A Morning Cocktail + Fitmark Giveaway


No, that’s not a Ben & Jerry’s flavor.

My city is shut down over the winter weather.  After the disaster 2 weeks ago, government leaders and business are taking no chances.  We shut down yesterday… when nothing happened but rain. 


Today promises to be more entertaining, but with nothing to report as of the time of this post… we’ll get right to the food and the giveaway.


This WIAW was unexpected work from home day.  I love these days because it means I have time to put together meals and eat off of real plates!  It’s the small things…


Read on for my eats, and then check out Jenn’s blog for everyone else’s delicious creations!



The usual apple cider morning cocktail has been re-vamped.  I finally found a Aminos that I like!  I found Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy at my local nutrition store.  I’m love the Fruit Punch and Orange flavors!

Morning Cocktail

My Morning Cocktail

You can check out the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar here, but I must reiterate how energizing this is!  Coffee is a thing of the past.

The food?  PrOATein pancakes, peanut flour sauce, and blackberries.

PrOATein Pancakes


Salmon roasted with lemon and dill, them shredded and tossed with zucchini and Greek yogurt cream cheese, and drizzled with homemade BBQ sauce.

My “dessert” was a sweet potato topped with cinnamon and chocolate sauce.

Salmon Salad

Afternoon Snacks:

Working from home meant I got too distracted by work to take pics.  I had a Chocolate-Beet Protein Smoothie post-workout, turkey with greens and my wasabi-blue cheese dressing, and my favorite cocoa-roasted kabocha topped with peanut flour sauce (I get my peanut flour here).


The day was long.  It called for pizza.  I made my dairy-free Cauliflower Crust recipe, but replaced the quinoa flakes with 20g of TVP.  I topped it with tomato sauce, kale, prosciutto, goat’s cheese, artichokes, roasted garlic, and red bell peppers.  Side of wine.

It may be the wine toppings talking, but this was the best pizza yet!

Cauliflower Crust Pizza


Marshmallow Microwave Protein Cake.  Made with chocolate protein powder instead of vanilla and pieces of the white chocolate-raspberry Quest bar instead of chocolate chips.  Topped with a mix of Greek yogurt cream cheese and Walden Farms caramel sauce.  I have no words.

Marshmallow Quest Cake


Oh right.  The giveaway… 😉

fitmark was awesome enough to send me a meal organizer to review AND one to offer up as a little Valentine’s Day love for you.  The bag is their Box model.  It’s extremely lightweight, and comes with two large BPA-free containers, two cool packs (including a small one that is TSA approved!!!), a shaker bottle with removable vitamin and protein mix organizers, and exterior sleeves for a water bottle and workout journal.

The shaker bottle alone is really cool – I’ve loved having it to take to the gym so my post-workout supplements are in one convenient container.


Prior to receiving this bag, I took my goodies to work in a tattered paper grocery store bag.  I had a small cooler for travel too, but it wasn’t practical for my workday tupperware.  And it was significantly less cool.

The thing I love the most about Fitmark is that you can remove the center panel to squeeze in your own tupperware, or use the lovely containers they provide.  I can easily fit 4 meals!


So… you want one too?

One lucky Valentine will get their own BOX #nicebag to make organizing your meal a little bit easier.  fitmark will supply a BOX meal organizer in the color of your choosing.  Open to all US residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to also check out fitmark on social: Twitter, Instagram, Facebookand Pinterest.


Everyone is freaking out about food due to the weather.  I’m over here like “don’t you guys food prep?”

What’s your favorite pizza topping?

Have you gotten any snow this week?


  1. Jamie A says

    My favorite meal to take on the go is egg salad. It couldn’t be easier to make, which is key for me. It’s versatile as well – easy to eat on its own, or on toast or spinach salad.

    • Laura says

      I need to find a way to like that… egg salad is so portable, but in the South I’ve never had it prepared in a way I like.

  2. says

    My favorite meal on the go is salad. But really! Throw some lettuce and toppings and leftovers in a gigantic Tupperware and you have a big mess of delicious:)

    And we definitely haven’t gotten any snow here in Cali, but we FINALLY got some rain-a whole lot of it too!!

  3. says

    Smoothies are probably my favorite meal on the go. I always try to make one up the night before I drive home for college — I need something quick to grab after class and to help keep me awake for the first half of a six hour drive!

  4. Judy says

    My fav on the oh meal is either a smoothie or a salad. We had snow here in Ohio on Sunday. Not sure if anymore is coming soon!

  5. says

    I also prepare most of my food on Sundays. It’s so convenient and efficient, cook once, eat all week.
    Germany kind of skipped winter this year. We’ve had hardly any snow at all, and very mild temperatures (40 to 50 °F), which is very unusual. As our area is so used to snow and ice, nothing shuts down, regardless of the conditions. I always need to find a way to get to work, even in a snow storm with black ice on the roads. My approach is to drive slowly on those days. Very slowly. Otherwise I’d have to take a day off, as my company doesn’t allow working from home.
    And now I’m craving pizza. But that’s nothing new.

