’s a little easier when you’re expecting obstacles… when you get off the beaten path and encounter other species it gets a little more difficult.  I was thankful these shoes performed when I was shocked by a little sidewinder snake!



ONE Highlights:

  • Structured textile upper designed to support the foot over the center of the platform, plus spacer mesh for breathability
  • Low-cut design for added mobility with technical upper construction for fluid, seamless motion transition through the shoe
  • Three-foam midsole with ultra soft layer for shock attenuation, lightweight layer for foot guidance, and a responsive layer to help with propulsion forward
  • Stable and flat lateral arch area for maximum ground contact for runners with a neutral gait
  • Outsole release zone for pronation control and stride integrity, plus outsole progression groove for longitudinal flexibility
  • High abrasion rubber heel with decoupled outsole durably isolates shock absorption at the heel strike


In plain English, these are great shoes for a run.  They hold up and make the last stretch to even mileage more enjoyable.  I loved the cushioning my knees so desperately need; it didn’t make the shoe feel heavy!

The fact that they inspired two early mornings was key for me.  When my friend invited me to go running, it involved trails at 7:30 am on a weekend!  The moon was out when I got up!  I bounced my way do the trails with gusto and didn’t trip at all (I’m a notorious klutz, so that’s impressive).

Sweetwater Trail Run

In addition to good footwear, refueling is important too.  I chose Huevos Rancheros (pictured above), extra Sriracha.  A lady complimented my shoes while we were eating! 😉

Want to check these shoes out for yourself?  You can buy Reebok ONEs online via Reebok’s FitHub – Men’s and Women’s.  Or use this locator to find them in a store near you.


I’m exited to have these shoes with me in Switzerland – maybe they’ll help me keep up with Lucie!

Do you have to end a run on even milage?

What things to do you have to dodge on a run?


  1. says

    Absolutely not. HAHAHAHA. I have a love-hate relationship with running SO bad. I try to love it, but I can’t, until I’m done and re-thinking it over. So no, I definitely don’t run on an even mileage, even though I’m a bit particular about everything else being even / in its place etc.

    • Laura says

      You sound like me! The mood has to strike me just right to want to go. I swear that runner’s high is BS. 😉

  2. says

    I actually have to end my exercise on even TIMES!!! Miles, meh.

    And I love the EARLY MORN. I love seeing the moon and sun dance in the sky together like ballroom dancers…….. As for what I am doing in the AM in order to see such magic, well, you can use your imagination, LOL!

  3. says

    I LOVE early morning running! This morning it was FOURTEEN DEGREES C! (57F) And that is basically summer to me. It was glorious. I am the exact same – but I plan how far I am going to run before I leave so I always know the (even) number of miles I will run. :)

    • Laura says

      That’s still cold to me! I’m in the Paris train station right now freezing my buns off! Hahaha!

  4. says

    Wait – do you live by a swimming pool??!! I think in that case we need to change destinations next week and I’m coming to YOU!!
    Yes, bring those shoes. You will need them for the trailrun. I can’t promise an even mileage though – but you are free to run around in the street while I am making food for us.
    PS: My runs always end with a handstand practise! :-)

    • Laura says

      You better come see me next! Most of the condo building have their own pools. Mine has one and overlooks another. :)

      I think we should do handstand practice after wine.

  5. says

    It depends on how the run is going. I have gotten a lot better about not having to end in whole numbers. I will accept say 6.5 miles but 6.7? That’s kind of tricky. Because I’ve had so many super fun injuries and I have a nagging husband who likes to remind me that I push myself too hard, I have *gasp” ended a run at X.65 or X.75 miles. Trust me, it takes mental willpower to stop, almost as much as it would take to eke out that last little bit! As for dodging things: yes to potholes, homeless people, add to that trolley tracks.

    • Laura says

      I’ll accept a half mile… but 6.7 needs to go to 7. Or at least 6.75. I don’t know where this craziness began! LOL!

  6. says

    Oh, you are not alone. Runners are so strange, and I definitely do the same thing with ending my runs on even numbers (like Heather above, I’ll take x.5, as well). If I’m super tired, it’s always a debate … do I WALK around the block to finish up and then my pace goes down, or do I end early? Or can I just push through? Silly us. Love seeing you running!

  7. says

    My youngest son (13) is training for his first half marathon and I do most of his runs with him – especially his long runs. The program I found for him is time based not mile based. He knows that even if the schedule says 60 minutes, we will finish the mile we are on before we stop!!!

  8. Teresa Atkinson says

    nope – I pick a “turn around” landmark – or decide the loop I’m running – I rarely look at the mileage until I am finished — April caught me with 76.6 miles.

    • Laura says

      That would have driven me nuts. 80! LOL! I do the out and back too though – otherwise I’ll cut a 4 mile run down to 2. 😉

  9. says

    I totally have to end a run on even millage! My dog does NOT appreciate having to run past our house two or three times–haha! The shoe looks and sound great, generally I run in Brooks or Saucony, but but after Meb won the Boston Marathon in Sketchers, I am considering other brands.

    • Laura says

      I roate – I love my Sauconys too. Wearing them right now, actually. And the Sketchers thing blew my mind!

  10. says

    Hahaha, I am the same way with mileage, unless I’m feeling like I’m gonna die. I’ve even finished out another mile after a half marathon just to have an even number. :)

  11. says

    Snakes = major gross. I’m so glad we don’t have those in Alaska!

    Love the shoes. I’m looking for more cushioning in my running shoes. Do you find these fit TTS? Looked like they got some use in Switzerland!!

    • Laura says

      With any running shoe, I go uphalf a size and I found that to be true with these. (i.e. I wear a 5.5 in street shoes, and a 6 in athletic shoes.) Let me know if you try them!!!

  12. says

    Another pair of shoes, huh? What’s this put you at now…like 15? 😉

    Ok, I actually have PROOF now that I got gypped the first and only time I ever order huevos rancheros! I was totally expecting the exact thing in your picture, but was presented with a plate of over HARD (and not in a good way) eggs that were drowning in red sauce! It was horrible…I couldn’t even eat it! :(

    • Laura says

      We should make out meal out at Blend a brinner! Huevos Rancheros will become your new favorite meal, I promise!

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