Apr 30

Change Is Good + WIAW

Change is inevitable.


Except from vending machines.

One of my favorite policies it to change something that isn’t working.  If you aren’t happy, make a change.  Don’t sit around in a puddle of mud complaining about how dirty you are.  That knight in shining armor isn’t going to show up on a unicorn and rescue you.

unicorn mirror

Incidentally, my unicorn name is Helleborine Cheeky Rump.

I realized my job wasn’t the right one for me… so I’m making a change!  More on that to come.  In the meantime, I’m taking a little break.  The best kind of break – I’ll be traveling to Switzerland next week!  The wonderful Lucie has offered to be my guide.  I am SO EXCITED to meet her in person and have some adventures.  She’s already living up to her blog name (Fit Swiss Chick) - we’re booked for hiking, running, and cross fit!

Naturally, I needed to make some purchases for my travels.  DSW and TJ Maxx are full of deals right now… I probably spent too much but think of how much I saved!  LOL!


This WIAW is week 3 working through my intolerances per my Alcat test.  I’ve been pretty good about it and still happy with the results… but I’m not going to Switzerland without eating cheese.  #sorryimnotsorry


Read on for my eats, and then check out Jenn’s blog for everyone else’s delicious creations!



My morning cocktail was followed by a new twist on my Jicama Porridge.  I used Javapro protein powder.  Mocha Jicama Porridge is the jam.

Topped with peanut flour sauce, which was a little funky because I got adventurous and added bee pollen.  Bee pollen is supposedly super-healthy (Google it!).  It tastes like plastic.  The peanut flour rocks though - I order mine from iHerb (use discount code USO924 for $5-10 off your order!).

Java Jicama Porridge



I did leg day with my trainer and nearly gnawed my arm off trying to get to the auto shop before eating lunch.  I packed turkey mixed with my Healthy BBQ Saucered peppers, and purple sweet potatoes.

BBQ Turkey and Purple Sweet Potato


Afternoon Snack:

This was really 2 parts.  After some hard work shopping for Switzerland-appropriate clothing, I stopped at Whole Foods to get some Lucie treats.  Of course, I snacked on the samples and then some (I always jack a couple tastes from the hot bar… shhhh…).  When I got home I heated up some leftover veggies and turbot over field greens.




Savory plantain flatbread (it didn’t come out perfect… must try again) topped with heirloom tomato, mushrooms, avocado, and tofu pan fried in coconut oil.

The tofu was incredible.  Long ago I saw Debbie’s post about how adding black salt to tofu makes it taste like eggs.  I was curious… and OMG she was right!!!  I also used a bit of turmeric and cumin.  Crazy #strangebutgood!

Egg-like Tofu



I continue my obsession with goat’s milk yogurt.  I think I like it better than Greek yogurt.  It’s especially delicious mixed with coconut flour, Growing Naturals Chocolate Rice Proteincocoa powder, and cinnamon.  Topped with popcorn, rice whipped cream, peat flour sauce, and chocolate syrup.

Midnight Snack

I miiiiight have followed that up with a Quest bar that was meant to be taken to Lucie… darn, will have to buy more…



Have you ever been to Switzerland?  What should I take Lucie from the US?

Are you good with change?  When did you last decide to make one?



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  1. Julie @ Better Life with Burgers

    How fun! Good for you for making a change. I hope you have a wonderful trip. Where in Switzerland are you going?

    1. Laura

      Thank you! I’m going to Basel, Interlaken, Zermatt, Zurich… and a brief bounce up to Dijon, France. Have you been?

  2. Debbie @ Live from La Quinta

    How exciting for you! Have a fabulous time in Switzerland! What an adventure! I look forward to hearing about your new job plans.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the tofu/egg trick. I can’t take credit though. I learned about it from Cadry of Cadry’s Kitchen (and I’m still slightly obsessed!)

    1. Laura

      I’m totally addicted to the egg thing… thank you SO much!