  6. says

    i saw that pizza last night on your instagram, drooled. I have to say my favorite meal to go is spaghetti squash with some homemade sauce. so easy and you don’t necessarily have to heat it up. that is the coolest lunch box ever

  7. says

    A) Your eats look fantastic! No milk sandwiches for you! 😉
    B) That bag is AWESOME! I will seriously be buying this if I don’t win!
    C) Favorite meal to pack up…that’s a hard one. I often have to pack up my breakfast, lunch, snacks, and sometimes even dinner to take with me to work and school! Probably Tuna salad though. Even though my coworkers hate the smell! :)
    D) Stay warm and thank you for the giveaway!

  8. says

    Im still stuck on the cinnamon and chocolate sauce on sweet potatoes….that sounds amazing! I wanna make that! Saw your cauliflower crust pizza, I totally agree about picking it up as an actual slice! Mine did that too, I was amazed! Think its all about how much liquid you can squeeze out!

    I want to win a Fitmark Giveaway Plllleeeassseee! My favorite on the go meal is a thai peanut butter stir fry, as it can be eaten hot or cold….depending on if I am near a microwave or not!

    • Laura says

      It’s the best combo!!! I like honey and goat’s cheese on them too.

      Check out my recipe on the crust – I don’t actually even squeeze out liquid! It’s just raw cauliflower. :)

  9. says

    Your morning cocktail sounds wonderful! I always drink my Amino Energy but combining it with the apple cider vinegar and glutamine sounds wonderful!
    The fitmark sounds so convenient! I especially love the idea of the shaker bottle with compartments! Genius!

  10. Maggie says

    I usually bring leftovers with me. If I don’t have leftovers I try to bring some hardboiled eggs, veggies, and an apple. That bag is awesome!

  11. says

    Yeah, I need this! 😉 Gearing up for my work trip next week and trying to make sure I have healthy options on hand, I can imagine this would make things so much easier! I love packing chia pudding, peanut butter or veggie sandwiches and lots of snacks!

  12. says

    I love big lunch bags! They make fun of me at work for my ebags cooler I use, calling it a “lunch suitcase”. I tote around a lot so I don’t need to worry about being stuck without food 😉

    My favorite portable foods are probably hard boiled eggs and raw veggies. YUM!

  13. Anonymous says

    I love eating out of real plates! Lol. I live a tupperware life, it’s not acceptable.
    And I SO agree on the morning cocktail! I never drink coffee, but why should I – this is so energizing.
    Favorite pizza topping: smoked ham and arugula.

  14. says

    Goat cheese and Bacon are by far my favorite pizza toppings. Add some carmelized onions too! Unfortunately in Philly we are predicted to get up to a foot of snow tomorrow (Thursday). I work at an outpatient clinic and we NEVER close but we are closing because of the pending snow. I plan on raiding your blog for some snowed in recipes tomorrow, let me know if you have any suggestions!

  15. Anna says

    This lunch pack looks great! I have a neoprene one that I love, because I can wash it, but it’s kind of small. And, my dog chewed the handle, because she was trying to get in there and reach the food scent!

  16. keira hand says

    I strangely love cold chicken and mashed sweet potatoes…or anything Asian. For some reason some food tastes better cold when it used to be hot.

  17. Allyssa says

    I am constantly bringing meals to work or bringing something to eat for after I work out. My go to meal on the go are protein smoothies! Easy and delicious! I love all the containers the Fitmark Box comes with!

  18. april says

    my favorite meal on the go is grilled chicken, quinoa, raw bell peppers, and avocado. i think it tastes even better cold :)

  19. Jennifer says

    I love food prep and having leftover sweet potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts, carrots, and broccoli on hand. And lean protein of course 😉

  20. says

    I’ve really been wanting pancakes for breakfast lately and am always impressed by people who take the time to make them. Maybe since we’ll be stuck at home tommorow too, I’ll make our prOATein pancakes!

  21. Jessica says

    I bring anything and everything on the go! Salads are easy though. I just can’t eat a salad every day. Thanks for the chance to get one if these awesome bags!

  22. Jessica says

    My favorite on the go snack would definitely be apples and almond butter. Favorite meal prep lunch/dinner would be chicken, quinoa, and veggies.

  23. Kimber says

    My favorite meal to tasks on the road is rice, veggies, and ground turkey seasoned with liquid aminios and Chinese five spice all mixed together.

  24. Dani says

    My favorite meal to take on the road is baked chicken and asparagus. I also love bananas cut up with peanut butter! I am a teacher and this bag would be perfect to carry my meals and snacks for the day!

  25. Sonali says

    My most favorite thing is roasted veggies, hard boiled eggs, spinach, and a side of dressing. Orrrrr some sweet potato. Orrrrrr chicken and veggies. Orrrrrr a frozen smoothie. Oorrrrr leftovers. Ps– this new bag would do wonders for my long days and multiple meals! Love your stuff! :))

  26. Katie says

    WOW this is an awesome giveaway!! I love to take salads and sandwiches on the go! Or leftovers from the night before!

