Taking Care of Your Health, For Real….

My office had a tornado.


This should help explain fewer posts and the lack of replies:

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My company’s formal launch is Jan 1.  Add to that all the holiday obligations and preparation… we are the poster children for the expression “running around like a chicken with it’s head cutoff.”

Who else is feeling overextended?  Kat’s post below is one we all probably need to hear right now.  It hit home for me!


Taking Care of Your Health, For Real….

 by: Kat

I had no idea what to write about, so you’re getting a random health lecture from me regarding your very important Adrenal Glands, a very short concert review, and wishes for very happy holidays!

I’m sure I’m lecturing my doll here on something very important

I’m sure I’m lecturing my doll here on something very important


So I know I may appear to be all kinds of balanced and stuff on this blog, but maybe my body doesn’t see it that way.  I found out about 6 weeks ago that I have adrenal fatigue.  Stress is no joke, and my body is paying for it.  I hate to admit this here, but I think it will help many of you who go-go-go… and go…  (Editor’s Note: I wouldn’t know anything a bout that… *ducking head*)

Have some awareness around what stress can do to your body.



Your adrenals are an extremely important part of your system.  They regulate your stress hormones, sex hormones, and a number of other bodily functions.  If they are not healthy, your whole body gets out of whack.  (Editor’s Note: In the words of the late, great Whitney, “Crack is whack.”)

Oh, and you should also know that your body doesn’t know the difference between physical and emotional stress.  Little did I know about this when I was attempting to run 100 miles shortly after studying for and taking the bar exam.  NOT SMART.


The symptoms are crazy… sleeplessness even when you’re exhausted, moodiness out of nowhere that’s purely physical and not necessarily caused by anything else, random pains in your body, not being able to focus, not being able to generally cope with day-to-day stressors in a reasonable manner.

Now I’m trying to get my health back in order.  That means LOTS of vitamins and minerals, eating as close to the end of a run/workout as possible (Editor’s Note: A good rule of thumb is to eat within 30 mins), and getting essential fats in my diet.

adrenal honey


Oh, and most importantly, you have to rest.  Again, something I’m really not good at. (Editor’s Note: Preach on! Rest is so boring…)

However, with the help of an excellent partner-in-crime, we slept until 12:30pm on Saturday (I know, right?!!?), then had food, went back to bed, woke up and walked to a P!NK concert, which was amazing!

It was really hard to get good pics!

It was really hard to get good pics!


P!NK is the epitome of an athlete and a performer.  It was a spectacular show, with tons of dancing, acrobatics, and aerial skills.  If you have not seen her live, I highly recommend it.  It was an early Christmas present, and part of my new resting regimen.   (Editor’s Note: So jealous!  She’s my hero.)


I hope you all have fantastic holidays!  We will be staying here, resting and relaxing with the animals.  Yes, no shuffling from house-to-house, no stress.  Just warmth, love, maybe some friends, and definitely some good cocktails (if I’m feel better by then).  (Editor’s Note: Come to my house!!!)



Happiness from the inside out… on the way!


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Have you ever had a health issue you didn’t see coming?  How did you deal?

What are you doing for the holidays?



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    I CANNOT EVEN FATHOM WHAT IT IS LIKE TO WAKE UP at 12:30pm! OMG – It sounds like a dream, but at the same time, I just couldn’t do it!

    Oh and yes, I had a health issues that I did not see coming – the removal of my large intestine!!! That hit me in the face like a blind bird hits a window! It happened at like 2 am. A CRAZY INTENSE GUN SHOOTING ME THROUGH THE STOMACH feeling that lasted until I got to the hospital at 10 am (well it continued but I was druggeddddddddddddddd like Lindsey Lohan). And then, I had a colectomy. And I was all alone in the hospital for 5 days. My parents were driving down to see me, but there was a snow storm so they couldn’t come. I had no phone or computer or anything – It was sad. But I watched Sabrina the Teenaged Witch, LOL – And I totally remember a therapy dog coming to see me… Or not? LOL! Thanks Morphine!

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    I saw Pink in November. Simply. Amazing. Best concert I’ve ever been too . Thanks for sharing about this issue. I have not really heard of it. Last year I was side lined with a blood clot that most definitely came out of nowhere.

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    Kat, I love this post as always – LOVE! I have been close but not as bad & I am very aware what emotional stress does to a bod! Had too much of that.. trying to get thru it again now safely by knowing that… Thank you for this great & important post. Listen to your bod & rest & get better.. and yes, jealous you saw PInk too!!! LOVE that last graphic! I must share!

    Laura – listen up to this post!!!

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    I completely understand, which is my my blog has been super quiet lately. It’s not that I’m eating take out every night or not enjoying a cooking class or two…it’s just that I am overextended…and a girl has to know when to say UNCLE. Good luck with the launch!!!! <3

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    You know why I suffer from adrenal fatigue – i lost one with the kidney cancer. I’ll add a few more points to Kat’s (been three plus years since it all happened) – there are hormonal effects to foods. I have issues with LOTS of greens – too much spinach – kale – collards etc can trigger an attack. Peanuts are an immediate attack for me (even 5 roasted peanuts or a small amount of peanut butter) I detoxed from a list of foods then slowly tested to add back – just as if you are allergic. ABSOLUTELY no artificial sweeteners are allowed – alcohol and carbonation in serious moderation (yes beer falls under both – so i drink tequila)

    and your body not only can’t distinguish between physical and emotional stress – it can’t decide whether it is good stress or bad stress – a scary movie you love can trigger it – even watching a close softball game of Abby’s has triggered them in me.

    I kept a food / physical / stress journal for the longest time after I discovered the whole package deal.

    I still fight the effects and will forever, but I can actively play a role in my healthy choices.

    I will be trying the honey trick from the picture —- maybe that can further lower my cortisol levels to where they need to be.

    And on protecting your kidneys – many people do not know this – anti inflammatory medications are horrible for your kidneys – ibuprophen, naproxyn (generic names) for indocin, aleve, motrin, etc. All of these are no-no items when you are left with one kidney.

    I was just too danged stubborn to die. Here is to all our health.

    Love you – Aunt Teresa

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    Wow, this adrenal fatigue sounds horrible! Thank you for the heads up about it. It’s easy to see how stress can get out of control this time of year. I try to keep mine in check by disconnecting from the computer and phone several times a day and getting outside to clear my head. Exercise is also always the best medicine :)

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    Rest??? What is that? It is so hard for me to do this both mentally and physically, but now that I’m home for the holidays, I’m using this time to recharge, rest, and spend time with family. I’m also going to try to work on being so strict with my eating, so that I can enjoy the holidays, the flavors, and the FUN. XOXO

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    I’m totally a go, go, go person, but when I rest, I do it hard. Look at that, I’m even competitive about resting.
    Oh well, I really am a good chill person. I’ve learned to be because if I don’t, I will make myself sick. All work and no play makes for no fun.
    My Hubby had a health issue we didn’t see coming. He ended up having brain surgery and it was a rough time in our lives, but it’s made us better, healthier and stronger, and I believe strength is what happens when you’re forced to deal with the difficult and unexpected. That’s when real character comes out.
    I hope you feel better soon Kat.


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