Reebok ZQuick + 5 Fast Miles

My shoe collection is out of control. 

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I’m not complaining!  As someone who works out nearly daily, I actually use the 10 pairs of athletic shoes in my closet.  Dress shoes, notsomuch.

This is why I was so excited when I had the opportunity to try out Reebok’s new ZQuick. I realized I’d been wearing Reebok apparel for a long time, but had never tried their shoes!


About the ZQuick

The fact that the ZQuick was inspired by the high-performance “Z-Rated” tires makes them even cooler than they look.  (Side note: I’m a BIG car person.)  Like the tire tread, The Z-Rated outsole provides top-notch handling and control.

The grooves in the rubber outsole provide flexibility and ground-gripping performance.  This was especially helpful when I went jogging after Atlanta’s ice storm!  I was rocking my city’s shady streets, which is a miracle given my reputation as a klutz.


I finally learned my lesson and hung out indoors until the ice melted.

Finding a shoe that fits well can be a struggle for me.  I found that these shoes ran a tad large.  When the size they sent over was too big, they replaced it so fast I was shocked (good customer service!!!).

Once I got into the right size, I fully appreciated the way Reebok considered the dynamics of the foot.  You know how your foot seems to spread out when you put weight on it?  That’s not in your head!  It’s about about 5mm wider than when it’s in the air.  To accommodate for that natural spread, Reebok included slashes in the bottom unit that ensure the shoe spreads with you.  The Z-Rated outsole geometry is calibrated for control, traction and speed, while the no-sew upper and internal bootie (hee hee… bootie…) ensure you’re locked in tight for the ride. I loved this video about the technology behind the shoe.


Reebok ZQuick Features:

  • No-Sew upper with light and flexible NanoWeb PU cast for breathable protection and support
  • Low-cut for mobility with lightweight Bootie fit system for comfort
  • Light, low profile EVA midsole designed with a radical new geometry for outstanding handling.
  • Medial and lateral underfoot grooves allow midsoles to flex and expand, increasing ground contact for a smooth, quiet ride
  • A sleek new last allows the foot to move naturally, while keeping foot stable on the platform
  • CRTek high abrasion rubber in key wear areas for lighter durability

My Point (and I do have one)

With my variety of shoes, the first thing I noticed when I picked up the ZQuick was how incredibly light weight they were.  Second was the bootie.  It gives a comfortably snug fit, which is perfect if you have ever struggled with your heel slipping like I have.  The fabric overall felt natural.  The material they used almost made it feel like the top of my foot was bare!  I mean that in a  good way – it was a very natural run!

In these shoes, I ran the fastest 5 miles I have in a long, long time.  I hated to stop to take a pic, but how could I pass up a shot of this painting of trees among trees?

Trees on trees

Where to buy Reebok ZQUICK:

Price:  under $85
In Stores: Finish Line

Connect with Reebok on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Learn more about the Reebok ZQUICK here!


I’m getting the run itch again… I signed up for my first race in over a year!

How many pairs of shoes do you have?  More athletic shoes or heels?

What’s the strangest sight you’ve seen while running?



  1. says

    My preference is always barefoot BUT since I know it’s not highly recommended to go around without shoes, then I want to be comfortable and that just doesn’t mean heels and dressy shoes for this girl very often. I also haven’t purchased a new pair of workout shoes lately and I think I’m overdue… 😉

  2. says

    I am starting to see a lot of reviews for them! I am open to new brands, and new styles of shoes as I rotate mine daily, but I can see the hype behind these, they look good! I love lightweight shoes, and actually all of mine are! I should look into trying a pair soon! Thanks for the insight!

  3. says

    I have 20+ pairs of running shoes that still have lots of life in them but about 5 are in my regular rotation. Saw a coyote on Sunday while running, he crossed about 20 yards in front of me and then jogged parallel to me on a neighborhood trail — I was on the road but could see him through the trees, I was hoping he wasn’t hungry and looking at my juicy calves.

  4. says

    Cool. My shoe collection is insane. Really insane. I love shoes. I couldn’t even begin to count the number and I have to switch out winter and summer shoes b/c the don’t all fit into a single closet. I’ve seen so many strange things during runs … today we saw the wiener mobile vandalized and parked on one of the side streets in the neighborhood.

  5. says

    I have a TON of heels that have barely been worn. Back in the college days I had a thing for buying them. Actually, I still do. Only they hardly get worn. I’m just starting to add to my gym shoe collection and I can’t say I’m hating it :)

    • Laura says

      I used to wear them all the time too. Now I’m like “but I don’t skip leg day, bro.” LOL!

      Cheers to getting back!!!

  6. says

    Haha – love that painting of trees among the trees! I usually have a couple pairs at one time – one for indoor treadmill running and one for outdoors running – weird yeah – but my pronation is different inside and out. I dont believe you ran after the ice storm – even my dog didn’t wanna go for a walk – she turned back at my mailbox at the top of my driveway!

  7. says

    I am not a big runner, but I honestly live in sneakers all day everyday. I am always looking for pairs that have good support for standing all day but are light and can transfer right into a workout. I’ve never tried Reebok sneaks before but my next pair might have to be some!

  8. says

    cute shoes! and we have about 3 or 4 workout shoes, though we are about to buy some new ones. typically we workout in our bare feet but we love a good light weight shoe!

  9. Mary Ann says

    Like those shoes and thanks for the snug heel comment. It’s hard to find a shoe that doesn’t slip. As for a car nut, so am I. Ialso drive a BMW 328ixdrive…love it.. It’s a 2011 so I’m just starting to look at a new one. Drove the 2014 328 and am so disappointed with the electronic steering. Just not the same!

    • Laura says

      German cars are the best! Mine is a 2012… but I’m already looking forward to the next one. That new 4 series is pretty!

  10. says

    I have probably at least 30 pairs of shoes in my closet. It’s a good mix – flat sandals, wedges, heels, boots, booties, athletic shoes. I just bought a casual pair of sneakers to wear around instead of my running shoes and I’m obsessed.

    • Laura says

      That’s what a need next – casual sneakers! I think if I got black I could get away with them at work…

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