  3. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    WHAT IN THE MOTHER FF!!!! I was not invited on this SWISS TRIP!!!!!!!!!! UGH. MAD! MAD! AND IRONICALLY ENOUGH, my unicorn name is: Forget-Me-Not Rainbow Pony… YES YOU FORGOT ME!!

    1. Laura

      Well Miss Rainbow Pony, book your flight and COME WITH!!! :P

  4. Linz @ Itz Linz

    wow congrats! so exciting – can’t wait to read about your adventures!

  5. Lucie@FitSwissChick

    Ok, I don’t know how to handle my excitement anymore. Maybe when I look at my unicorn name? My unicorn name is:Primrose Candy Rump Primrose is rebellious and strong-willed. She is as sweet as candy, and she melts the snow and brings the warm weather.
    I love you for eating treats that are meant for someone else. I do exactly the same :-)
    Oh, and feel free to cook this plantain bread dinner for me! Minus the tofu. Chicken. Cause I am a Chick (I’m funny normally, I promise).
    I see we have looooooots to talk about!!!

    1. Laura

      My dearest Primrose… is it weird that I’m racing your email, booking Swiss hotels, and responding to you blog comment all at once? LOL! 2 more daysssss!

  6. Brittany @ Delights and Delectables

    Good for you girl!!! Now… will I fit in your suitcase??? ;)
    I’m terrible with change….maybe that’s why I’ve not changed anything.

    1. Laura

      Ummmm… I pretty sure adding a baby to the family is a big change! ;)

  7. Khushboo

    I like your approach a lot Laura..if something is not working, make a change! Congrats on the next chapter of your career! This trip is going to be so fun….I’m kinda having a bout of fomo ;)! Please take Lucie mucho nut butter and as for yourself, please don’t go back to the US unless you are geared with copious amounts of chocolate!!

    1. Laura

      Thank you!!! You should bounce down to Switzerland! ;)

  8. Arman @ thebigmansworld

    Um…take me to Swissland with you is a good trade off?

    Oh bee pollen. You are full of lies. I am excited to hear your new adventures my friend!

  9. Kim @ FITsique

    Sounds like you are going to have a great trip! And so exciting on the new job!?! I recently made a similar change, granted it was just a switch to a different part time job, but it was huge for me. My last job paid SO much more but I was just SO unhappy. Everyday left me with anxiety and dreading going there so I knew it was time to swallow my pride and make a change that would affect my happiness. Money is not the answer.

    1. Laura

      Good for you!! I’m sort of in the same boat. I realized my sanity is worth a lot too! ;)

  10. Coco

    Oh how exciting! I need to get to know Fit Swiss Chick! I got to go to Switzerland for work last year. So gorgeous!

    1. Laura

      Really? Where did you go? Any recommendations?

  11. Amanda @runtothefinish

    OMG YEAAAAHHHH I am so excited for you!!! I loved Switzerland and quitting my job was scary but still one of the best things I have done! Life is too short to spend so many hours a week doing what isn’t right for us

    1. Laura

      Thank you! I wish I could quit and STAY in Switzerland. ;)

  12. Tina Muir

    So brave of you Laura, and it all worked out! Congrats! I watched Steve Jobs at Stanford commencement the other day, and he said the most inspirational thing about doing just this, so cool to see it in action! You deserve it too :)

    I need to get my hands on some Jimica!

  13. Tara @ Sweat like a Pig

    How exciting! Career changes are always scary but it’s important to do what makes you happy :) I can’t believe you’re going to Switzerland and not coming to London!!

    1. Laura

      I know, I know… I actually looked at London but the flights were easier. :(

  14. Lee

    Good for you for quitting a job where you weren’t happy. I’m excited to hear what you are doing next.

  15. Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat

    This is so exciting, Laura!! I’ve never been to Switzerland but I’ve heard so many amazing things and I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time. Good for you for making a change – life is short so we might as well enjoy it to the fullest, right? I’m excited to hear more about this! :)

    1. Laura

      Thank you so much! I’m really excited for it all.

