Strange But Good Bison Cakes + WIAW

Fast food wine shakes?


Something about liquor and dairy scares me.

Red Robin ain’t skeered.  They are rolling out a boozy little ice cream number mommy can enjoy.  Wine.  Ice cream.  The shake?  A Mango Moscato Wine Shake made with wine, vodka, mango puree and vanilla soft serve.  Hmmmm…

Moscato Wine Shake

Photo: Red Robin

The target market is 35- to 49-year-old moms “in need of a break.”  A $7.49 break.  It better be a big shake!


This WIAW I had a seriously fun day of food.  You can’t go wrong with pancakes for dinner!


Read on for my eats, and then check out Jenn’s blog for everyone else’s delicious creations!



My morning cocktail happened, as always.  Then I enjoyed perfecting  recipe I am REALLY excited to share on Friday’s #strangebutgood link up.  It involved coffee and chocolate. Side of eggs.


Mid-Morning Snack:

A quick snack was all I needed before a lunchtime workout.  I was still satisfied from breakfast but love having a mini Think Thin bar for a little extra fuel.

Think Thin



I lifted some heavy weights for back and tri day.  That was a fun refuel!  I had some grilled marlin with veggies and a sweet potato… followed by a sweet treat.  Thank you, office Girl Scout cookie fairy.

Growing up I wasn’t a fan of Samoas… thankfully I grew out of that! 😉

Marlin and samoas

Afternoon Snack:

I have been slammed at work and forgot a pic, but I had tuna salad with cucumbers.



I was starving but snacked on some turkey while I made a recipe from last week’s #strangebutgood.  Arman’s Grain Free Cheeseburger Pancakes.  They sounded so strange, I knew they had to be good!

I used bison as the beef and babaganoush in place of the ketchup (I cannot stand ketchup).  Arman had mentioned they were difficult to keep intact, so I reduced some of the moisture by just using one whole egg.  It worked like a charm – these were the perfect pancake!  He won’t like this… but I left out the cheese too.  Next time I’ll be sure to have sone in the fridge to use!  I ate it over field greens and topped it with roasted brussels and drizzles of mustard and balsamic-fig glaze.  HIGHLY recommend you try this strangely good concoction!

Bison Pancakes



Random mix of all the foods I was craving – mashed sweet potato with Greek yogurt, peanut flour, and cinnamon.  Topped with cocoa powder sauce and sprinkles.

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I need Girl Scout cookie season to end. 

Wine shake.  Strange but good or just strange?

What is your favorite quick snack before a workout?



  1. says

    How DARE you leave out the cheese…..but I forgive you because you embraced the beeef…..ison. Um. And I’m literally lol’ing and the substitution of baba ghanoush for ketchup. You just made it even more strange. Love it. Love you. Love me. (Please don’t report this to wordpress as harassment)

  2. says

    I could get on board with a wine shake… i mean ice cream and wine…the only things that would make it better is if chocolate was involved…mmm and peanut butter! Ok maybe I took it too far, but I would never think that Red Robin could serve alcohol, but it might be ok!? Just not that price sheesh. I have been looking for peanut flour for ages. Looks like online is the only place to get it so thanks for the iherb link!

    • Laura says

      If you make a peanut flour wine shakes, I want to hear about it! 😉

      And yes, online is the only place to get it (to my knowledge).

  3. says

    Ahh I wish I could get bison in the UK! Though, I have spotted ostrich and zebra in the market I’m working near to… you’d think they could get hold of some bison!

    As for the wine shake? Two good things combined, I’m excited for this!

    • Laura says

      I didn’t realize you couldn’t get it there! I wish we could get kangaroo here. I don’t know about zebra… 😉

  4. says

    Yay, sprinkles!! So fun.
    And I had bison a few weeks ago for the first time – and loved it! It’s ridiculously expensive here, but sometimes it’s on sale – win.
    Dairy and liquor – big NAY for me….I am a pure booze girl :-)

    • Laura says

      It’s really expensive here too, but I can score it at a reasonable price at the farmer’s market sometimes.

      I’m a purist too! :)

    • Laura says

      I can only get it online. That’s too bad about the shipping costs… PB2 is similar but does have some additives. Not sure if you can get that in CAN? :(

  5. says

    I have seen quite a few people with those think thin bars, I am intrigued to try one now!

    For a pre workout snack, if its a hard run I will go for a handful of animal crackers or some pretzels, but if not, usually a quest bar, or a handful of nuts :)

  6. says

    I’d be much happier with a glass of wine for $7.49 than a wine milkshake. And where is there a Red Robin? I always hear those commercials on the radio, but I have no idea where an actual restaurant is.

    • Laura says

      Hell, I’d be happier with a bottle for $7.49! 😉

      I don’t think we have them in ATL… or at least I’ve never seen one!

      • says

        I just looked it up – Lawrenceville, Cumming and Newnan. Suffice to say, none of our blogger meetups will be at Red Robin. For various reasons.

  7. says

    Well since I’ve eaten boozy ice cream, I suppose I could get on board with this. It’d have to be like Bailey’s or Kahlua though if dairy is involved.

    My favorite quick snack before a workout is a banana, and I always eat the whole thing.

  8. says

    Ewww, I don’t know about mixing wine and ice cream. I know there are mixed drinks out there with cream and such but I’ve never really been a big fan. I guess most of the time, I’m either in the mood for dessert or a drink…not usually both at the same time! Though I am a fan of the occasional irish cream-spiked coffee…or of the tasty ball variety! 😉

    Love that you made Arman’s burger pancakes. You know this strange foodie approves! But what? No love for the ketchup?? Well, I guess I can forgive you this once…I mean you did finally come around to coconut! You know what though? I’m not sure I’ve actually ever had a Samoa Girl Scout cookie! 😯


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