  27. Katie G says

    My go-to meal I pack for work is a low carb wrap stuffed full with grilled chicken breast and veggies. Usually some carrots or snap peas on the side with some hummus.

  28. Ashley says

    I always prep my breakfast, lunch and snacks the night before to take to work. This would be perfect for organizing!

  29. says

    No snow to report of here in L.A. The only white powder in this city is floating around the nightclubs!

    Your sweet potato dessert looks absolutely scrumptious. I love putting sweets on my sweets as well. This morning I had a sweet potato with peanut butter on it for breakfast and my boyfriend scoffed at me. I should have directed him to the strange but good page :)

  30. says

    No kidding -this city is shut down good! They made us go home from work yesterday at 3 – that NEVER EVER has happened before!
    Loving your cocoa-roasted kabocha topped with peanut flour sauce – that combois killer! Awesome giveaway – thanks for hosting Laura!

  31. Angelee says

    Um if you could see my poor little lunch cooly bag over flowing every day, you would send me your fitmark bag out of sheer pity! Ha! Hope,to win but if not, it’s time I invest!

  32. says

    This may seem weird but I put Kashi Go Lean with almonds in a container and then put it in freezer. I really like frozen/cold cereal and almonds.

    Anotheer favorite is a Flounder Spinach salad with purple potatoes on the side.

  33. says

    i’ve never seen this brand! oh it looks awesome! but will you come make me the morning cocktail too? I still need to try it… yes, i admit. I have to try it. GASP!

  34. says

    I travel A LOT so being able to bring my meals along for the ride saves me from having to eat that artificial airplane madness. I also train all over Bangkok so I like to bring my meals with me to save time, effort + from eating lord knows what. I typically bring a cauliflower stir fry along with me and love to bring a smoothie in a mason jar along for the ride as well! Thanks for sharing and I hope you are able to get along well even with the shut down :( xo C

  35. Melissa says

    I usually just carry a quest bar and a water bottle filled with bcaa’s but if I had this I would be more likely to make to-go salads and yogurt protein concoctions.

  36. Tess Moore says

    Roasted anything….butternut squash, califlower, carrots, slaw……and the list goes on…with some protein thrown in there!! Great give-a-way!

      • cherie says

        I don’t use pre-workout powders most of the time because I just don’t feel like I need them. I read on the package something about using it beforehand and I didn’t regret it. I had a great leg workout with out feeling weird at all.

  37. says

    I have a snow day today!! Which means I get to eat off plates too! WOOOT, love when that happens!

    I have a similar morning cocktail with apple cider vinegar too. So yum, although I still do drink coffee, but only a cup if that. I normally can do without but I like the taste 😉

    I just bought a head of cauliflower to make that crust again. SOOO good! I cannot believe it. It is like my ritual after Bikram now. It is easy and quick and totally amazing. I am so glad you shared it.

    Lastly, that dessert! AH! Looks so frekkin good!

    • Laura says

      I’m so flattered you like the crust so much! I love all of your recipes – I need to make more cookies. They’re gone after all the snow days at home. 😉

  38. says

    That clusterflake is cracking me up… I think Spring is never going to come at this rate. It snowed here all morning – just stopped. So goes my run outside…

  39. says

    I always travel with food. Bean burgers are my favorites along with my protein flatbread. I have to take almond milk with me since my relatives don’t keep a stock of that for me.

    I hope you made it through the storm. I can’t wait for the weather next week!

  40. says

    Damn, I hate that I missed the giveaway…that would have been perfect for me! I swear I get the weirdest looks when I tell people that what I carry to work everyday is my LUNCH BAG! It’s actually a small cooler/bag but hey, when you’re going off to work for 10 hours at a time, you gotta have OPTIONS! And if I want a HUGE ass salad, well then, I know I don’t have to pack it in separate small containers just to get it to fit! Ha!

  41. says

    How you gonna taunt me with Ben & Jerry’s at the beginning?!

    I’ll take pizza pretty much any which way I can get it. Actually that’s not true at all. I wouldn’t touch most chain pizza restaurants with a ten foot pole, and I pretty much prefer my own homemade version most of the time. I guess I’m actually a pizza snob. Hmm. I suppose there are worse things I could be in life.

    Today’s pizza was on a roasted garlic infused whole wheat crust with leftover veggie stir fry as my base, and topped with Colby Dill and Feta Cheese. Delicious.

    • Laura says

      Mwhahaha! B&J are taunting me. I can’t find the damn PV&J flavor anywhere. Jerks.

      Who eats chain pizza? What a waste. Give me good pizza or give me death!!! Ok, maybe that’s extreme… but I too am a pizza snob. Come visit me and I’ll take you to get the best pizza ever. No exaggeration.


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