  16. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

    Awesome! Good for you for making the change!! It can be scary, for sure. And Switzerland will be amazing… when we were in Europe a few years ago, we hit much of Italy and France but we are determined to go back and get to Switzerland as both my husband and I have roots on the Swiss/German border. Have an AMAZING time!

  17. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I have to stay out of DSW. Love that place! And congrats on your change. It takes guts to truly do that. My last big change was quitting a previous job of 8 years (6 of which were hell, the last 2 I cried every morning) of stability for a new career. Even though I was miserable, it was still really hard to change. Crazy right? I’ll be heading to FL next week, not quite as exciting as Switzerland!

    1. Laura

      Oh Heather… that’s terrible! I know the feeling though. A bad situation like that can hurt in so many ways. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.

      Enjoy the sunshine! I’m loving all your pics on IG. :)

  18. Maureen

    I hope you have the most amazing time in Switzerland! :)

  19. Brittany L

    Sooo exciting!!! I wanna go to Switzerland! haha

  20. Sam @ Better With Sprinkles

    Ahh that sounds like such a fun trip! And can’t wait to hear more about what’s happening with your job and whatnot – considering that I’m about to finish school and will have to find a real-adult-person job, I’m trying to be conscious of finding what’s really going to make me happy, career-wise.

    And for the record, my unicorn name: Orchid Charming Foal. I first read it as ‘Fool”….

    1. Laura

      Haha – I thought you typed “fool” at first too!

      Hooray for graduating though! I’ve done a lot of different things – if you have any questions or want to bounce ideas I’m happy to help!

  21. Jody - Fit at 56

    As I mentioned in my email, I was wondering if you would move on from the job – it seemed to be not the right fit per your posts. :) I am very happy for you & glad you knew that moving on was best… LOVE the unicorn thing!!! :)

    Have a wonderful trip!!!

  22. Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie

    Hell yea badass unicorn! haha I love it. Have so much fun in Switzerland!

  23. Hayley @ Oat Couture

    I love that you had the balls to change something that wasn’t working for you! Such an amazing quality to have in life! Great things are on the horizon for you, love! That’s fo’ sho! I on the other hand love change SO much that I can’t stick to anything for longer than a year! Getting slightly better as I get older but I think I really just need to win the lottery and be done with work! That or someone needs to pay me to train all day! Ha! Also, buying clothes in those shops just makes good business sense! (Side note – I always wonder why TJ MAXX in the USA is TK MAXX here in the Uk? Odd!) LOVE the bottom left boots! As for treats for Lucie… Peanut Butter & Co? Don’t remember seeing that when I was there!

    1. Laura

      Hey now… winning the lotto is my plan too! Everyday I wish I could be paid to train. *sigh*

      I had no idea TJ’s was different over there! So weird…

  24. Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

    I still have yet to try purple potatoes. I REALLY need to. They look so cool and pretty :)

    P.S. Switzerland sounds amazing…so jealous!

    1. Laura

      Yeah, you do! They are so good – not quite as sweet as a orange, but rich and delicious!

  25. Grubarazzi

    I always read, but I don’t always have time to comment like I used to. I had to let you know that you are so BRAVE and amazing. Good luck finding the right job that works for YOU, and enjoy your much needed break. Can’t wait to see the pics on IG :) xo – Kimmi

    1. Laura

      Thanks Kimmi!!! It’s adventure, that’s for sure…

  26. Christa @ Edible Balance

    Oh yes, change is definitely good!! I’m excited to hear about your new adventure, and to hear about your trip! Switzerland, how amazing will that be?! Your eats look SO good, especially the flatbread. I think I need to make flatbread tonight, I have a huge plantain to use up before I hop on a plane tomorrow!

  27. Hannah

    SO PROUD OF YOU. It’s scary, sometimes, to listen to your heart and intuition and make huge, drastic, wild changes in your life, but it is ALWAYS worth it. Because there is such magic in the unknown. So excited for your next step xo

    1. Laura

      YOU are magic! Come see me again. The end.

