A Day in Basel, Switzerland + WIAW

When in Rome…

Or Basel.  Whatever.

On my first full day in Basel, Lucie took me on adventures fit for a blogger!  But first we began in a predictable way… taking pictures of yogurt bowls before breakfast!

My bowl was goat’s milk yogurt (which Lucie bought special for me!) with cinnamon, Growing Naturals Vanilla Rice Protein, oats, strawberries, cacao nibs, and more of Lucie’s bread.  We took our beautiful bowls outside of a photo shoot in natural light.  Priorities!

Yogurt Bowl photo shoot

Then we were off of more biking adventures!  I successfully made it to the outdoor market, but was quite relieved to park the bike for the afternoon while we walked around and shopped.  The outdoor market was really neat.  There were plenty of cured meat and cheese samples, but I was most fascinated by the massive white asparagus (pictured below… as to what it looks liked… I’ll leave you to your own dirty minds ;)).

We also went to the luxury grocery store where I was fascinated by the abundance of edible flowers and an entire WALL of mustard!  Obviously, we were forced to check out the chocolate shop.  There were sheets and sheet of freshly prepared chocolates, along with these cute chocolate and almond “bugs” that looked like little mice.

Basel markets

We walked around more, looking among the various clothing shops.  I was excited to see a Swatch watch store in Switzerland. I took a picture, but will spare you.

What’s more interesting is the view from our lunch spot.  We sat outside and watch the Rhine flow by while enjoying salads with grilled chicken.  My request for dressing on the side was met with an odd look by the server, but was accommodated.  Europeans aren’t as open to (used to?) modifications to orders.  #sorryimnotsorry

Lunch on the Rhine

We took the coolest ferry I’ve ever seen back across the river.  It runs along a cord from side to side.  Th movement of the river powers it, with on the turn of the rudder to guide the direction from shore to shore.

Lucie said she hadn’t been on it in years, but it’s well-known in Basel.  You don’t realize how little of the “famous” attractions in your own city you see!  Confession: I’ve actually never been to Atlanta’s aquarium.

Basel Ferry

We then hurried back to Lucie’s flat for a snack and a brief rest before Crossfit.  Yes, I did Crossfit.  The WOD was double-unders and snatches.  I proved to everyone that I suck at jumping rope, but I consider just surviving the bike ride there a “win.”  Win #2 was teaching Lucie the American meaning of snatch.  My snatch hurt from the biking!

We had fun with a post-workout photoshoot too.  Snatches, kettle ball swings, and a little monkeying around:

Crossfit - snatch

Check out my snatch!

Kettle Swings

Crossfit Monkey

Then came My favorite part: refueling!!!  We went to an Argentinean grill, Hinterhof, on Lucie’s friend’s recommendation.  I have to admit being hesitant about going for Argentinean food in Switzerland… but it was fantastic!  It was a lot of fun getting to meet Lucie’s friends, too.

After that WOD, we deserved some delicious meat.  #TWSS


Hinterhof patio

Beautiful rooftop patio

This is what happens when you leave your camera to go to the bathroom














So there you have it – a WIAW in the life of a Swiss traveller.  Minus a few snacks… too busy experiencing to picture it all!  Remember to check out Jenn’s blog for everyone else’s delicious creations!WIAWbutton


I’m off to Zermatt today – I can’t believe it’s almost over!

Do you ever go to the popular attractions in your hometown?  I need to be better in ATL!

What happens when you leave your camera/phone unattended among friends?


  1. says

    OMG, the pic of Tom……I completely forgot about that. SO scary, LOL.
    I was about to make jokes abou the asparagus, but I hesitated, as I thought you would believe bad of me. How wrong was I….. :-)
    Though I am thankful about the snatch elucidation!!!

    • Laura says

      Did you REALLY think I’d be offended by asparagus jokes?! Hahahaha!

      I told my trainer about our snatch experience yesterday. 😉

  2. says

    Ahh Basel looks like my kind of city! I wonder if Lucie would have me visit on day…?! Love the photo of a photo… it’s like Inception 😉

  3. says

    Awesome Laura! I loved the mustard wall! In England we have a lot of types of mustards too, it is funny here to think that there are only a few kinds. Glad you had a wonderful time, and left some room for monkeying around of the exercising type 😛

    My friends do a similar thing with selfies…..or post tweets for me!

    • Laura says

      It’s funny – there is a big mustard selection here but it’s more for the various brands. They are so many fun flavors! I did see sweet potato stand at my farmer’s market yesterday though!

  4. says

    I couldn’t even tell you what tourist attractions are in my hometown…there’s maybe a park? Ya, i got nothing…although the closest really big city with attractions is Toronto, and I’ve been up the CN Tower once in my life.

  5. says

    Trip looks great so far, cant wait to read more! I’ve been to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the Rocky Statue…. I believe those are the most cliche Philly tourist spots, but I still really want to go to the Franklin Institute, and Betsy Ross’s house.

    • Laura says

      I loved visiting Philly! You guys have really good food, too. Does that count as a tourist attraction? 😉

  6. says

    Sounds like y’all had a super day – full of activity and good food!!
    I’m hoping that guy is a friend of Lucie’s!!!

  7. says

    It always cracks me up when people talk about snatches in Crossfit all seriously. I mean, how can you keep a straight face and talk about working on your snatch?

    • Laura says

      The best part was that they didn’t get the implication (I guess snatch is only US slang?), so I got to explain it to everyone. Hahaha!

  8. says

    I went to Brussels last year in May, and that white asparagus was everywhere!! So pale and large…hmmm. TWSS. I’d say perhaps I took it too far there, but since you were all about the snatch this post, I figured it was only fitting.

  9. says

    Omg, the thing about the snatch totally just made my night! Bahahaha!

    I am horrible…I live an hour away from Nashville and I’ve never been to the Grand Ole Opry! But really what makes it worse I guess is that I HATE country music! Haha!

    Admit it, you took that pic of the wall of mustard just for me! 😉


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