Mar 14

San Diego: A Long, Strange Trip

Traveling can be quite strange.


Especially with a strange co-worker.

My co-worker is strange in the best way possible – the food-loving way!  I’ve been gone all week so there is no recipe today.  I do have pictures though!  Here is the best of San Deigo:

Sambazon bowl

Sambazon acai bowl

BBQ Tempeh Pizza

Egg spring roll (I think)

Egg spring roll (I think) at Phuong Trang

rice cakes and shrimp

Pork and Shrimp Cakes

Craft food heaven at Urban Solace


How have you enjoyed making co-workers, friends, or family stare with strange but good creations this week? The link up rules can be found here or by clicking on “Strange But Good” in the menu bar above. In short, I want to see what concoctions have earned you weird looks from co-workers, family and friends! Post your Strange But Good creations, grab the logo below for your blog, and link up here.

Sprint 2 the Table

Remember to use #strangebutgood in any Tweets and Instagrams of your creations. :)


If I lived here, I’d be 500 lb and super happy.

Do you try new things when to travel?

Any must-trys in California?



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  1. Lucie@FitSwissChick

    Oh wow!! BBQ Tempeh Pizza?? Now THAT is strange – but it looks amazing!!
    Glad you have found a strange-food co worker. Nothing better than that. My office is filled with portuguese and spanish architects – they eat really really strange things. It’s me who stares in wonderment when the unpack their food. Happy Weekend lovely lady!!

    1. Laura

      It was soooo good! I need to recreate it! I’m loving my package!!! you rock. :)

  2. Angela @ Happy Fit Mama

    Oh the food! I’m stuck on the egg with BBQ Tempeh Pizza. Genius!

    1. Laura

      Right?! I’m going to be making that at home!

  3. Kim @ FITsique

    That all looks interesting and so good! My newest addiction (which may not be weird but its new to me!) is adding cream cheese into my omelet! It makes its so creamy and delicious.

    1. Laura

      Yes! I used to get dill, caper, ream cheese, and salmon omelets. Best combo!

  4. Linz @ Itz Linz

    try an acai bowl!! we don’t have them in st louis so totally loved them in cali!!

  5. Tina Muir

    Laura, I think the linkup isnt working :(

    In other news, all your food sounds wonderful….except I am unfortunately not a fan of eggs….so the pizza is out! I have a giant spreadsheet for every state of things I want to try haha! Tooooo many to mention!

    1. Laura

      It is now… sorry! ;)

  6. Jennifer F

    oooh, those spring rolls look divine

  7. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    BBQ tempeh pizza? Yes please! I do like to try new things when I travel. Usually it’s actually having vegetarian/vegan options that are more than just a dish minus the meat. Philly was amazing b/c I could go in and order tempeh or seitan just about anywhere. Novel concept – protein for the vegetarian.

    1. Laura

      Philly has some great food. I was shocked when I went!

  8. Debbie @ Live from La Quinta

    The acai bowl looks amazing. Where is Sambazon? Yesterday I was underfed, living on snacks I brought with me and the meager offerings from the hotel continental breakfast. At least until the afternoon when I made it to Evolution Fast food, which is wonderful and all vegan, where I stocked up.

    1. Laura

      That was actually in Newport, but I think there are several on the West coast. I want to move there. Sigh.

  9. Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut

    Whoa there’s a lot of strange in this post but it all sounds strangely good!! ;)

  10. Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.A.

    All the way to San Diego and you didn’t pop up to L.A. to say, “Hi?!”

    It’s cool, I see how it is…. :)

    Looks like you had a delicious trip! Super curious about that BBQ Tempeh pizza…you should recreate for us!!

    1. Laura

      I know I know… what’s worse is that I was in Newport too! It was mostly work… I’m going to plan a fun trip one day!

  11. Allie

    I have never been to the West Coast! I’ve always wanted to, but flying scares me, and a flight to Cali from PA is like over 6 hours… eek!! I am such a baby, haha.

    When I travel, I definitely like to try new foods and restaurants!

    1. Laura

      You need to go!!! just have some wine before you get on the plane. That’s what my moms does. ;)

  12. Brittany @ Delights and Delectables

    I’ve never been to San Diego, but I loved all my food in Cali. Take me next time?? ;)

    1. Laura

      Of course! We should have a Blend there. :)

  13. lindsay

    I wish i could be your co-worker and be there with you! strange it up in san diego!

    1. Laura

      We would have killed it! There was something new to eat every 5 feet it seemed!

  14. Kierston

    So it all looks so good!

  15. Heather @ Better With Veggies

    I love to try new things when I travel (but you knew that!) – and I can’t wait to travel back to Cali next month. :)

  16. Lauren @ Me and the Mountains

    Fact: I can NOT say San Diego the way that it’s supposed to be pronounced. Instead I have to say it the Ron Burgundy was “Sahn Dee-ya-go”
    I had a lot of great seafood and Mexican food in Cali last weekend. The most memorable were shrimp + avocado tacos at Huntington Beach… mmmm……

    1. Laura

      I’m tempted to call you right now and demand to hear this…

  17. Purelytwins

    it all looks so good, keep on keeping it strange haha
    have a great time!
    we love trying new things in new cities!!

    1. Laura

      Girls, we would have had a blast there together! I may be heading down to FLA soon…

  18. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    I am horrifically pissed off that you were in San Diego and NOT Los Angeles. I am STRANGE IN THAT I LOVE STRANGE FOOD and I would have taken you to my fave hole in the wall places and we would have gotten FOOD STONED! — This just motivates you to come back to Cali, RIGHT?!

    1. Laura

      It was a work trip!!! One day, I swear! You need to come to ATL too. So there.

  19. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    You travel well, my friend. We really need to eat together sometime.

    1. Laura

      Yes. When are you coming to see me?

  20. Jody - Fit at 56

    A beautiful city! I am loving that first pic! :) Hope you had a great time!

    1. Laura

      It’s one of my favorites. I wish I’d had more time!!!

  21. Court Star @ StarSystemzFitness

    Hope you were able to try True Foods! When I was in the states I went and got an Acai bowl at least once a day one day was twice, i am kind of REALLY obsessed and wish they had acai out here in Bangkok, at least we have dragon fruit but acai tastes better in my book! Happy you enjoyed SD! xo C

    1. Laura

      I didn’t get to!!! I’ll have to go back. Darn… LOL! You should come with. ;)

  22. Maria@ The Good Life

    I love Sambazon! So good. And some of this is different but it really looks delicious!

  23. Stacy @ Stacy Eats

    Looks like you had a fun partner to taste your way around San Diego!

  24. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

    Have you ever been to Cafe Gratitude? I went there when I was in Santa Cruz a few years ago. It was pretty neat seeing what all they can make with raw foods…though I could NEVER live on that diet! But the BEST meal I ate was at the Blue Mermaid in San Francisco. Dungeoness crab and corn chowder, parmesan-crusted scallops with greens and TWO glasses of wine…all enjoyed while dining solo on the patio! ! Holeeeeeeeey HELL that meal was amazing!!

    PS, I want that yolkporn-topped tempeh pizza!!

    1. Laura

      YES! In San Fran. I order “I am super” just because I wanted the waitress to tell me how super I am.

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