  28. Tara | Treble in the Kitchen

    Have a great trip!!!! Can’t wait to read all about it :)

  29. Court Star @ StarSystemzFitness

    OMG I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS I mean SHUT THE FRONT DOOR JEALOUS that you are going to meet Lucie in PERSON! OMG OMG! I am so happy that you are taking a stand and making that leap for yourself and taking a TRIP to celebrate!!

    BTW, I am obsessed with goats yoghurt too it does not upset my stomach at all and its so nice to just open it up and add some peanut flour (thanks for the new love) with some stevia and BAM so happy!

    I am so looking forward to your photos and blog posts!


    1. Laura

      You should come crash the trip! ;)

      I need to do it with peanut flour again tonight. We went on a cocoa bender! Have you added coconut flour in the mix too? SO good!

  30. Parita @ myinnershakti

    Laura! So exciting – I love how you live life! Can’t wait to hear about your plans….and Switzerland!

    “If you aren’t happy, make a change. Don’t sit around in a puddle of mud complaining about how dirty you are.” <–and I'm totally stealing this!

    1. Laura

      Thank you!!! I’m really, really excited. :)

  31. Parita @ myinnershakti

    Laura! So exciting – I love how you live life! Can’t wait to hear about your plans….and Switzerland!

    “If you aren’t happy, make a change. Don’t sit around in a puddle of mud complaining about how dirty you are.” <–and I'm totally stealing this!!

  32. Kristina

    YESSS!! so awesome you are doing this!! I cannot wait to follow along on all of your adventures.

    I have definitely made changes, in jobs especially, when things were not right. Life is too dang short not to, and I am happier for it. It can be daunting to leave the “comfort” of a stable thing, but who wants to get too comfortable anyway?!?!? :D You learn so much about yourself, about LIFE, when you take on challenges and create space for experiences.

    SO excited for you!

    1. Laura

      Life IS short… and comfortable is boring. Who wants to stagnate? ;)

  33. Betsy

    Exciting! Good luck on your new adventures!

  34. Yoojin

    switzerland!! i went there a couple summers ago and it was INCREDIBLE.
    you’re going have such an amazing time & see the most beautiful things!! :)

    oh, and cheese fondue is a must… ;)

    1. Laura

      Awesome! Where did you go? Any recs?

      1. Yoojin

        i went to the cities of zurich & lucerne. i’d definitely recommend going up one of the alps! they are just incredible to be up there and see the wonderful views! and since i was kind of on a tight budget (grad student over here…) i noticed that alot of italian restaurants were the cheapest options for eating wise.. but idk if that was just where i was at! :D

  35. Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)

    My life is constantly changing! I need a little of the same old same old for more than 20 minutes! Yay! I’m so happy for you! I love that your doing this! Did you take the job we talked about? I was just talking to Tony about how much I miss you right now. I feel like I haven’t been around much lately. I hope you’re good. You know I’m always here if you need anything.

    I have never been to Switzerland, but I’ve always wanted to go. Can’t wait to hear about your trip! Love you friend! Huge hugs!

    1. Laura

      I did! We need to get together when I get back. You guys have so much going to too!!! I wish you could come with!

  36. Lindsay @ Lindsay's List

    oooo…i can’t wait to see what you do next lady!!

    1. Laura

      I’m joining the circus. LOL! ;)

  37. Nicole @ FruitnFitness

    Ah I hope you have a wonderful time in Switzerland! I’m horrible with change. Horrible. It freaks me out. I’m sure your coworkers are going to miss you and your strange food combos! Maybe not the food but for sure you! I know my coworkers hate when I bring hb eggs as it makes the entire office smell

    1. Laura

      Haha – they are totally going to miss it! But I have a whole new office to stink up. Bwhahaha!

  38. lindsay

    you know i’m going to text you about this, right? do tell!

  39. Miss Polkadot

    Just call me Daffodil Lovely Foal! Thanks for the link – it was a nice little mood brightener today. (:
    Brave of and good for you making a change when things didn’t feel right for you anymore. Not that I wouldn’t have assumed you to be that kind of person. Personally, I’m way worse at dealing with change. And now you even took away my hopes of that gorgeous knight coming along to rescue me. Great, Laura, thanks for nothing ;). Lucie and you could have at least invited me to join you in Switzerland! If you feel like making a detour to Germany – and I’m sure Lucie wouldn’t mind a trip to Berlin, either – I’d ask you to bring along not only Quest bars but jicama. Because I’m really intrigued by your porridge variations and we can’t find it over here.

    1. Laura

      Maybe Daffodil Lovely Foal will have a knight?! ;)

      I’m actually flying in to Stuttgart to take the train to Basel. One day I’ll spend more time in Germany! I keep going to the airports. Boo!

      I wonder if they’d let me bring in jicama..?

  40. Bonnie

    So awesome! Lots of neat changes to come and an incredible trip? So great. Good eats (as usual) and fun clothes! Excited to watch everything develop. :)

    1. Laura

      Thank you so much! I am excited too. :)

  41. Kim

    Switzerland? So cool!!! Have a great trip!!

  42. purelytwins

    Switzerland!!!! so jealous

    have fun!!! wish we could come with ;)

    1. Laura

      I’ll have a wine for you guys! ;)

  43. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf

    Congrats on making the change! I think that it takes a lot of courage to recognize and acknowledge when a job or othe life situation isn’t serving you. I’m so glad that you have a chance to take some time and travel!

  44. Megan @ The Skinny-Life

    Wow good for you for taking the leap! I’ve been wanting to make a career change but have not figured out my next steps yet. I can’t wait to hear about your plans! Switzerland is gorgeous you will love it!

  45. Megan (The Lyons' Share)

    I am super, super excited to hear what you end up doing. I’m really proud of you for making a change – it’s soo hard! YAY for Switzerland – so exciting!

    1. Laura

      Thanks Megan! I wish you could come too – we would have a blast with Lucie!!!

  46. Tiff

    Nope, I haven’t been, but I’d really really really like to! I think I’ll just come along with you… ;)

  47. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    Good for you! For throwing caution to the wind, making a change and tossing in a trip to Switzerland to boot. I like the way you live. I also like the way you think. Nothing frustrates me more than someone who complains, complains, complains, yet does nothing to change their circumstances. You have to make your own happiness and sometimes that means shaking things up and making changes. Amen sister. You’re preaching to the choir on this one. Obviously I’m the choir, complete with bad singing and all.

    1. Laura

      I bet you are a purdy choir. And you’ll be happy to know I have 2 spreadsheets going – one of where to go and the other for what to pack. I also have my stops marked on my Google calendar.

      1. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

        That does please my little organized heart. HAVE A GREAT TRIP!

  48. RavieNomNoms

    Good for you! I think about changing my job constantly! Way to take the plunge! :-)

    Have a blast in Switzerland! Patrick has been there many times, said it is expensive, but lots of things to see!

    1. Laura

      Have you ever been? If he has suggestions, I’d love them! I’m sooooo glad Lucie is letting me crash with her part of the time. It will save a bit!

  49. Heather @ Better With Veggies

    My brave friend – I couldn’t do what you did,but proud of you. And jealous your headed from Switzerland. You better share lots of photos!

    1. Laura

      You totally could! Jumping is fun. :)

  50. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

    Omg, I’m Snapdragon Golden Reins! Hahaha!

    Great, now I have to find black salt! Hmm, wonder if they have it at TJ Maxx…I do need to go back and do a little more damage there before leaving for Blend! ;) And seriously? Am I the ONLY person in this world who actually LIKES the taste of bee pollen?! Meghan said she hates it too!

    I’m good with change when it happens without my having to do anything…but I guess that really just makes me good at adaptability. Ok, so can I get an A- on that one?

    1. Laura

      I think you are the only one that likes it. I just ate a spoonful like a boss though. Must-have after last weekend!

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